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Family Sheet

Name: Allen Jones Note Born: 1819 Married: Died: 1895
Name: Velina Brooks Note Born: 29 Dec 1831 Died: Abt 1881 Father: Joseph John Brooks Mother: Margaret Rives
Name: Hannah M Jones Born: 1848 Died:
Name: T. Jones Born: Died: Wife: Bright Roberts
Name: Mary Jones Born: 1850 Died:
Name: Elizabeth Addie Jones Born: 28 May 1852 at , Moore, NC Died: 1881 at , Moore, NC Husband: John Davis Register
Name: Arpie E Jones Born: 1855 Died:
Name: Isabella Jones Born: 1857 Died:
Name: Velina E Jones Born: 1859 Died:
Name: Emma Jones Born: 1861 Died:
Name: Allen Jones Born: Sep 1864 Died:
Name: John W Jones Born: 1866 Died:
Name: French M Jones Born: 1874 Died:
1). The information on the ALLEN JONES family comes from the research of LoisGlasgow and Anne Smith Revelle. ADDIE JONES, known variously as ELIZABETHADDIE, ADDIE ELIZABETH and ADDIE married JOHN DAVIS REGISTER PattyColeman s g grandparents . ARPIE, sister of Addie, married JESSE DAVIS,brother of SUSANNAH DAVIS REGISTER, g g grandmother of Patty Coleman.Source used were the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 federal census for MooreCounty, N.C. 1860 says Carthage. 1870 and 1880 say Pocket Township 5.Patty Coleman checked the census records at NARA, National Archiveslocation in Waltham, MA and found them to be accurate. She also checkedevery JONES family in Moore County, NC, in 1850 through 1880 and found noother family with a child named ELIZABETH ADDIE, ELIZABETH, ADDIE or E.A. 1850 fed. census, Moore County, NC, Oct. 10th, Pocket Township ALLEN W. JONES NC 31 m. , merchantVELINA NC 17 f. she would be 18 in December if thecemetery marker below is right. I think the 17 should read 19.HANNAH M. NC 2 f. this would be after Velina s mother. MARY NC 9 12 f. JONES, BALDY D. NC 27 m. merchant probably brotherDAVIS, RIDDICK H. NC 25 m. tailor connection to our DAVISes?JONES, ELIZABETH NC 20 f. could be wife of BALDY or sister of ALLEN andBALDY 1860 fed. census, Moore County, NC., July 4th, Carthage, page 77 Pocket This is interesting because the JOHN JAMES REGISTER family moved toCARTHAGE in 1872, A.W. JONES ALLEN NC 41 m. farmer VELINA NC 25 m. doesn t sound right H.M. Hannah NC 10 f. years off, too MARY A. NC 9 f.E.A. Elizabeth Addie NC 8 f. this is correct since she was bornin 1852 ARPIE E. NC 5 f. ESABELLA Isabella NC 3 f. 1870 fed. census, Moore County, NC., August 25, Pocket Township 5, page568 247 253 JONES, A.W. ALLEN 50 m. farmer VELINA T. 37 f. gained two years MARY A. 20 f. notice HANNAH is goneELIZABETH ADDIE 18 f. this is our Addie with the right age. ARPIE E. 16 f. VELENA E. 11 f. wasn t on the census 10 years before. EMMA P. 9 f. ALLEN 7 m. JOHN W. 4 m. HARRIS, WILLIAM 14 m. black, laborer 1880 fed. census, Moore County, NC., June 8, Pocket Township page 317,99 99 JONES, ALLEN W. 62 m. farmer age rightVELENA T. 50 f. wife would make her born in 1830 or 1831. EMMA P. 18 f. daughter ALLEN 17 m. son WILLIAM J. 12 m. son FRENCH M. 7 m. sonElizabeth Addie is missing because she married John Davis Register in1872. 1900 Soundex Census, Moore Co. Sanford Twp. 13 North Carolina Vol. 45,ED. 82 Sheet 5, line 23 ALLEN W. JONES 35 m. lives alone. This is the son. 1900 Soundex Census Moore Co. Sanford Twp. 13 North Carolina, Vol. 45 ED.82, Sheet 7 JONES, FRENCH M. 26 m. born Sept. 1874 MATTIE H. 38 f. born May, 1862 EDWARDS, JOHN L. Bo. 44 m. born May, 1856 Information received from Nancy Brister From Carol Bennetts RichmondCounty Graveyards, I find the following on VELINA JONES VELENA T. JONES b. 12 29 1831 d. 7 10 1881 wife of A.W. JONES OldEast Side Cemetery Moved from Rockingham Cemetery. This location seemsstrange. He is not present on the 1900 census but the son is. Son livesin Rockingham, Richmond County, NC. Needs investigation. Perhaps thefamily moved there because one of the older children was there. Also,there is a will in Richmond Co. for K.M. McDonald in 1899, mentioningthat he was giving to his dear sister, KITTIE J. MARTIN, the oldMURCHISON place, which is situated in POCKET TOWNSHIP, Moore County.Witnessed by A.W. JONES son and S.W. JONES. Need to identify S.W. JONES. Agnes Buckley found in Moore County Real Estate Records that ALLEN JONES,Jr. sold 7 1 2 a. to ALEXANDER McIVER in 1895, so from this we deducethat ALLEN W. JONES probably died in 1895 at the age of 76. Information supplied by George Willcox concerningthe location of Carbonton, NC. 1. Moore County was formed from the upper part of Cumberland Countty.Chatham and Moore were adjacent. Carbonton was just across the river fromChatham during the 1800 s. This is where Pocket District was. 2. From Mr. Willcox s book, pg. 499 concerning Carbonton Academy is situated on a branch of the Fayetteville and Western Plank Roadrunning to Evan s Mills, on an elevation and healthy position, near theplace formerly known as Millian s Academy . Excellent board can bereadily obtained at A.W. JONES s and many other first rate families nearthe academy, at from $5.00 to $6.00 per month. Cyrus Harrington, Evan sMill, June 30, 1854. Later Harrington wrote to the Fayetteville Observer and expressed hishopes for the future of Carbonton. His letter precipitated the followingresponse Carbonton Our readers have doubtless noticed theadvertisement of the flourishing male and female schools on Deep River which is the upper part of the Cape Fear River , in the County ofChatham. The Proprietor, in writing to us a few days since, says Youperceive that I call the place at which I am teaching Carbonton. GovernorMorehead suggested the name and this I hope will prove to be. Dr. Emmons the State Geologist of NC said, Lowell South or the Mason Dixon Line. Let a Southerner, not a Northerner, give a name to the place which naturehas designed for a large city. The Place now contains four stores, andafifth will soon be erected. This looks something like a town. The placehitherto had been known by the name of Evan s Mill is near the head ofthe navigation, and is in the midst of the coal field. ....The storesat Carbonton were said to have been operated by R.A. Stewart, who movedthere from Fayetteville, William Campbell, Duncan Campbell, WilliamRhodes and ALLEN JONES. 3. Pocket is a township which included the village of Carbonton. The roadin the court minutes was probably the road that passed by his house Allen Jones . Then, the Chatham line was only about a mile away. 4. There were a number of Jones families in Chatham. The land on LongMeadow of Buffalo Creek is in northern Moore near the town of Robbins,some 20 miles from Carbonton. This is a location Patty found on an 1832land grant to DAVID JONES that listed ALLEN JONES as one of the chaincarriers.
2). When Patty was growing up, her grandmother, her father and her aunts toldher about VELINA BROOKS who was her g g grandmother and the wife of ALLENJONES of Moore County, NC. Patty  s Aunt Lina, sister of her father, wasnamed after this ancestor. Evidently it was a very popular name in theBROOKS family because Patty has located six other women named Lina orLena among the descendents of VELINA BROOKS   brothers and sisters    LinaKirkman, descendent of Col. Isaac T. Brooks, Lina Brooks, daughter ofCol. Isaac T. Brooks, Lena Clegg, daughter of Elizabeth Brooks, LenaBrooks, daughter of Francis Marion Brooks, Lena Lineberry descendent ofFrancis Marion Brooks. Then VELINA BROOKS JONES named her own daughterVELINA and her g  granddaughter was named Lina Register. Aunt Lina named her first child, ADDIE, for her grandmother ADDIE JONESREGISTER, the daughter of VELINA BROOKS JONES.


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