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Family Sheet

Name: Jabez Durfee Note Born: 26 Dec 1791 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Married: Abt 1814 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died: Apr 1867 at White Cloud, , Doniphan, Kansas Other Spouses: Elizabeth Davis
Magdalena (lanna) Pickle
Father: Perry Durfee Mother: Annie Martha Sulsbury Salisbury
Name: Electa Cranston Born: 1790 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died: 1834 at Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, USA Father: Chester Cranston Mother: Unknown
Name: Abigail Durfee Born: 22 May 1816 at Tiverton, , Newport Co, RI Died: 10 Mar 1888 at Ashland, , Saunders Co, NE Husband: Gilbert Davis Goldsmith Jr.
Name: Laura Durfee Born: 1818 at New York, , New York, NY Died: 1894 at Mendon, Adams Co., Illinois, USA
Name: George Durfee Born: 1820 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died:
Name: Julia A. Durfee Born: 10 Nov 1822 at New York Or Ohio, , , USA Died: 4 May 1892 at Lamoni, Decatur Co., Iowa, USA
Name: Rossannah Durfee Born: 1824 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died:
Name: Servilla Durfee Born: 1825 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died:
Name: Wilbur Durfee Born: 1827 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died: Aft 1900 at Missouri, , , USA Probably
Name: Rosannah Rosina Durfee Born: 1828 at New York, , New York, NY Died:
Name: Sallie M. Durfee Born: 16 Feb 1829 at Ohio, , , USA Died: 9 Jun 1900 at Audubon, Audubon Co., Iowa, USA Husband: Jerome M. Paige
1). Descendants of Thomas Durfee by Charles L. Durfee charlesldurfee.GED Elizabeth and Jabez had no issue. Most of this family were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mormons. When the U. S. 1820 census of Lenox, Berkshire County, MAdison County, NY, was taken Jabez s family was 1 male 10 16, 1 male 16 18, 1 male 26 45, 2 females under 10, and 1 female 26 45. The males 10 16 and 16 18 could be nephews, cousins or hired help. According to the 1860 census George was born in Ohio, in 1823, so Jabez probably moved from New York, to Ohio 1820 1823. When the U. S. 1830 census of New London Ruggles Twp. Huron County, OH, was taken Jabez s family was 1 male 5 10, 1 male 30 40, 2 females under 5, 2 female 5 10, 2 female 10 15, and 1 female 30 40. Living very nearby were his brothers Edmund and Perry. On June 7, 1835, the Mormons gathered to celebrate the near completion of a new Temple in Kirkland, OH. Among those blessed for their work on the Temple were Edmund Durfee, his brothers James and Jabez and Edmund s son Edmund, Jr. At this same time Edmund Durfee, Junior was ordained an elder. The information on Jabez s second wife is from Mrs. Jennifer Boger of Montclair, Essex County, NJ, in 1985. She cites as her source the Marriage Records of Clay County, MO, 1822 1852. According to Marriage Index, Selected States, 1728 1850, Clay County,MO, Family Tree Maker, Marriages Bundle CD Rom 227, Jabez Durfee and Elizabeth Brackenburg Brackenbury were married March 3, 1834, in Clay County, MO. She was the widow of Joseph Brackenbury. When the U. S. 1840 census of Hancock County, IL was taken Jabez s family was 1 male 5 10, 2 males 10 15, 2 males 15 20, 1 male 40 50, 1 female 15 20, and 1female 40 50. If Electa did die in 1834 it would appear that Jabez remarried and the 40 50 year old female was his second wife. Living very nearby were his brothers Perry and Edmund and his nephew Perry Durfee, son of his brother James. Jabez was listed on the 1842, Nauvoo, Illinois Tax Index. From, January 2000. Jabez s third marriage to the widow of his brother Edmund is from a biography of Edmund and Lana in the LDS Archives in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT. The Descendants of Thomas Durfee. William Field Reed. Washington, DC. Two Volumes. 1902 and 1905. Volume 1, page 424 and Volume 2, page 164. End of Notes Jabez DURFEE also DURPHY 1791 1867 . Born at Tive r t o n , Newport, RI. Resident of Jackson Co, MO by 1833 . Or da in e d elder 29 Apr 1836. Received elder s licens e in Ki rtl a n d 2 May 1836. Returned to MO before 1838. E xpelled . Mov e d t o IL.Labored as carpenter on Nauvoo Te mple. Hi gh pri es t en dowed in Nauvoo Temple Dec 1845. Be ekeeper i n Sprin gvi lle d uring 1850s. 29 April 18 36 Minutes of a High Council held in Kirtland April 29 A D . 1 8 3 6. President Joseph Smith sen. presided. Introductory prayer & remarks by the pres. 1. Voted that Elder Oliver Granger be ordained a Hig h P r i e st. 2. Voted that brother James H. Smith be ordained an Elder. 3. Voted that Priest Lyman Leonard be ordained an Elder. 4. Voted that brother Ebenezer Robinson be ordaine d a n E l d er. 5. Voted that Pres. of Teachers Mayhew Hillman be ord a i n e d an Elder. 6. Voted that Priest Jabez Durfee be ordained Elder. Church History, Volume IV Voted, that Sister Emma Smith select and publish a hy m n b o o k for the use of the Church, and that Brigham You n g b e in fo rmed of this action and he not publish the hy mn s ta ken b y h im from Commerce and that the Council assist in publishing a hymn book and the Ti m e s a n d Seasons. Monday, 28. The High Council voted to build a ston e h o u s e at Upper Commerce, to be used for boarding tha t El d e r Ol iver Granger be requested to assist with fund s t o pr in t th e hymn book that Samuel Dent, Davison Hib bard , an d Da vid D ort be trustees for building the ston e scho olhou se i n conte mplation and that Alpheus Cutle r and Ja bez Du rph y be the a rchitects and building commi ttee fo r said ho use. Voted, to finish the office of President Joseph Smith, Jun. Voted, that the recommends drawn by Elder Sherwood, rec o m m e nding, constituting, and appointing Joseph Smith, J un . , S id ney Rigdon, and Elias Higbee, delegates for th e Ch ur ch , t o importune the President and Congress of th e Uni te d St ate sfor redress of grievances, be signed b y thi s Cou ncil. Joseph Smith, Church History, Volum e V Wednesday, 11. I rode out with Emma this morning, desi g n i n g to go to Brother Daniel Russel s, and apologize f o r b re ak ing his carriage on our return from Springfiel d bu t bro k e a sleigh shoe, and returned home, wher e I re ceive d a vi si tfrom a company of gentlemen and la dies fr om Far mington , o n the Des Moines river, who lef t at half past t wo p. m. I directed letters of invitation to be written from m y s e l f and lady for a dinner party at my house on Wednes d a y ne xt , at ten a. m., to be directed to Brothers Wils o n L aw, W ill iam Law, Hyrum Smith, Samuel Bennett John T ay lor , Willi am M arks, Peter Haws, Orson Hyde, Henry G . She rwoo d, Willi am Cl ayton, Jabez Durphy, H. Tate, Edw ard Hu nter , Theodor e Turle y, Shadrach Roundy, Willard R ichards , Art hur Millik in, Brig ham Young, Heber C. Kimba ll, Wilf ord Wo odruff, Geo rge A. Smith, Alpheus Cutler , Reynold s Cahoon , and ladies also Mr . Levi Moffat, an d Carlos G ranger, a nd ladies m y mother, L ucy Smith, an d Sisters E liza R. Sn ow and Hanna h Ells. Church History, Volume VII A few days ago the Twelve and the Trustees counseled to g e t h er on the propriety of employing a suitable numbe r o f c ar pe nters this winter to prepare the timbers fo r th e Temp le , s o as to have them all ready when the sto ne wo rk wa s fin ished. They concluded to employ fifteen persons steadily as ca r p e n ters, and that the architect be authorized to sele c t su c h m en as he has confidence in men who are wel l qu alifi e d t o do the work that is wanted. It was als o concl ude d t o fi x up a shop in the Temple for the carp enters t o wo rk i n. Ac cordingly the south side of the lo wer stor y wa s weath er boa rded around and a convenient s hop mad e of i t on Satu rday, a nd today, the men have gon e to wor k. The names of the carpenters selected as steady han d s a r e a s follows viz Truman O. Angel, William Felsha w , Wil li am F . Cahoon, Joseph S. Schofield, Samuel Rolf e , Zimr i H . Baxte r, Addison Everett, John Stiles, Hug h Ri ding, M ile s Romney ,Jabez Durfee, Stephen Longstrot h, Be njamin R olfe , Nichola s T. Silcock, William Carmich ael Hi ram Mace , Dani el Avery , Gideon Gibbs, and Wande l Mace.


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