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Family Sheet

Name: Al-abbas Ibn Abd Almuttalib Note Born: Married: Died: Father: ''abd Almuttalib Mother: Fatima Bint ''amr
Name: Born: Died: Father: Mother:
Name: ''abd Allah Ibn Al''abbas Born: Abt 619 Died: Bet 687 and 688 at At Ta if, , , Arabia
1). Abbas 566? 653 , paternal uncle of the Prophet Muha m m a d a nd of thefourth caliph, Ali. His fu ll name was A l Ab ba s ib n al Muttalib. A richmerchant of Mecca, he in iti all y f ough t against th e new religion but wasconvert ed i n 62 9. T herea fter he staunchly supported Islam wit h mone y a n darms , an d he accompanied his nephew on hi s march o n Me cca in 6 30. A bbaswas the forebear of t h e Abbasid dy nast y of calip hs. So urce Abbas, Microsof t R Encarta R 9 8 Encycloped ia. c 1993 1997Microsof t Corporatio n . Al l rights reserv ed. Hashemite, also Hashimite, the name of two Arabian dyna s t i e s, both ofwhich claim descent fro m Hashim of the t r i b e o f Koreish, traditionallythe custodians of the sac r e d Mu sli m shrine, th e Kaaba, at Mecca. TheHashemite s in cl ude d th e founders of Islam, notably the Prophet M uhamm a d hi s pate rnal uncle Abbas, progenitor of the Ab basi d dy nast y of cali phs,which ruled Islam fro m 750 t o 1258 an d hi s son in law , the caliph Ali.The modern A rabia n dynas ty, b y tradition d e scended from Muhammad , wasfou nded i n 1916 b y Husein ibn A li, sharif of Mecca , who a t that ti m e madeh imself king o f Al ijaz the He jaz . So ns of Huse in ibn Al i were Ali ibnH usein, who s u cceede d his fathe r in 1924 bu t was overthrow n in192 5 byIbn Sa ud, king o f Saudi Arabia Abdul lah ibn H usei n, king o f Jordan and Faisal I, kin g of Iraq. King Hus s ein I of J ordan is a gra n dson ofAbdul lah ibn Husein . Faisa l II, t he last king o f Iraq, was a gr andson ofFa isal I. Sou rceHashemite , Microsoft R Enca rta R 9 8 Encyclopedi a . c 1993 199 7 Microsoft Corporat io n. Al l rights reser ved.


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