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Family Sheet

Name: Gilbert Davis Goldsmith Jr. Note Born: 27 Nov 1811 at Cutchoque, Suffolk, Long Island, New York Married: 12 May 1833 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died: 1 Mar 1847 at Independence, , Jackson County, MO Father: Gilbert Davis Goldsmith Sr. Mother: Elizabeth Davis
Name: Abigail Durfee Note Born: 22 May 1816 at Tiverton, , Newport Co, RI Died: 10 Mar 1888 at Ashland, , Saunders Co, NE Father: Jabez Durfee Mother: Electa Cranston
Name: Electa L. Goldsmith Born: 5 May 1834 at Tiverton, , Newport County, RI Died:
Name: Elizabeth A. Goldsmith Born: 12 Jan 1836 at Independence, , Jackson County, MO Died:
Name: Mary E. Goldsmith Born: 11 Jan 1837 at Independence, , Jackson County, MO Died: Husband: George B. Hendrix
Name: Samantha Jane Goldsmith Born: 28 Feb 1839 at Quincy, , Adams County, IL Died: 17 Sep 1899 at South Bend, , , NE Husband: Joseph Wright
Name: Gilbert Davis Goldsmith Iii Born: 7 Oct 1840 at Quincy, , Adams County, IL Died: Wife: Lucy Black
Name: David B. Goldsmith Born: 15 May 1842 at Quincy, , Adams County, IL Died: 19 Sep 1846 at Winter Quarters, , , Iowa
Name: Eliza G. Goldsmith Born: 16 Jan 1844 at Quincy, , Adams County, IL Died:
Name: Joseph B. Goldsmith Born: 28 Aug 1845 at Possibly Winter s Quarters, , , Died: Aft 1880 at California, , , Wife: Emma L. Shaw
1). Our Pioneer Heritage Volume 6 Three Prominent Pionee r s B i s hop Edward Hunter Emigrant s Guide On our return, when we crossed Thomas River, all was co m m o t ion. J. Bills thought it best to avoid suspicion . W e m e t hu ndreds drunk. We have Joe and Hyrum in jail ! I me t o ne cr owd and spoke to them, asking why this g re at rejo icin g. They said, Joe and Hyrum Smith are saf e. What a re yo u goin g to do with them? Kill them , I ex pect. W e got al ong wit hout being known as Mormon s. Trav eled with out foo d for ours elves or animals. Arri ved in N auvoo th e 27th o f June, about the time Joseph a nd Hyru m were mart yred. Nex t day, thei r bodies were bro ught fro m Carthage t o Nauvoo . We formed tw o lines to re ceive the m. I was plac ed at th e extreme righ t to whee l in after t he bodies, an d march t o the mansion. A s we passed the te mple there wer e crowds o f mourners, lame n ting the grea t loss of our Pro phet and Pa triarch. Th e scen e was enoug h to melt the sou l of man. Mr . Brewer , myself, a nd other s took Brother Jos eph s body in to th e Mansion House .Whe n we went to the wa gon for Joseph s body, Colonel Brew er , a U.S. officer, sa id Mr. Hunte r , look here, jerki n g up the coat and ha t of Brother J osep h mingled with bl oo d and dirt, Vengean ce and deat h awai t the perpetrator s o f thisdeed. At mid night, Br other D . Huntington, hi s broth er William, Gilber t Golds mith, an d myself, carrie d the bod y of Joseph fro m the M ansion Hous e to the Nauvo o House an d put him and H yru m in one grave . Their deat h was hard to b ear. Ourho p e was almost gone , and knowin g not that Josep h had pre par ed for the kingdo m to go on. Comprehensive History of The Church of Jesus Christ o f L a t t er day Saints, 1830 1930, B. H. Roberts Compreh ensi v e H is tory of the Church, Volume 2 Chapter 69 The C hurc h A utho rit ies Planning The Western Movement These were Demick B. Huntington, Edward Hunter. Wil l i a m D . Huntington. William Marks. Jonathan H. Holmes , Gi lb er t Go ldsmith, Alpherns Cutler, Lorenzo D. Wasson , Phi li p B . Lewi s and James Emmet, the last named actin g as g uar d. A s to th efinal resting place of the Smit h brother s , a gran dson o f Joseph Smith says It is a s hort dista nc e from th e Nauvo o House which is near the Mansion on the banks of the Mississippi. Freder i c k M . S mith in a communication to W. A. Linn.Story o f t h e Mor mons , p. 308. Friday, 28. 1 a.m. The Governor said the matter sh o u l d b e investigated, and that there was a great respon si bi li ty r esting upon him. He also said he would sen d a me sse nge r wit h an express for Dr. Richards, and wro te an o rde r fo r the c itizens of Nauvoo to defend themse lves. He then went to the public square, and advised all w h o w e r e present to disperse, as he expected the Mormon s w ou l d b e so exasperated that they would come and bur n th e to wn , wh ereupon the citizens of Carthage fled i n all d irect ion s, an dthe Governor and his posse fled t owards Q uincy , an d did n ot consider themselves safe unt il they h ad rea che d Augusta , eighteen miles distant fro m Carthage. Captain Singleton, of Brown county arrived in Cartha g e f r o m Nauvoo with his troops. About 8 a. m. Dr. Richards started for Nauvoo with th e b o d i es of Joseph and Hyrum on two wagons, accompanie d b y th e i r brother Samuel M. Smith, Mr. Hamilton, an d a gua rd o f e ig ht soldiers who had been detached for t hat purp ose b y Ge ner al Deming. The bodies were covere d with bush es t o kee p the m from the hot sun. They wer e met by a gre at as sembla ge o f citizens of Nauvoo, on M ulholland Stree t, abo ut a mi le ea st of the Temple, abou t three p. m. un der dir ection o f th e city marshal. The City Council, the Lieut. General s staff, Major. Ge n e r a l Jonathan Dunham and staff, the acting Brigadier G en er a l H osea Stout and staff, commanders and officers o f t h e Le gion , and several thousands of the citizens wer e th er e ami d the most solemn lamentations and wailing s tha t eve r asce nde d into the ears of the Lord of Host s to b e aveng ed of t hei r enemies. When the procession arrived, the bodies were both tak e n i n t o the Nauvoo Mansion. The scene there cannot be d es crib ed. About eight or ten thousand persons were addresse d b y D r . W illard Richards, William W. Phelps, Esquire s Wood s a n d Rei d of Iowa, and Col. Stephen Markham. Dr . Richar ds a dm onishe d the people to keep the peace, sta ting tha t he h a d pledge dhis honor, and his life for th eir goo d conduc t , when th e people with one united voic e resolve d to tru s t to the la w for a remedy of such a h igh hande d assassin at ion, and whe n that failed, to cal l upon Go d to avenge t he m of their wro ngs. O, Americans, weep, for the glory of freedom has departed! When the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum arrived at the Man s i o n , the doors were closed immediately. The people we r e to l d t o go quietly home, and the bodies would be vie we d th e n ex t morning at eight o clock. Dimick B. Huntington, with the assistance of Willia m M a r k s and William D. Huntington, washed the bodies fr om h e a d t o foot. Joseph was shot in the right breast, a lso u nd e r th e heart, in the lower part of his bowels an d th e rig h t side , and on the back part of the right hip . On e bal l ha d com e out at the right shoulder blade. Co tto n soake d in c ampho r was put into each wound, and th e bod ies lai d out wi th fin e plain drawers and shirt, wh ite ne ckerchie fs, whit e cotto n stockings and white shro uds. G ilbert Go ldsmith w as doork eeper at the time . After this was done, Emma who at the time was pregna n t a l so Mary Hyrum s wife with the children of the m ar ty re d Pr ophet and Patriarch, were admitted to see th e bo die s . On fi rst seeing the corpse of her husband, Em ma sc ream e d and fell back, but was caught and supporte d by Di mic k B . Huntingto n. She then fell forward to th e Prophet s f ac e and kissed h im, calling him by name, a nd begge d him t o s peak to her onc e. Mary, the Patriarc h s wife manifes te d calmness and com posure throughou t the tryin g scene, w hic h was affecting i n the extreme . Relatives a nd particul ar f riends were also p ermitte d to view the re mains durin g th e evening. Saturday 19. At 7 a. m. the bodies were put into the c o f f i ns which were covered with black velvet fastened wi t h b ra s s nails. Over the face of each corpse a lid wa s hu ng w it h b rass hinges, under which was a square of g las s to pr ote ct the face, and the coffin was lined wit h whi te cambr ic . The c offins were then each put int o a roug h pine box. At 8 a. m. the room was thrown open for the Saint s t o v i e w the bodies of their martyred Prophet and Patr iarc h, a n d i t is estimated that over ten thousand perso ns vi site d t he r emains that day, as there was a perfec t livin g str ea m of pe ople entering in at the west doo r of the M ansio n an d out a t the north door from 8 a. m . to 5 p.m. , at wh ich h our a re quest was made that th e Mansion shou ld be cl eared , so tha t the family could t ake their farew ell loo k at th e remains. The coffins were then taken out of the boxes into the l i t t l e bedroom in the northeast corner of the Mansion, a n d t he r e concealed and the doors locked. Bags of sand w er e th e n pl aced in each end of the boxes, which were na ile d up , a n d amock funeral took place, the boxes bein g pu t int o a h ea rse and driven to the graveyard by Will iam D . Hunt ington , a nd there deposited in a grave wit h the us ual cer emonies . i s was done to prevent enemie s of the ma rtyred P rophet a nd P atriarch getting possess ion of the b odies, a s they thr eaten ed they would do. A s the hearse p assed th e meeting gr ound a ccompanied b y a few men, Willi am W. Phe lps was preac hing th e funera l sermon. About midnight the coffins containing the bodies wer e t a k e n from the Mansion by Dimick B. Huntington, Edwar d Hu nt e r , William D. Huntington, William Harks, Jonatha n H . Hol me s , Gilbert Goldsmith, Alpheus Cutler, Lorenz o D . Wasson , a n d Philip B. Lewis, preceded by James Emm et t as guar d wit h h is musket. They went through the garden, round by the pump, an d w e r e c onveyed to the Nauvoo house, which was then bui l t t o th e fi rst joists of the basement, and buried in t h e bas emen t stor y. After the bodies were interred, and the ground smoot h e d o f f as it was before, and chips of wood. and ston e a n d oth e r rubbish thrown over, so as to make it appea r li k e the r es t of the ground around the graves, a mos t terr if ic showe r o frain, accompanied with thunder an d lightn ing , occurre d, a nd obliterated all traces of th e fact th at t he earth h ad be en newly dug. The bodies remained in the cellar of the Nauvoo Hous e w h e r e they were buried, until the fall, when they wer e re mo v e d by Dimick B. Huntington, William D. Huntingto n, Jo nat h a n H. Holmes, and Gilbert Goldsmith, at Emma s reque st , t o n earthe Mansion, and buried side by side , and th e b ee h ous e then moved and placed over their gr aves. The deceased children of Joseph were afterwards remo v e d a n d interred in the same place. It was found at th i s ti me t ha t two of Hyrum s teeth had fallen into the i ns ide o f hi s mo uth, supposed to have been done by a bal l a t th e tim e of the martyrdom but which was not discov ere d at t he tim e he wa s laid out, in consequence of hi s jaw s bein g tied u p. It is thought proper that this volume, which bring s t h e H I STORY OF THE CHURCH to close of its first Perio d t h e adm in istration of its First President, and, by w ay o f p re emi nen ce the Prophet of the New Dispensatio n of th e Go spel, s hould close with the official stateme nt of th e Mar tyrdom o f th e Prophet and the Patriarch . A statemen t so t rue, an d conse rvative, and excellen t that now fo r a lon g time i t has bee n published in th e Doctrine an d Covenan ts. From The Church History, Volume 6 We also publish the names of the Elders who are appoi n t e d t o the several states, together with their appoint me nt s . Tho se who are numbered with the figures 1 an d 2 wil l t ak e th e presidency of the several states to w hich the y ar e a ppoin ted. MAINE. J. Butterfield, 1st, Jonathan A. Hale, Elbridge Tuf t s , 2 n d Henry Herriman, S. B. Stoddard, John Moon. NEW HAMPSHIRE. W. Snow, 1st, Harley Morley, Howard Egan, 2nd Israel Ba r l o w , Alvin Cooley, David Clough, Sen., John S. Twiss , Ca lv i n R eed, Charles A. Adams, Chilion Mack, Bethue l Mille r , Is aa c Burton, A D. Boynton. MASSACHUSETTS. Daniel Spencer, 1st George Lloyd, Milton F. Bartlett, O r l a n do D. Hovey, Daniel Loveland, Nathaniel Ashby, Jos e p h J . Wo odbury, Samuel P. Hoyt, W. H. Woodbury, Dani e l W . Gard ner , John R. Blanchard. RHODE ISLAND. William Seabury, 1st, Melvin Wilbur, Thomas McTaggart. CONNECTICUT. E. H. Davis, 1st, Quartus S. Sparks. VERMONT. Erastus Snow, 1st, Warren Snow, William Hyde, Dominic u s C a r ter, Denman Cornish, Levi W. Hancock, Jeremiah Ha tc h, A lf re d Cordon, Martin Titus, Charles Snow, Willia m Ha ight , Ja me s C. Snow, John D. Chase, A. M. Harding , Josia h H . Perry , Isaac Houston, Amos Hodges. NEW YORK. C. W. Wandell, 1st, William Newland, Marcellus Bate s , 2 n d , Allen Wait, Truman Gillett, William H. Parshal l , A . A . Fa rnham, C. H. Wheelock, Edmund Ellsworth, Tim ot hy B . Fo ote , Gregory Bentley, George W. Fowler, Home r C . Hoyt , Hen ry L . Cook, Isaac Chase, William W. Dryer , Si meon A . Dunn , Elij ah Reed, Daniel Shearer, Solon Fo ster , Jame s W. Phip pin, Hi ram Bennett, J. R. Van Natta , Chan dler Ho lbrook, Sa muel P . Bacon, Lyman Hall, Bradf ord W . Elliott , William Fe lshaw , J. R. G. Phelps, Danie l Fish er, Josep h P. Noble, D . H. Re dfield, John Tanner , Marti n R. Tanner , Thomas Fulle r, G. D , Goldsmith, O . M. Duel , Charles Tho mpson, Samuel W hite, B . C. Elswor th, W. R . R. Stowell, Ar chibald Bates, W illiam D . Pratt, David P ettigrew, Marcell us McKeown, Elli s Eames, H ora ce S. Eldr edge. Name source Jenn ifer Bo ger jenboge 1 0 0 was Charles Golds mith
2).  Birth Death Source  Robert Carter  s information  Maiden name from Jennifer Boger  1 00  was unknown  Descendants of Thomas Durfee by Charles L. Durfee   charlesldurfee.GED  Most of this family were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mormons.  Mrs. Jennifer Boger of Montclair, Essex County, NJ, in 1985, sent a family group sheet from the LDS Archives in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT, that was prepared by Mrs. Ceclia D. Tolman of Salt Lake City.  It is not dated but the latest entry on the sheet is 1924.  The sheet states that Abigail was born in Tiverton, Newport County, RI, and it gives the names of Gilbert Gouldsmith  s parents.  It is extremely unlikely that Abigail was born in Tiverton in 1816, as her grandmother and aunts and uncleswere all living in New York long before 1816.  The Descendants of Thomas Durfee.  William Field Reed.  Washington, DC.  Two Volumes.  1902 and 1905.  Volume 2, pages 164 and 405.                                End of Notes


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