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Family Sheet

Name: Attakullakulla Note Born: Bet 1695 and 1705 at Seviers Island, Tennessee Married: Died: May 1777 at Nachestown, NC Now Tennessee Father: White Raven Mother: Nancy Broom Moytoy Full Blood Paint Clan
Name: Nione Ollie Note Born: Abt 1710 Died:
Name: Dragging Canoe Born: Abt 1730 at Overhill Settlements Now Monroe County , Tennessee Died: 1 Mar 1792 at Lookout Town, Tennessee Wife: Leaf
Name: Tah-chee Born: Abt 1736 Died: Wife: Aisley
Name: The Badger Born: Abt 1738 Died:
Name: Little Owl Born: Abt 1740 Died:
Name: Ollie Ii Born: Abt 1756 Died:
Name: Turtle At Home Born: Abt 1758 Died:
Name: Wurtagua Born: Abt 1760 Died: Husband: John Watts Jr.
1). John Mcginley.FTW Notes for ATTAKULLAKULLA aka Little CarpenterA noted Cherokee chief, recognized by the British govern m e n t as the head chief or emperor of the Nation, abou t 1 7 6 0 and later, and commonly known to the whites as th e Li tt l e Carpenter Little Cornplanter, by mistake, in H aywoo d . T he name is frequently spelled Atta kulla kulla , Ata kul laku lla or Ata culculla. It may be rendered Leaning wood, fr o m a t a u, Wood and gul kalu, a verb implying that some th ing l on g is leaning, without sufficient support, again s t some o the r object it has no first person form. Bartr a m describe s hi m as A man of remarkably small stature , sl ender and o f a d elicate frame, the only instance I s aw i n the Nation but h e is a man of superior abilities. More About ATTAKULLAKULLA Ata u gul kalu u Attended 1730, Delegation to King George II Blood 1 2 Cherokee, 1 2 Algonquin ? Clan Wolf Clan Quatsy Signer March 1775, Henderson s Treaty, Sycamore Shoals !BIRTH Woolley, Woolley, Helen McGinley Woolley !DEATH Woolley, Woolley, Helen McGinley Woolley
2). !BIRTH Woolley, Woolley, Helen McGinley Woolley


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