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Family Sheet

Name: Thomas Epps Murphy Note Born: 9 Mar 1890 at Covington, , Newton, GA Married: 22 Nov 1916 at Atlanta, , Fulton, GA Died: 10 Dec 1970 at Opa Locka, , Dade, FL Father: Thomas Humphrey Murphy Mother: Missouri Frances Stephens
Name: Aline Eliza Forehand Born: 2 Jun 1900 at Lilly, , Dooly, GA Died: Mar 1985 at Miami, , Dade, FL
Name: Murphy Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Lebel
Name: Murphy Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Bobbitt
Name: Murphy Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Mckinnon
Name: Thomas Clyde Murphy Born: 17 Jul 1917 at Atlanta, , Fulton, GA Died: 20 May 1995 at Hollywood, , Broward, FL Wife: Brooke
Name: Helen Alene Murphy Born: 4 Feb 1920 at Albany, , Dougherty, GA Died: 10 Aug 1993 at Miami, , Dade, FL Husband: Wood
1). Information attributed to Thomas Epps Murphy regarding his parents, uncles and brothers was told to his daughter Janet Murphy Lebel, after he got cancer. They would be sitting in the living room talking. A small part he would write answers in a notebook with questions Janet had written. Sometimes she would pick up the notebook and he would tell more than he would write. Some of the information were stories he had heard when he was a child. I, Mary Anne Murphy Stone have this information typewritten from Janet Murphy. Janet Murphy Daddy left home at an early age. Was out in Oklahoma at one time and went to business school in Atlanta at some time. Daddy was in the Navy at the time he and Mama married in Atlanta, GA. Later on he was on recruiting duty before he got out of the Navy. He was in World War I at one time a Chief Torpedo man and was a Chief Petty Officer. He served on the USS North Carolina. He was in the Navy for ten years. Later, he farmed some and had a grocery store in Byromville and a cabinet shop in Atlanta. The first time we moved to Miami from GA was 31 October, 1924. Vivian was a baby Joyce and I were two years of age. Daddy and Uncle Floyd had a plumbing business of about twelve people in Miami. The business took in the Miami area up as far north as Lake Worth during the Boom days. They were never paid for the work they did for the City of Lake Worth. Everything went busted the Crash came and the Depression years began. Their business folded. We moved back to Byromville, GA,where Daddy had a grocery store and also, lived for a short time in Vienna, GA. We moved to Atlanta where Daddy and a nephew, Ernest Whitter, had a cabinet business. Joyce and I started in first grade in Atlanta and while we were still in first grade, we moved back to Miami for good. This was the continuation of the depression years. At one time, Daddy worked for Leonard Bros. Co and then, worked for some time withthe U S Postal Special Delivery Service. Once took a letter or package to gangster Al Capone s home on Star Island at Miami Beach. He then got on with the U S Custom Guards in Miami before getting on with the U S Customs Patrol and Custom Inspectors in Tampa FL 1932 1939 . He could have written a book about the Patrol and Customs in Tampa their out of state large seizures of whiskey stills. Patrols along the West Coast of FL for aliens, whiskey stills and rum runners by car mostly sometimes in a boat and occasionally in a plane. From there he went with the U S Customs Inspectors of the Treasury Department in Miami, FL 30 December 1939 31 March 31 1960 . Meeting passenger ships and non passenger private boats . When I picked him up from work one time at the docks in Miami on Biscayne Blvd., he took me to a balcony to see the Duke and Duchess of Windsor who had arrived on a private yacht from the Bahamas. Also, Customs at the Columbus Hotel on Biscayne Blvd., and later, all the time at Miami International Airport. He was called Murph by the postal fellows and Spud by the Custom Guards, Patrol and Inspectors. He retired in Miami 31 March 1960 after forty three years of Government service and at seventy years of age. It was compulsory that one retire at that age. He did not seem that old. There was a large banquet and dance at the Coral Gables Country Club for all the Customs men who had retired during the year. Also, a retirement party just for him at the Airport. On retiring, he received a plaque from the U S Treasury Department and an Albert Gallatin Award for his 43 years of service with the U S Government. When Daddy retired, he was not ready to retire. He worked hard all of his life and was still very active for his age. He felt like he was being put out to pasture . He enjoyed traveling as much and as often as he could. He took trips back to Byromville and visited family and old friends. He made many trips to North Carolina with Vivian and Jimmy, Mama and Joyce. Took a trip out to Colorado and Wyoming with us. They made their first trip to California with us and were sightseeing on the way out NewOrleans, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, into Mexico Juarez , Las Vegas, Disney Land, San Juan Capistrano, Sequoia National Forest. He went to Salt Lake City, Utah and Colorado, New England, Canada, Niagara Falls and up the coast of Maine. He visited VAand Washington DC and New York. He loved it! Daddy loved to be around people and talk. He was generous and helpful to those who needed help. He always brought newcomers and out of town people home to eat. His friends thought a lot of him. I guess Phillip McWilliams was his oldest and closest friend back to early 1932 when he first went to Tampa to work. When Daddy died, Mr. Mc said he loved him more than his own brother. And we all loved Mr Mc too. At times, before he died, he would thank us for what we were doing for him and tell us he loved us. He certainly had done a lot for us and had always shown that he loved us. As children, he taught us I suppose as his father had taught him the Golden Rule and the Commandments. The first things I remember he taught us as small children was to have respect for our parents and other older people not to take anything that did not belong to us and not to tell a lie or tattle on one another. He also said if you can t say anything good about someone, don t say anything. Daddy said he went around the world and came back and married the prettiest girl of all Mama. As kids, when Daddy came home from work, we d run to him to get the first kiss. Mama was last and he d say, the sweetest is the last . He was a Mason and belonged to the John Darling Lodge in Tampa had first belonged in Byromville GA . Daddy died around 6 p.m. on a Thursday at his home, 910 Jann Ave, Opa Locka, FL of lymphosarcoma cancer of the lymph glands and in the bone and heart failure at 80 years of age. Because he liked to help others, we started a rotating scholarship fund atFlorida State University at Tallahassee FL in his name. He would have liked that.


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