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Family Sheet

Name: Frank Raymond Stowell [1] Note Born: 10 May 1895 at Wonewak, Wisconson [2] Married: 29 Nov 1936 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR Died: 9 Sep 1960 at Vancouver, Clark, Washington [4] Father: Dudley Halsey Stowell Mother: Pacel
Name: Opal Mary Hayes [5] Note Born: 12 Oct 1917 at Newberg, Oregon [6] Died: 11 Dec 1961 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR [7] Other Spouses: Howard Edwin Clayton Father: Charles Baxter Hayes Mother: Mary Jane Ankrom
Name: Monte Stowell Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Douglas Stowell Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Sharon Joann Stowell Born: 3 Dec 1938 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR Died: 23 Jan 1986 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
1). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 2). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 4). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 5). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 6). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 7). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle
1). 1735328.ged BeamandWilson.FTW Burial 15 Sep 1960 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon Retirement31 May 1960 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon Reference 10 Occupation Textile Worker Bet 1941 and 1960 Portland Wollen Mills, Portland, Multnomah, Oreg on Occupation Truck Driver 1936 Forest Grove, Washington, Oregon Illness July 1960 Sep 1960 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon Misc Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
2). 1735328.ged  BeamandWilson.FTW From the notes of M. Fenimore  Individual  Frank and Opal were married for 25 years. Opal was adept at crochet and knitting. Opal also l oved to hand develop new strains of African Violets and had over 900 plants when she died. Op al sold African Violets from her home. Opal wrote a poem to Frank for their 20th wedding anni versary. Here is the poem In 1935 you were a bacheler so gay and had visions of staying that way Came the year of nineteen thirty six you decided love and marriage culd mix In 1937 you applied and filed for legal adoption of my child In 1938 if you will remember we had our first daughter the 3rd of December In 1939 work was scarce, jobs were few. You went to work on the WPA crew On Aug 14, 1940 you beamed with joy. I presented you with an 8 lb boy In 1941, it seemed God  s will you went to work at the Woolen Mill In 1942, I joined the working rank and helped get some money in the bank In 1943 our home we did buy. tired of renting, thats the reason why In 1944 to the hospital you wint. Nellie was a life saver Heaven sent In 1945 things looked a lot brighter. Our pile of debts were getting lighter In 1946 old mother nature won, December 27 came another 7 1 2 lb son In 1947 we paid out some more and had Tom put in our basement door Came 1948 and what a wonderful year, all out of debt everything was clear In 1949 we bought our new range. In fact it was time for a change In 1950 it was quite a year for me, dental plates are costly as can be In 1951, to the hospital I went and in the budget put a dent Back in the hospital for me in 1952, my condition stumped the doctors too In 1953   we decided that we would be like everyone else and buy us a TV In 1954   Surgery for me at Holladay Park. Believe me, an operation is no lark In 1955   Car accident unavoidable you see. Hospital, surgery, misery & pain, all for me November 29, 1956, our 20th Anniversary Date, you can  t back out now, its too late Does it seem possible that 20 short years have gone? Love and happiness just doesn  t die And if I had this all again to do, I  d choose the same partner and that is you. Burial is in the Riverview Abbey Mausoleum in Portland, Oregon in the Spruce room, 7th crip t up on the right next to her 2nd husband Frank Stowell. The cript has a marble facing with b rass lettering. Marriage  Opal stated that she left Howard on the 22 nd of November in 1935. After a divorce Howard wa s ordered to pay $15.00 a month during the final divorce hearing for support of his daughte r Patsy.


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