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Family Sheet

Name: Henry Southard [1] Note Born: Bet 1702 and 1705 at Hempstead, Long Island, Nassau Co, New York Married: 14 May 1730 at St. George s, Hempstead, Long Island, New York Died: Aft 1790 at Lincoln Co, North Carolina
Name: Phebe Totten [5] Note Born: 1709 at Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York Died: Aft 1790 at Lincoln Co, North Carolina Father: Benjamin Totten Mother: Rebecca Springsteen
Name: Thomas Southard Born: Abt 1733 Died: at Y
Name: Henry Southard Born: Abt 1734 Died: at Y
Name: Phebe Southard Born: Abt 1736 Died: at Y
Name: Lovina Southard Born: Abt 1737 Died: at Y
Name: Isaac Southard Born: 1738 at Hempstead, Long Island, Nassau Co, New York Died: 1791 at Surry Co, North Carolina Wife: Sarah Renne
Name: Rebecca Southard Born: Abt 1740 Died: at Y
Name: David Southard Born: Abt 1750 Died: at Y
1). Pedigree Resource File CD 5 5). Pedigree Resource File CD 5
1). mytree.FTW Henry Southard appears on the Tax Lists from 1753 to 1763 in Dut chess County. He and his family migrated to Lincoln County NC in about 1767 The Official Southard Gazette & Record, 4 1 . Why d id they move all the way to NC? Probably because the land was fr ee and some of their friends and neighbors were moving there als o 5 1 .
2). mytree.FTW One source, Totten Family History, by Durling lists Phebes birt hplace as Fishkill. Another source, A Contribution to Totten Fam ily Genealogy by Wilcox lists it as Poughkeepsie. Both are in Du tchess County, New York. No Tottens are listed in the book New York City Wills 17081728 by Chris Tami  1998 .  Need to check CD 310  Pheby Totten NYC Wills 1771 1776 Page 16.  In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN TOTTEN, of Rombout P recinct, Duchess County, farmer, being weak and infirm. All debt s to be paid. I leave to my wife Lovinee  or Sovinee  250 and t wo negro girls, and two cows, one horse, saddle and bridle, a be d, and 12 of household goods. I leave to my sister, Rebecca Bro oks, 120,  but if she should die before she gits it, then to he r children.  I leave to Thomas Southard, my sister  s son, 10, a nd a horse and 1 2 of my apparell.  I will give 5 to Trinity Ch urch at Fishkill, to buy a Bell.  I leave to Phebe Weekes, my si ster  s daughter, 5. To Jeremiah Cooper, 5. I leave to my broth er, Jonas Totten, 5 shillings, and 5 shillings to his oldest son , Benjamin. All the rest of my personal estate to be sold, and t he money paid to my wife and to Isaac Southard, David Southard, and Lovina Whiteman, my sister Phebe  s children, and to Sarah Va n Wyck, my wife  s sister  s daughter. I make my wife and my siste r, Rebecca Brooks, Jonathan Brooks, and Jeremiah Cooper, executo rs. Dated July 29, 1773. Witnesses, Samuel Mills, yeoman, John H. Sl eght, merchant, James Brumfield, Jr., tanner. Proved, November 2 2, 1773.  Searched NYC Wills 1777 1783 on   no Tottens  From NYC Wills 1780 2 Page 16.  In the name of God, Amen. I, BLANCHE BEAU, of New York , spinster, being in an infirm state of health. I leave all my r eal and personal estate to the use of my sister, Elizabeth Beau,  during her life, and to the use of my brother, Renne Beau, duri ng his life  and my brother, Renne Beau, is to be supported duri ng his natural life in a Christian like, decent and handsome man ner. After the death of my sister, my negro woman and her childr en are to be free. After the death of my brother and sister, I l eave to my friend, Jane Smith, widow  late Jane Papoon , and her two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Papoon, all my real estate duri ng their lives. After the death of my brother and sister, I leav e all my personal estate to my God children, Blanche Dominic, Ph ebe Totten, Magdalene Flandereau, and Garret Richard, and to the  two God children of my said sister, viz., Isaac Totten, and Ann  Dominic, and to my worthy friends, Elizabeth, wife of John Lass han, Mary, wife of James Wilmot, Catharine Pino, Jane Harrison, daughter of Morly Harrison, Christina Theobald, and Mary Kellike r. After the death of Jane Smith, and Mary and Elizabeth Papoon,  my executors are to sell all my real estate and pay the proceed s to my said God children. I make my sister Elizabeth, William U stick, David Seabury, and George Dominic, executors. Dated February 28, 1780. Witnesses, Simeon Lugrin, school master , John Barrow, baker, Bartholomew Crannell, Esq. Proved, Novembe r 6, 1780. NOTE.  The newspaper of this date says   Miss Blanche Beau, who  from her earliest days till a few months before her death taugh t one of the most serviceable schools in this city, died October  12, 1780, aged 60.   W. S. P.


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