This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Albee, Hopestill (b. 17 Jan 1768 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Huldah (b. 26 Feb 1753 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, Ichabod (d. 3 Jul 1844 at Westmoreland, NH)
Albee, Infant (b. 5 Dec 1781 at Medway, MA)
Albee, James (b. betw.1641 and 1650)
Albee, James (b. 11 Mar 1681 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, James (b. 12 Mar 1720)
Albee, James (d. 18 Aug 1814 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, James (d. 23 Dec 1845 at Woonsocket, RI)
Albee, James (d. 19 Mar 1784 at Milford, MA)
Albee, James (d. 29 Aug 1806 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Jane (b. 14 Jul 1734 at Holliston, MA)
Albee, Jemima (b. 14 Sep 1727 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Jemima (b. 7 Oct 1731 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Jemima (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, Jerusha (d. 7 Jan 1884 at Barre, VT)
Albee, Jerusia (d. 25 Jul 1853)
Albee, Jesse (d. 30 Dec 1829 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, John (d. 14 Jul 1675 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, John (b. 3 Aug 1678 at Medfield, MA)
Albee, John (b. 2 May 1717)
Albee, John (d. 25 Mar 1799)
Albee, John (d. 4 Feb 1821 at Medway, MA)
Albee, John (d. 18 Aug 1839 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, John (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, John (d. 5 Nov 1878 at Westmoreland, NH)
Albee, Jonathan (b. 30 Aug 1743 at Wiscasset, ME)
Albee, Jonathan (b. 30 Oct 1751 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, Joseph (d. Bet 1754 and 1815)
Albee, Josiah L (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, Katherine (b. 1 Feb 1768 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Keziah (b. 4 Apr 1713 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Keziah (d. 29 Mar 1822)
Albee, Laban (d. 11 Feb 1855 at Charlemont, MA)
Albee, Levi (d. 26 Oct 1822 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Levi (d. 6 Dec 1858 at Charlestown, NH)
Albee, Lois (b. 15 Feb 1759)
Albee, Lois (b. 5 May 1766 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Lovet Sumner (d. 22 Jun 1863 at Fillmore, NY)
Albee, Lucinda (d. 19 Dec 1879 at Hawley, MA)
Albee, Lucy (d. 9 Aug 1802 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Lucy (d. 1780)
Albee, Lucy (d. 27 Oct 1798 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Lydia (b. 14 Feb 1642 at Braintree, MA)
Albee, Lydia (d. 24 Jul 1687 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Lydia (d. 3 Oct 1776 at Douglas, MA)
Albee, Lydia (b. 11 Dec 1696 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Lydia (d. 21 Apr 1856 at Genessee, NY)
Albee, Lyman (d. 1874 at Fairlee, VT)
Albee, Margaret (d. 11 Feb 1839)
Albee, Martha (b. 16 May 1714 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Mary (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, Mary (d. 10 Aug 1851 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, Mary (b. 12 Apr 1710 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Mary (d. 30 Sep 1777-1778)
Albee, Mary (d. 7 Jan 1819 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Merrill (d. 15 Oct 1864 at Barre, VT)
Albee, Molly (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, Moses (d. 20 Jun 1841 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Nancy (d. 13 Jan 1887 at Charlemont, MA)
Albee, Nathan Smith (d. 4 Aug 1892 at Boston, MA)
Albee, Capt. Nathaniel (d. 11 Aug 1835)
Albee, Nelly (d. Aft 1814 at Blackstone, MA)
Albee, Obadiah (d. 1792)
Albee, Obadiah (b. 27 Jun 1730 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Obadiah (d. 22 Apr 1858 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Olive (d. 10 Aug 1874 at Chelsea, MA)
Albee, Olive (suppressed - may be still living)
Albee, Otis (d. 6 Oct 1857 at Madison, , WI)
Albee, Otis (d. 1828-1829 at South Milford, MA)
Albee, Pedee Experience (d. Aug 1877 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Peter (b. 19 Jan 1736 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Phila (b. 19 Nov 1779 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Polly (b. 21 Jul 1796 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, Priscilla (d. 28 Mar 1845 at Lisbon, NH)
Albee, Prudence (b. 3 Jan 1748 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Prudence (b. 18 Nov 1770 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Prudence (d. betw.1689 and 1694)
Albee, Rachel (b. 26 Jun 1749 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Rachel (b. 11 Jun 1725 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Rachel (d. 21 Jan 1834 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Rachel (b. 2 Feb 1779)
Albee, Rachel (d. 1 Jun 1829)
Albee, Rachel (d. 1787)
Albee, Rachel L. (d. 5 Dec 1870 at Warwick, MA)
Albee, Rebecca (d. 27 Nov 1848 at Amherst, MA)
Albee, Rebecca (d. 1775)
Albee, Rebecca (d. 29 May 1842 at Charlemont, MA)
Albee, Rhoda (b. 1 Jun 1731 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Rhoda (d. 3 Sep 1847 at Hopkinton, MA)
Albee, Roxana (d. 3 Feb 1864 at Bethel, VT)
Albee, Ruth (d. 2 Dec 1855 at Milford, MA)
Albee, Sally (d. 24 Sep 1841 at Lyman, NH)
Albee, Sarah (b. 11 Jan 1653 at Medfield, MA)
Albee, Sarah (b. 20 May 1687 at Mendon, MA)
Albee, Sarah (d. 25 Sep 1798 at Uxbridge, MA)
Albee, Sarah (d. 24 Feb 1847 at Bellingham, MA)
Albee, Sarah (d. 18 Sep 1863)
Albee, Seth (d. 1775)
Albee, Seth (d. 28 Jun 1833 at Milford, MA)

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