This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Ford", Mary
Ford", Zina
Forde, Catherine
Forde, Sir Edward
Forde-Pigott, Mimi (b. Abt 1906)
Forderinghay, Margaret (b. Abt 1473 at Of, Bocking, Essex, England) (d. 10 Feb 1513-1514)
Fordham, Alexander (b. 3 Oct 1700)
Fordham, Ann Eliza (b. 14 Dec 1823 at New York, , ,) (d. 28 Nov 1877 at Red Bank, , , New Jersey)
Fordham, Betsey (b. 11 Nov 1757)
Fordham, George Franklin
Fordham, Hannah (b. 19 Jul 1705)
Fordham, I. V.
Fordham, John (b. 27 Oct 1703)
Fordham, Major Joseph (b. Abt 1671 at Southhampton, , Long Island, NY) (d. at Southhampton, , Long Island, NY)
Fordham, Joseph (b. 19 Sep 1693)
Fordham, Linda Kay
Fordham, Mary (b. 11 Mar 1691)
Fordham, Phebe (b. 22 Jul 1696)
Fordham, Sarah (d. Bef 1822)
Fordham, Silas
Fordyce, Anne (b. Abt 1744 at Of London, , , England)
Fordyce, George (b. Abt 1654)
Fordyce, Jane (b. 3 Oct 1829 at , , , OH) (d. 24 May 1909 at Wilsey, , Morris, KS)
Fordyce, Jean (b. Abt 1706)
Fordyce, John (b. Abt 1718 at Of Ayton, , ,)
Fordyce, John (b. Abt 1680 at Gask, , , Scotland)
Fordyce, Matthew
Fordyce, Max Reid
Fore, Daniel (b. 1 Jul 1814) (d. 5 Jun 1884 at , , Marion, SC)
Fore, Elizabeth Ann (b. 5 Jul 1830 at , , Marion, SC) (d. 1 Mar 1892)
Fore, Jack
Fore, Jack Framce (d. Bef 2000)
Fore, Laura
Fore, Mark
Fore, Roy
Fore, Rubie Mae
Fore, Susan
Foree, Lucretia Green (b. Abt 1823 at Monroe Co, , , Missouri)
Foree, Peter
Forehand, Alice N. (b. 1912)
Forehand, Aline Eliza (b. 2 Jun 1900 at Lilly, , Dooly, GA) (d. Mar 1985 at Miami, , Dade, FL)
Forehand, Althea Delois
Forehand, Annie Jane (b. 1903) (d. 1976)
Forehand, Arena (Rencie) (b. 1892)
Forehand, Christina Sarah (b. 1906) (d. 1939)
Forehand, Clarence (b. 1894) (d. 1950)
Forehand, Dora (b. 1909)
Forehand, Drusella Matilda (b. 18 Jul 1853 at AL, , ,) (d. 1923)
Forehand, Elizabeth (b. May 1848)
Forehand, Evelyn Marie
Forehand, Frances Almeda (b. 1909) (d. 1962)
Forehand, George A.
Forehand, George Eldridge (b. 1917) (d. 1955)
Forehand, George Ronald
Forehand, George W. (b. 17 Feb 1870 at MS, , ,) (d. 1927)
Forehand, George Washington (b. 1908)
Forehand, Gertrude
Forehand, Gloria Yvonne
Forehand, Ida Corrine (b. 1921)
Forehand, Isaac (b. 1825 at AL, , ,)
Forehand, Isaac (b. 1896) (d. 1949)
Forehand, Ivon
Forehand, James (b. May 1862 at MS, , ,)
Forehand, James Know
Forehand, Jimmie Leslie
Forehand, John (b. Abt 1865) (d. 1938)
Forehand, John Palmer (b. 1900)
Forehand, Josephine Johanna (b. 1919)
Forehand, Julia (b. Sep 1856 at AL, , ,)
Forehand, Julius Henry
Forehand, Julius Henry (b. 1947) (d. 1950)
Forehand, Julius Henry (b. Feb 1875 at MS, , ,) (d. 5 Dec 1934 at Biloxi, , , MS)
Forehand, Kanzetty (b. 1911)
Forehand, Knox Mcleod (b. 1909) (d. 1975)
Forehand, Leona (b. 1920)
Forehand, Leonard
Forehand, Leonard (b. 1914) (d. 1979)
Forehand, Lula
Forehand, Martha Louise (b. 1918) (d. 1978)
Forehand, Mary Ellen (b. 1904)
Forehand, Mary Louise
Forehand, Michael
Forehand, Norma Earline
Forehand, Norman (b. 1906)
Forehand, Norman Earl
Forehand, Pearlie (b. 1906) (d. 1981)
Forehand, Ruby Dean
Forehand, Ruth Lilly (b. 1914)
Forehand, Sennie (b. 1914)
Forehand, Siney (b. 1893) (d. 1972)
Forehand, Terrell J.
Forehand, Thomas (b. 1868 at MS, , ,) (d. 1941)
Forehand, Thomas (d. at Wayne County, , , Tennessee)
Forehand, Vernon
Forehand, Virginia Mae (b. 1922)
Forehand, Wallace (b. 1915)
Forehand, Wilburn
Forehand, William Gray
Forehand, William Jackson (b. 14 May 1872)
Forehand, William Lester

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