This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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Nester, Martha (b. 17 Feb 1892 at Calhoun Co., WV)
Nester, Martha A. (b. 26 Jun 1843)
Nester, Martha C. (b. 1878 at WV)
Nester, Martin Luthur (b. 27 Apr 1848 at Randolph Co, VA)
Nester, Mary (b. 1843 at VA)
Nester, Mary (b. 1814)
Nester, Mary Ann (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Mary C. (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Mary E. (b. 1860 at WV)
Nester, Mary Elizabeth (d. 15 Apr 1903 at Barbour Co., WV)
Nester, Mary M. (b. 1856 at WV)
Nester, Mary M. Polly (b. 29 Dec 1793 at Taneytown, Carroll, Maryland)
Nester, Mary Magdalene (d. 10 Jul 1864)
Nester, Mary Magdalene (d. Bef 1880)
Nester, Maude E. (b. 17 Dec 1899)
Nester, General McClelland (b. 1868)
Nester, Mellissa (b. 1880 at WV)
Nester, Mellissa (b. 1852 at WV)
Nester, Michael (b. 1860 at VA)
Nester, Michael (b. Abt 1807 at Randolph, VA)
Nester, Nancy (b. 1841 at VA)
Nester, Nancy E. (b. 1864)
Nester, Nathaniel (d. 11 Jun 1919)
Nester, Noah W. (b. 1864 at WV)
Nester, Oliver D. (b. 1853 at WV)
Nester, Ora Mae (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Otavia V. (b. 1875 at WV)
Nester, Permelia E. (b. 17 Dec 1899)
Nester, Perry L. (d. 4 Aug 1914)
Nester, Poling B. (b. 1 Feb 1814)
Nester, Prasarah (b. 1869 at WV)
Nester, Rachel (b. 1828 at WV)
Nester, Ralph Jamison (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Rebecca (d. 1934)
Nester, Rhoda (b. 1852)
Nester, Robert (b. 1865 at WV)
Nester, Rosie B. (b. 1872)
Nester, Ross (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Roy (b. 1878 at WV)
Nester, Saberna (d. 13 Dec 1957 at St. George, WV)
Nester, Samantha C. (b. 1860 at VA)
Nester, Sampson Fansler (d. 10 Aug 1956)
Nester, Samuel (d. 8 Sep 1872)
Nester, Samuel (b. 29 Apr 1805 at Randolph, VA)
Nester, Samuel Dias (d. 22 Dec 1927)
Nester, Samuel L. (b. 1868 at WV)
Nester, Samuel W. (d. 20 Jul 1864 at Military Hospital In Gallopolis, OH)
Nester, Sarah (b. 5 Sep 1837 at Randolph Co., VA)
Nester, Sarah (b. 1843)
Nester, Sarah Ann (b. 1845 at VA)
Nester, Sarah E. (b. 31 Mar 1854)
Nester, Sarah E. (b. 1871 at WV)
Nester, Sarah E. (d. 8 Jun 1899)
Nester, Sarah E. (b. 1857 at VA)
Nester, Sarah J. (b. 1866 at WV)
Nester, Sarah L. (b. 1862 at WV)
Nester, Sarah Margaret (b. 1854 at VA)
Nester, Shirley Darl (suppressed - may be still living)
Nester, Silas J. (b. 1873 at WV)
Nester, Stewart (b. 1875 at WV)
Nester, Susan L. (b. 28 Jun 1847)
Nester, Susanna (d. 1911)
Nester, Tobitha (b. 1837 at VA)
Nester, Ulysses S. G. (b. 1866)
Nester, Victoria (b. 1 Jul 1889)
Nester, Waitman (b. 1870 at WV)
Nester, Walter (d. 10 May 1959)
Nester, Wendell (d. 1949)
Nester, Wesley (d. 1959)
Nester, William (d. 21 Oct 1882)
Nester, William (b. 1835 at VA)
Nester, William T. (b. 1868)
Nester, William W. (b. 1876 at WV)
Nestor, Andrew J. (b. 1865 at West Virginia)
Nestor, Hubert (b. 1902)
Nestor, Mildara (suppressed - may be still living)
Neth, Valerie (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethercote, Charlotte Eliza Mary (d. 1885 at , , , England)
Netherlands, Queen Regent Adelheid Emma Wilhelmina (d. 20 Mar 1934 at The Hague)
Netherlands, Anna Queen Of The (d. 1 Mar 1865 at The Hague, Zuid Holland, Netherlands)
Netherlands, Child (d. 30 Aug 1806)
Netherlands, Hendrik Of The (d. 1879)
Netherlands, Louise (d. 1871)
Netherlands, Margaret (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherlands, Mary (d. 1910)
Netherlands, Sophie (d. 1897)
Netherlands, Wilhelmina Frederika Louisa (d. 29 May 1883 at Reinhartshausen, Reingau, Hesse Nassau, Prussia)
Nethers, Audrey Ruth (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethers, Clara Jane (d. 22 Nov 1958 at Frazeysburg Cem)
Nethers, J. W. Wid (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethers, John William (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethers, Joseph (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethers, Nancy Jo (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethers, Rosemary Sue (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherton, Charles (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherton, James Darrell (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherton, Joan (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherton, Kevin Darrell (suppressed - may be still living)
Netherton, Velma (suppressed - may be still living)
Nethery, Fannie (suppressed - may be still living)

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