This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Bellew, Guendaline Ada (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellew, Ismae (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellew, Ismay Louise Ursula (b. 1836)
Bellew, Richard Eustace (d. 8 Feb 1933)
Bellew, Sinia (d. at Orange Co, TX)
Bellflower, Tom (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellian, Ann May (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellier, Elisabeth (d. 1668 at Harlem, New York County, New York)
Bellier, Jean (d. at 1619 1679)
Bellin, Kenneth (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellinger, Amanda (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellinger, Ann (b. Abt 1686)
Bellinger, Augusta (d. 1909)
Bellinger, Burnaby (b. Abt 1753)
Bellinger, Carnot (d. 1850)
Bellinger, Caroline Matilda (d. 1875)
Bellinger, Catherine (b. Abt 1793 at Schoharie County, NY)
Bellinger, Charles (b. 16 Apr 1750)
Bellinger, Charles (b. Abt 1775)
Bellinger, Charles Edward (b. Abt 1831)
Bellinger, Charlotte Fraser (d. 1915)
Bellinger, Deborah Webb (b. 1862)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. 4 Mar 1740 at St. Andrew s Parish, South Carolina)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. May 1790)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. 1707 at Charles Town, South Carolina)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. May 1787)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. 11 Apr 1801)
Bellinger, Edmund (d. 1878)
Bellinger, Edward (d. 1815)
Bellinger, Edward Bohun (d. 1924)
Bellinger, Reverend Edward Edmund (d. 1907)
Bellinger, Elizabeth (b. 8 Nov 1751)
Bellinger, Elizabeth (d. 1865)
Bellinger, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1690)
Bellinger, Elizabeth B. (b. 1781)
Bellinger, Elizabeth Telfair (d. 1823)
Bellinger, Emily Pinckney (d. 1919)
Bellinger, Eustace St. Pierre (b. 1814)
Bellinger, George (b. Abt 1770)
Bellinger, Dr. George (b. 11 Mar 1754)
Bellinger, George Rivers (d. 1861)
Bellinger, George Rivers (d. 1891)
Bellinger, Hannah (d. 17 Nov 1891)
Bellinger, Harriott (d. 1835)
Bellinger, Harriott Maria (d. 1852)
Bellinger, Hester (b. Abt 1713)
Bellinger, John (d. 13 Jan 1809 at St. Bartholomew s Parish, Colleton County, South Carolina)
Bellinger, John (b. Abt 1717)
Bellinger, Dr. John (b. Abt 1758)
Bellinger, Dr. John (b. Abt 1820)
Bellinger, John (b. Abt 1688)
Bellinger, Senator Joseph (d. 10 Jan 1830 at Charleston, South Carolina)
Bellinger, Lucia (b. Abt 1698)
Bellinger, Lucia (d. 1863 at Barnwell District, South Carolina)
Bellinger, Lucia Georgianna (b. Abt 1780)
Bellinger, Margaret (b. Abt 1685)
Bellinger, Mary (b. Abt 1710)
Bellinger, Mary Augusta (d. 1912)
Bellinger, Mary Cussings (b. Abt 1784)
Bellinger, Mary Eliza (d. 20 Aug 1921)
Bellinger, Mary Lucia (b. 4 Oct 1757)
Bellinger, Mary Lucia (d. 7 Jun 1781)
Bellinger, May (b. Abt 1755)
Bellinger, Nancy Jane (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellinger, Pinckney (d. 1854)
Bellinger, Richard (b. Abt 1709)
Bellinger, Sallie Harriott (b. 1833)
Bellinger, Sarah Ann (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellinger, Sarah Elizabeth (d. 1826)
Bellinger, Sarah Elizabeth (d. 1853)
Bellinger, Sarah Elizabeth (d. 1892)
Bellinger, Sarah Helen (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellinger, Sarah Phoebe (b. Abt 1798)
Bellinger, Sarah Pinckney (d. 1811)
Bellinger, Sarah Susan (b. Abt 1779)
Bellinger, Susanna (b. 1800)
Bellinger, Theodore (d. 1821)
Bellinger, Thomas (b. Abt 1683)
Bellinger, Thomas (b. Abt 1711)
Bellinger, William (d. 11 Jul 1820)
Bellinger, William (b. Abt 1695)
Bellinger, William (b. Abt 1715)
Bellinger, William (d. 1835)
Bellinger, William (d. 1812)
Bellinger, William Cotesworth Pinckney (d. 1892)
Bellinger, William Frederick (d. 1895)
Bellingham, Alan (d. at Y)
Bellingham, Alan (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Bt. 4Th Alan Henry (d. 9 Jun 1921)
Bellingham, Allan (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Augusta Mary Monica (d. 16 May 1947)
Bellingham, Dorothy (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Sir Edward (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Jr Edward (d. 1640)
Bellingham, Elizabeth (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Frances (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Grace (d. at Y)
Bellingham, Grace (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, Sir James (suppressed - may be still living)
Bellingham, James (suppressed - may be still living)

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