This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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De Nyse, Hilligond - De Percy, Ingram
De Percy, Ingram - De Portugal-Lancastre, Jaime
De Portugal-Lancastre, Jaime - De Ros, 10th Baron Thomas
De Ros, 10th Baron Thomas - De Savoie, Maria-Anne-Caroline-Piť
De Savoie, Maria-Anne-Caroline-Piť - De St. Hillary, Richard
De St. Hillary, Richard - De Toeni, Roger
De Toeni, Roger - De Valois, Princess Of France Jeanne
De Valois, Princess Of France Jeanne - De Vere, 13th Earl John
De Vere, 13th Earl John - De Vortigern, Gunhild
De Vortigern, Gunhild - Deadwyler, Cynthia Ann
Deadwyler, Cynthia Ann - Dean, Abigail
Dean, Abigail - Dean, Claborn Wilford
Dean, Claborn Wilford - Dean, (3) Ezra
Dean, (3) Ezra - Dean, Jessie Irene
Dean, Jessie Irene - Dean, Lucinda Sally
Dean, Lucinda Sally - Dean, Napoleon Burt 'Walter'
Dean, Napoleon Burt 'Walter' - Dean, Sarah Minerva
Dean, Sarah Minerva - Deane, (3) Israel
Deane, (3) Israel - Dearth, Joseph V
Dearth, Joseph V - Deason, Lula
Deason, Lula - Deaton, Orville
Deaton, Orville - Debord, Amanda Isabella
Debord, Amanda Isabella - Deck, Frances
Deck, Frances - Decourtenay, Lord Courtenay Guillaume
Decourtenay, Lord Courtenay Guillaume - Deeren, Timothy Paul
Deeren, Timothy Paul - Defriese, Turma L
Defriese, Turma L - Dehority, George Lamotte
Dehority, George Lamotte - Delameter, Jordan
Delameter, Jordan - Delashaw, Claude Mickel
Delashaw, Claude Mickel - Delashmutt, Van William
Delashmutt, Van William - Delauder, Oakey Troy
Delauder, Oakey Troy - Delisa, Brian Jason
Delisa, Brian Jason - Delong, Douglas Ward
Delong, Douglas Ward - Demeret, Christopher Eugene
Demeret, Christopher Eugene - Demoss, Rachel
Demoss, Rachel - Dempsey, Mary Anne
Dempsey, Mary Anne - Denard, Odian
Denard, Odian - Dengler, Daniel Wythe
Dengler, Daniel Wythe - Denmark, Harald II King
Denmark, Harald II King - Denning, Eliza
Denning, Eliza - Dennis, M.A. Meade Caulfield
Dennis, M.A. Meade Caulfield - Denny, Daphne
Denny, Daphne - Fairchild, Sarah Ann
Fairchild, Sarah Ann - Densmore, Doris
Densmore, Doris - Densmore, Rilla
Densmore, Rilla - Dent, John
Dent, John - Denton, Cornelia
Denton, Cornelia - Denton, Jonas
Denton, Jonas - Denton, Sarah
Denton, Sarah - Depriest, Wayne
Depriest, Wayne - Dering, Mary Cholmeley
Dering, Mary Cholmeley - Derringer, Kenneth James
Derringer, Kenneth James - Desaussure, Lucy Laurens
Desaussure, Lucy Laurens - Desilver, Debra
Desilver, Debra - Detty, Frances
Detty, Frances - Dever, David
Dever, David - Devoe, Maria Or Polly
Devoe, Maria Or Polly - Dewalt, George Gray
Dewalt, George Gray - Deweese, William "Will"
Deweese, William "Will" - Dewitt, Orlean Cornelius
Dewitt, Orlean Cornelius - Deyoung, Robert Waler
Deyoung, Robert Waler - Dibble, Mary Emma
Dibble, Mary Emma - Dick-Lauder, Sir Bart Andrew
Dick-Lauder, Sir Bart Andrew - Dickard, Raymond
Dickard, Raymond - Dickenson, Nathaniel
Dickenson, Nathaniel - Dickerson, Harold
Dickerson, Harold - Dickerson, Timothy Wayne
Dickerson, Timothy Wayne - Dickey, Ephraim E.
Dickey, Ephraim E. - Dickey, Margaret
Dickey, Margaret - Dickey, Violet
Dickey, Violet - Dickinson, Louisa
Dickinson, Louisa - Dickson, Celia Cornelia
Dickson, Celia Cornelia - Dickson, Kimberly Marie
Dickson, Kimberly Marie - Dickson, Spartan Irwin
Dickson, Spartan Irwin - Diekmann, Julie Ann
Diekmann, Julie Ann - Dietrich, Count Lowenstein Ernst
Dietrich, Count Lowenstein Ernst - Digges, Henry
Digges, Henry - Dilbeck, Julius Franklin
Dilbeck, Julius Franklin - Dill, Jr John
Dill, Jr John - Dillard, Bobby Joe
Dillard, Bobby Joe - Dillard, Howard
Dillard, Howard - Dillard, Mary
Dillard, Mary - Dillard, Thomas L.
Dillard, Thomas L. - Dillingham, Sophina Caroline
Dillingham, Sophina Caroline - Dills, Boyd
Dills, Boyd - Dilworth, S. F.
Dilworth, S. F. - Dinsmore, Wayne
Dinsmore, Wayne - Disney, Rev Dd John
Disney, Rev Dd John - Diver, Georgiani
Diver, Georgiani - Dixon, Charlie
Dixon, Charlie - Dixon, Jared Orley
Dixon, Jared Orley - Dixon, Osmund Woodward
Dixon, Osmund Woodward - Dixon, William Jasper
Dixon, William Jasper - Doak, Priscilla
Doak, Priscilla - Doane, Elisha
Doane, Elisha - Doar, Thomas Watts
Doar, Thomas Watts - Dobbins, Susannah Emeline
Dobbins, Susannah Emeline - Dobson, Emily M.
Dobson, Emily M. - Dobson, Walter H.
Dobson, Walter H. - Dodd, Gladys

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