This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Langford, Luada - Langham, Mary Thelma
Langham, Mary Thelma - Langley, Elizabeth
Langley, Elizabeth - Langley, William Andrew
Langley, William Andrew - Langston, Jimmy
Langston, Jimmy - Langston, Willie Lucy
Langston, Willie Lucy - Lanning, Ray
Lanning, Ray - Larason, Lon
Larason, Lon - Lark, Frances Jane
Lark, Frances Jane - Larkin, Albert Randell
Larkin, Albert Randell - Laroche, Joseph Murray
Laroche, Joseph Murray - Larsen, Brian Lee
Larsen, Brian Lee - Larson, Pauline
Larson, Pauline - Lascelles, Henrietta Frances
Lascelles, Henrietta Frances - Lasseter, Denise
Lasseter, Denise - Latch, Lillie
Latch, Lillie - Lathem, Arthur
Lathem, Arthur - Lathem, Debra Lynn
Lathem, Debra Lynn - Lathem, Rev George Washington
Lathem, Rev George Washington - Lathem, Jennifer
Lathem, Jennifer - Lathem, Lamar
Lathem, Lamar - Lathem, Mary Magdeline
Lathem, Mary Magdeline - Lathem, Renna
Lathem, Renna - Lathem, Suzanne
Lathem, Suzanne - Lathim, Nathan Mc Clure
Lathim, Nathan Mc Clure - Lathrop, Ebenezer
Lathrop, Ebenezer - Lathrop, Ichabod
Lathrop, Ichabod - Lathrop, Martha
Lathrop, Martha - Lathrop, Simeon
Lathrop, Simeon - Latta, Edith
Latta, Edith - Waddill, Geraldine
Waddill, Geraldine - Laurens, Eliza Rutledge
Laurens, Eliza Rutledge - Lavender, Daphne
Lavender, Daphne - Law, John
Law, John - Lawhon, Whitney Lyn
Lawhon, Whitney Lyn - Lawrence, Bertha
Lawrence, Bertha - Lawrence, Ila E.
Lawrence, Ila E. - Lawrence, Male Child
Lawrence, Male Child - Lawrence, Sue Isabella
Lawrence, Sue Isabella - Lawson, Agnes Katherine
Lawson, Agnes Katherine - Lawson, Jr. Daniel
Lawson, Jr. Daniel - Lawson, Hazel
Lawson, Hazel - Lawson, Kenneth Karl
Lawson, Kenneth Karl - Lawson, Neal
Lawson, Neal - Lawson, Sarah Emma
Lawson, Sarah Emma - Lawson, William Spencer
Lawson, William Spencer - Lawton, Jr John
Lawton, Jr John - Lawton, Willingham
Lawton, Willingham - Lay, Clarence Wardlaw
Lay, Clarence Wardlaw - Lay, George William (Doctor Will)
Lay, George William (Doctor Will) - Lay, John (Jack)
Lay, John (Jack) - Lay, Malisa
Lay, Malisa - Lay, Peggy Ann
Lay, Peggy Ann - Lay, Waymon
Lay, Waymon - Layton, Christopher Ross
Layton, Christopher Ross - Layton, Jesse
Layton, Jesse - Layton, Roy W.
Layton, Roy W. - Le Blance, Blayke Ryan
Le Blance, Blayke Ryan - Le Prouz, William
Le Prouz, William - Leach, Jr James
Leach, Jr James - Leagan, Barney
Leagan, Barney - League, Sally
League, Sally - Learned, Hannah
Learned, Hannah - Leatherwood, James
Leatherwood, James - Leaver, Richard
Leaver, Richard - Leavitt, William
Leavitt, William - Ledbetter, Betty Joyce "Joy"
Ledbetter, Betty Joyce "Joy" - Ledbetter, Sherry
Ledbetter, Sherry - Ledford, Joe E.
Ledford, Joe E. - Ledlow, Daniel Virgil
Ledlow, Daniel Virgil - Lee, Beatrice
Lee, Beatrice - Coop, David
Coop, David - Lee, Floride Isabella
Lee, Floride Isabella - Lee, James Craig
Lee, James Craig - Lee, Kay
Lee, Kay - Lee, Mary Custis
Lee, Mary Custis - Lee, Jr Randall Scott
Lee, Jr Randall Scott - Lee, Sarah
Lee, Sarah - Lee, William
Lee, William - Leeks, John
Leeks, John - Lefevre, John Robert
Lefevre, John Robert - Legare, Franeis Douglas
Legare, Franeis Douglas - Legg, Lillian
Legg, Lillian - Legrand, Buck
Legrand, Buck - Leigh, Louisa Helen
Leigh, Louisa Helen - Leip, Nicholas
Leip, Nicholas - Leitch, Michelle Leanne
Leitch, Michelle Leanne - Leke, Lady Penelope
Leke, Lady Penelope - Lemmon, John Calvin Gandy
Lemmon, John Calvin Gandy - Lemrick, Michael Allen
Lemrick, Michael Allen - Lennard, Henry
Lennard, Henry - Lentz, Deidre D.
Lentz, Deidre D. - Leonard, Daniel
Leonard, Daniel - Leonard, John
Leonard, John - Leonard, Myrtle Lee
Leonard, Myrtle Lee - Leonel, Ona
Leonel, Ona - Leopard, Hildon Dewitt
Leopard, Hildon Dewitt - Leopard, Sandra Kay
Leopard, Sandra Kay - Leroy, Emmanuel
Leroy, Emmanuel - Lesley, Calvin
Lesley, Calvin - Lesley, George W

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