This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Lesley, George W - Lesley, Julia
Lesley, Julia - Lesley, Moses
Lesley, Moses - Lesley, Thomas Gamewell
Lesley, Thomas Gamewell - Leslie, John
Leslie, John - Lester, Henry Howard
Lester, Henry Howard - Lethbridge, Lieut 85Th Regt Thomas Christopher Mytton
Lethbridge, Lieut 85Th Regt Thomas Christopher Mytton - Leverett, James M.
Leverett, James M. - Levi, Irma Clair
Levi, Irma Clair - Levis, Joel Ryan
Levis, Joel Ryan - Lewis
Lewis - Lewis, Angie
Lewis, Angie - Lewis, Benjamin James
Lewis, Benjamin James - Lewis, Charles C.
Lewis, Charles C. - Lewis, David
Lewis, David - Lewis, Edward L.
Lewis, Edward L. - Lewis, Emily Doris
Lewis, Emily Doris - Lewis, Fred Wister
Lewis, Fred Wister - Lewis, Harold
Lewis, Harold - Lewis, J Wesley
Lewis, J Wesley - Lewis, Jeremiah
Lewis, Jeremiah - Lewis, Maj John Joseph
Lewis, Maj John Joseph - Lewis, Kittie
Lewis, Kittie - Lewis, Lucy
Lewis, Lucy - Lewis, Martha Jane
Lewis, Martha Jane - Lewis, Mary Susan
Lewis, Mary Susan - Lewis, Nettie
Lewis, Nettie - Lewis, Prise Kimmer
Lewis, Prise Kimmer - Lewis, Rufus Henry
Lewis, Rufus Henry - Lewis, Sherri
Lewis, Sherri - Lewis, Thomas Harrison
Lewis, Thomas Harrison - Lewis, William Harrison
Lewis, William Harrison - Liattee, Jennifer
Liattee, Jennifer - Liddell, Sir Knt Thomas
Liddell, Sir Knt Thomas - Ligon, Benjamin Ryan Tillman
Ligon, Benjamin Ryan Tillman - Ligon, William Butler
Ligon, William Butler - Lillie, Margery
Lillie, Margery - Limpurg Gaildorf, Juliane Dorothea Luise
Limpurg Gaildorf, Juliane Dorothea Luise - Lincoln, Deborah
Lincoln, Deborah - Lincoln, Isaac
Lincoln, Isaac - Lincoln, Lydia
Lincoln, Lydia - Lincoln, Rebecca
Lincoln, Rebecca - Lincoln, Thomas Oliver
Lincoln, Thomas Oliver - Linder, James
Linder, James - Lindquist, Clyde Douglas
Lindquist, Clyde Douglas - Lindsay, Gabriel
Lindsay, Gabriel - Lindsey, Alice
Lindsey, Alice - Lindsey, Wendy Kay
Lindsey, Wendy Kay - Ling, Albert Westley
Ling, Albert Westley - Ling, David
Ling, David - Ling, George
Ling, George - Ling, John
Ling, John - Ling, Robert
Ling, Robert - Lingerfelt, Donald Shane
Lingerfelt, Donald Shane - Link, Dorothy Ann
Link, Dorothy Ann - Linn, Lucy
Linn, Lucy - Lipford, Goldelia
Lipford, Goldelia - Lipscomb, Ann Elizabeth
Lipscomb, Ann Elizabeth - Lischer, Jonathan Konrad
Lischer, Jonathan Konrad - Lister, Nora
Lister, Nora - Litchfield, Ried Arthur
Litchfield, Ried Arthur - Little, Betty Joy
Little, Betty Joy - Little, Haskel
Little, Haskel - Little, Lucille
Little, Lucille - Little, Sue
Little, Sue - Littlejohn, Patrick
Littlejohn, Patrick - Littleton, Emma
Littleton, Emma - Littleton, Oscar
Littleton, Oscar - Lively, David
Lively, David - Livingston, Child
Livingston, Child - Livingston, William A.
Livingston, William A. - Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, Edward - Lloyd, William
Lloyd, William - Lochridge, Susannah
Lochridge, Susannah - Lockart, Herald Francis
Lockart, Herald Francis - Locke, William
Locke, William - Lockridge, Monica
Lockridge, Monica - Lodewijk, Hendrik
Lodewijk, Hendrik - Loftis, Hazel
Loftis, Hazel - Loftus, General Mp William
Loftus, General Mp William - Logan, James E.
Logan, James E. - Logan, Roy
Logan, Roy - Logsdon, Ann
Logsdon, Ann - Lohse, Bertha
Lohse, Bertha - Lollis, Elizabeth Adell
Lollis, Elizabeth Adell - Lollis, Tim
Lollis, Tim - Londagin, Dora Pauline
Londagin, Dora Pauline - Long, Cynthia
Long, Cynthia - Long, Gladys
Long, Gladys - Long, John Harvey
Long, John Harvey - Long, Mary Louise
Long, Mary Louise - Long, Sarah
Long, Sarah - Long, Xs 2Boys Xs2 Girls
Long, Xs 2Boys Xs2 Girls - Longworth, Nicholas
Longworth, Nicholas - Loomis, Eliza
Loomis, Eliza - Loomis, Lydia
Loomis, Lydia - Loomis, Timothy
Loomis, Timothy - Looper, Alan Keith
Looper, Alan Keith - Looper, Anna Victoria
Looper, Anna Victoria - Looper, Jr Benjamin Attison
Looper, Jr Benjamin Attison - Looper, Brenda Joyce

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