This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Ball, James Barry - Ball, Nell
Ball, Nell - Ballard, Arthur T.
Ballard, Arthur T. - Ballard, Robert Dale
Ballard, Robert Dale - Ballenger, Martha
Ballenger, Martha - Ballentine, Mary
Ballentine, Mary - Balliol, John
Balliol, John - Baltz, Christina
Baltz, Christina - Banau, Chrintiane Wilhelmine Von
Banau, Chrintiane Wilhelmine Von - Banffy, Erzsebet
Banffy, Erzsebet - Banister, W. Harrison
Banister, W. Harrison - Banks, Frederick John
Banks, Frederick John - Banks, Ray P
Banks, Ray P - Banning, Sophia Emma
Banning, Sophia Emma - Banta, Pieter
Banta, Pieter - Barbara, Princess Of Palatine
Barbara, Princess Of Palatine - Barber, Bernard Udell
Barber, Bernard Udell - Barber, Malcolm
Barber, Malcolm - Barbery, Odell W
Barbery, Odell W - Barclay, Mary
Barclay, Mary - Barden, Joseph
Barden, Joseph - Barefoot, Lloyd
Barefoot, Lloyd - Bargoil, J. William
Bargoil, J. William - Barham, Hartwell
Barham, Hartwell - Barham, Mary F
Barham, Mary F - Barham, Zeba
Barham, Zeba - Baring, Hon. Margaret
Baring, Hon. Margaret - Barker, Bertie Manila
Barker, Bertie Manila - Barker, Elizabeth
Barker, Elizabeth - Barker, J C
Barker, J C - Barker, Katherine
Barker, Katherine - Barker, Mercy
Barker, Mercy - Barker, Theodora
Barker, Theodora - Barkley, Lydia A
Barkley, Lydia A - Barley
Barley - Barmore, William Edward
Barmore, William Edward - Barne, Miles
Barne, Miles - Barnes, Christopher
Barnes, Christopher - Barnes, George W.
Barnes, George W. - Barnes, Kyle
Barnes, Kyle - Barnes, Nellie
Barnes, Nellie - Barnes, (3) Sarah
Barnes, (3) Sarah - Barnett
Barnett - Barnett, Frank
Barnett, Frank - Barnett, Mary
Barnett, Mary - Barnewell, Viscount Kingsland
Barnewell, Viscount Kingsland - Barnum, James Thomas
Barnum, James Thomas - Barnwell, Colonel Nathaniel
Barnwell, Colonel Nathaniel - Barr, F. H.
Barr, F. H. - Barr, Robert Earl
Barr, Robert Earl - Barrett, Annie
Barrett, Annie - Barrett, Iona Novaria
Barrett, Iona Novaria - Barrett, Mary Elvira
Barrett, Mary Elvira - Barrett, Walter
Barrett, Walter - Barron, Arthur
Barron, Arthur - Barron, William
Barron, William - Barrows, Marcy
Barrows, Marcy - Barry, W. H.
Barry, W. H. - Bartholomew, Almeda
Bartholomew, Almeda - Bartholomew, Child
Bartholomew, Child - Bartholomew, Ezekiel
Bartholomew, Ezekiel - Bartholomew, Jacob
Bartholomew, Jacob - Bartholomew, Lemuel
Bartholomew, Lemuel - Bartholomew, Merantha
Bartholomew, Merantha - Bartholomew, Samuel
Bartholomew, Samuel - Bartholomew, William
Bartholomew, William - Bartlett, Ephraim
Bartlett, Ephraim - Bartlett, Preserved
Bartlett, Preserved - Barton
Barton - Barton, David Richard
Barton, David Richard - Barton, James
Barton, James - Barton, Lydia Ann
Barton, Lydia Ann - Barton, Rufus M
Barton, Rufus M - Barton, William P.
Barton, William P. - Knight, William
Knight, William - Bass, Crawford
Bass, Crawford - Basset, Katherine
Basset, Katherine - Bassett, Maud
Bassett, Maud - Basting, Anna
Basting, Anna - Batchellor, Samuel Richardson
Batchellor, Samuel Richardson - Bates, Andrew Jackson
Bates, Andrew Jackson - Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, Elizabeth - Bates, James F
Bates, James F - Bates, Marion Eugene
Bates, Marion Eugene - Bates, Ruth
Bates, Ruth - Bates, William Martin
Bates, William Martin - Batson, Beverly Gail
Batson, Beverly Gail - Batson, Peggy
Batson, Peggy - Jackson, Agnes Carolina
Jackson, Agnes Carolina - Baugh, Johnny
Baugh, Johnny - Bauknight, Trevor
Bauknight, Trevor - Bavaria, Count Of Holland Albrecht I Duke Of
Bavaria, Count Of Holland Albrecht I Duke Of - Bawle, John
Bawle, John - Baxter, Sarah
Baxter, Sarah - Bay, Russel
Bay, Russel - Bayley, Sarah
Bayley, Sarah - Bayne, Christopher Whitley
Bayne, Christopher Whitley - Bayse, Ronnie
Bayse, Ronnie - Beach, Abigail
Beach, Abigail - Beach, Albert
Beach, Albert - Beach, Almira Elizabeth

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