This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Looper, Brenda Joyce - Looper, Charles Henry "Charlie"
Looper, Charles Henry "Charlie" - Looper, Cora Eva
Looper, Cora Eva - Looper, David Ferrel
Looper, David Ferrel - Looper, Donald Richard
Looper, Donald Richard - Looper, Elizabeth
Looper, Elizabeth - Looper, F. Cortess
Looper, F. Cortess - Looper, George
Looper, George - Looper, Helen
Looper, Helen - Looper, Jackie
Looper, Jackie - Looper, James Wesley
Looper, James Wesley - Looper, Jessie Powell
Looper, Jessie Powell - Looper, John Sherman
Looper, John Sherman - Looper, Josey May
Looper, Josey May - Looper, Kristie
Looper, Kristie - Looper, Leslie Meshel
Looper, Leslie Meshel - Looper, Lynn Harrell
Looper, Lynn Harrell - Looper, Marshall Addison
Looper, Marshall Addison - Looper, Mary Magdaline
Looper, Mary Magdaline - Looper, Minnie Aubrey
Looper, Minnie Aubrey - Looper, Nelly
Looper, Nelly - Looper, Paul Gulay
Looper, Paul Gulay - Looper, Rhonda Elizabeth
Looper, Rhonda Elizabeth - Looper, Ruby
Looper, Ruby - Looper, Sarah
Looper, Sarah - Looper, Stella
Looper, Stella - Looper, Thomas Patrick
Looper, Thomas Patrick - Looper, Vilet Frances
Looper, Vilet Frances - Looper, William Bates
Looper, William Bates - Looper, Willie Ernest
Looper, Willie Ernest - Lord, Clarabel
Lord, Clarabel - Lorenz, Geroge
Lorenz, Geroge - Lornshaug, Oline
Lornshaug, Oline - Lorton, Paul
Lorton, Paul - Widgery, Mable Frances
Widgery, Mable Frances - Loudermilk, Jack Alexander
Loudermilk, Jack Alexander - Loup, Driece
Loup, Driece - Love, Jason Michael
Love, Jason Michael - Lovejoy, Mabel Eva
Lovejoy, Mabel Eva - Loveless, Asbury
Loveless, Asbury - Lovell, Mildred
Lovell, Mildred - Loving, Lee
Loving, Lee - Lowe, Alcesta
Lowe, Alcesta - Lowe, Hope Anne
Lowe, Hope Anne - Lowe, Paul Vick
Lowe, Paul Vick - Womach, Elaine
Womach, Elaine - Lowery, Hattie
Lowery, Hattie - Lowman, English Boger
Lowman, English Boger - Lowndes, Rev Thomas
Lowndes, Rev Thomas - Lowry, John P
Lowry, John P - Lowther, Richard
Lowther, Richard - Loyd, Flora May
Loyd, Flora May - Loyd, Sonya
Loyd, Sonya - Lucas, Elizabeth
Lucas, Elizabeth - Lucas, Michael Joseph
Lucas, Michael Joseph - Luck, Ingvar Prince Of
Luck, Ingvar Prince Of - Ludovike, Duchess Bavaria Mathilde
Ludovike, Duchess Bavaria Mathilde - Ludwig, Count Manderscheid Ferdinand
Ludwig, Count Manderscheid Ferdinand - Ludwig, (Twin) Prince Of Nassau
Ludwig, (Twin) Prince Of Nassau - Luise, Princess Holstein Dorothea
Luise, Princess Holstein Dorothea - Luke, Bettie Elizabeth
Luke, Bettie Elizabeth - Lum, Mindie M.
Lum, Mindie M. - Lunceford, Owen Arthur
Lunceford, Owen Arthur - Lunsford, Charles
Lunsford, Charles - Lunsford, Rosa Lee
Lunsford, Rosa Lee - Lusby, Walter
Lusby, Walter - Lusk, Carolyn
Lusk, Carolyn - Lusk, Hal Hiott
Lusk, Hal Hiott - Lusk, Leroy W.
Lusk, Leroy W. - Lusk, Roger D.
Lusk, Roger D. - Lusted, Charles Aubrey
Lusted, Charles Aubrey - Luttrell, Susannah
Luttrell, Susannah - Luxton, Fanny Letitia
Luxton, Fanny Letitia - Lyed, Mamie
Lyed, Mamie - Lyle, Susanne Gail
Lyle, Susanne Gail - Lyles, Thomas Justin
Lyles, Thomas Justin - Lynch, Brenda Elaine
Lynch, Brenda Elaine - Lynch, Hester
Lynch, Hester - Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Mary - Lynch, Thomas Henry
Lynch, Thomas Henry - Lynne, Elizabeth
Lynne, Elizabeth - Lyon, John
Lyon, John - Lyon Bowes, Baron Glamis Thomas George
Lyon Bowes, Baron Glamis Thomas George - Lyons, William Wallace
Lyons, William Wallace - Lyttelton, William Henry Cornewall
Lyttelton, William Henry Cornewall - Mabry, Sr James Rivers
Mabry, Sr James Rivers - Macbeth, James Ravenel
Macbeth, James Ravenel - Macdonald, Richard Kevin
Macdonald, Richard Kevin - Macfaelain, Domnall
Macfaelain, Domnall - Mack, Resolved
Mack, Resolved - Mackenzie, Sir Bart James Wemyss
Mackenzie, Sir Bart James Wemyss - Mackinnon, Charles
Mackinnon, Charles - Mackworth, Horace Eugene
Mackworth, Horace Eugene - Macmahon, Marie
Macmahon, Marie - Macomber, Phebe
Macomber, Phebe - Macy, Sarah
Macy, Sarah - Madden, Clara Ann
Madden, Clara Ann - Madden, John William
Madden, John William - Madden, Ronnie Jay
Madden, Ronnie Jay - Maddox, Christopher
Maddox, Christopher - Maddux, Randy H.

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