This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Lincoln, Thomas - Linder, Edward
Linder, Edward - Lindlow, Grace Isabelle
Lindlow, Grace Isabelle - Lindsay, Buchanan
Lindsay, Buchanan - Lindsay, John Warren
Lindsay, John Warren - Lindsey, Dorothy Suzanne
Lindsey, Dorothy Suzanne - Lindsley, George Graham
Lindsley, George Graham - Lineburg, Carl Edward
Lineburg, Carl Edward - Ling, Ann
Ling, Ann - Ling, Eliza
Ling, Eliza - Ling, Hannah
Ling, Hannah - Ling, Lewis
Ling, Lewis - Ling, Samuel
Ling, Samuel - Lingerfelt, Louis
Lingerfelt, Louis - Link, Gary Ansil
Link, Gary Ansil - Linn, Kyle Richard
Linn, Kyle Richard - Lipcsey, Peter (Janos)
Lipcsey, Peter (Janos) - Lippe-Biesterfeld, Karl Of
Lippe-Biesterfeld, Karl Of - Lipsky, Stella
Lipsky, Stella - Lister, Janet Marie
Lister, Janet Marie - Litchfield
Litchfield - Littell, Robert Eugene
Littell, Robert Eugene - Little, Dustin Wayne
Little, Dustin Wayne - Little, Jerry T
Little, Jerry T - Little, Patience
Little, Patience - Littlefield, Dwight P
Littlefield, Dwight P - Littleton, Amphelice
Littleton, Amphelice - Littleton, George
Littleton, George - Littleton, Randy Phillip
Littleton, Randy Phillip - Lively, David
Lively, David - Livingston, Sr Cato Lafayette
Livingston, Sr Cato Lafayette - Livingston, Terry Ann Kaleimomiokalani
Livingston, Terry Ann Kaleimomiokalani - Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Charles - Lloyd, Richard Walmesley
Lloyd, Richard Walmesley - Lobdeburg, Hartmann VIII Von
Lobdeburg, Hartmann VIII Von - Lock, Amy
Lock, Amy - Lockaby, William Paul
Lockaby, William Paul - Locke, Priscila
Locke, Priscila - Locklier, Brandy
Locklier, Brandy - Lockwood, William
Lockwood, William - Lofink, Mabel
Lofink, Mabel - Loftis, Louise
Loftis, Louise - Logan, Cameron Reed
Logan, Cameron Reed - Logan, Justin Riley
Logan, Justin Riley - Logan, Timothy Richard
Logan, Timothy Richard - Logsdon, Mark Thomas
Logsdon, Mark Thomas - Lokey, Ruthie Lemize
Lokey, Ruthie Lemize - Lollis, Frances
Lollis, Frances - Lollis, Virginia
Lollis, Virginia - Lombards, Chrodoald Of The
Lombards, Chrodoald Of The - Long, Barbara H.
Long, Barbara H. - Long, Elizabeth Teresa
Long, Elizabeth Teresa - Long, Sir James
Long, Sir James - Long, Jr Lawrence Henry
Long, Jr Lawrence Henry - Long, Nora
Long, Nora - Long, Tina
Long, Tina - Longenecker, Mabel
Longenecker, Mabel - Longstreth, Jane
Longstreth, Jane - Loomis, Agustus
Loomis, Agustus - Loomis, John
Loomis, John - Loomis, Rollin
Loomis, Rollin - Looney, Ruby Lavon
Looney, Ruby Lavon - Looper, Andrea Jean
Looper, Andrea Jean - Looper, Augustus
Looper, Augustus - Looper, Billy Gene
Looper, Billy Gene - Looper, Casandra Lee
Looper, Casandra Lee - Looper, Claude
Looper, Claude - Looper, Daniel Milton
Looper, Daniel Milton - Looper, Delina
Looper, Delina - Looper, Edith Pearl
Looper, Edith Pearl - Looper, Ernest Fred
Looper, Ernest Fred - Looper, Fred Buford
Looper, Fred Buford - Looper, Greta May
Looper, Greta May - Looper, Hoyt Daniel
Looper, Hoyt Daniel - Looper, James L
Looper, James L - Looper, Jennifer Elizabeth
Looper, Jennifer Elizabeth - Looper, Johanna Elizabeth
Looper, Johanna Elizabeth - Looper, Joseph Benjamin "Bennie"
Looper, Joseph Benjamin "Bennie" - Looper, Kathie Diane
Looper, Kathie Diane - Looper, Jr Lawrence Steen
Looper, Jr Lawrence Steen - Looper, Lorene
Looper, Lorene - Looper, Margaret Jane
Looper, Margaret Jane - Looper, Mary Angeline
Looper, Mary Angeline - Looper, Meredith Avery
Looper, Meredith Avery - Looper, Nancy
Looper, Nancy - Looper, Oreva Christine
Looper, Oreva Christine - Looper, Randall Earl
Looper, Randall Earl - Looper, Robin
Looper, Robin - Looper, Samuel Allen
Looper, Samuel Allen - Looper, Shelby Faye
Looper, Shelby Faye - Looper, Terry
Looper, Terry - Looper, Troy Lee
Looper, Troy Lee - Looper, Wesley Glenn
Looper, Wesley Glenn - Looper, William Lail
Looper, William Lail - Lopez, Carol Jean
Lopez, Carol Jean - Lord, Nathaniel
Lord, Nathaniel - Lorimer, Jennifer
Lorimer, Jennifer - Lorraine, Adelaide Princess Of
Lorraine, Adelaide Princess Of - Lorton, Ora E.
Lorton, Ora E. - Lott, Gertrude
Lott, Gertrude - Louden", Marlene

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