This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

BARNES, (twin) Desiree Irene - Barnes, Hannah
Barnes, Hannah - Barnes, Kathryn
Barnes, Kathryn - Barnes, Mose H.
Barnes, Mose H. - Barnes, Ruth
Barnes, Ruth - Barnes, Jr. William Albright
Barnes, Jr. William Albright - Barnett, Donna
Barnett, Donna - Barnett, Judy
Barnett, Judy - Barnett, Simon
Barnett, Simon - Barnhart, Vernon Verle
Barnhart, Vernon Verle - Barnwell, Elizabeth Osborn
Barnwell, Elizabeth Osborn - Barone, Gregory James
Barone, Gregory James - Barr, James Howard "Buck"
Barr, James Howard "Buck" - Barr, William Albert
Barr, William Albert - Barrett, Christine
Barrett, Christine - Barrett, James
Barrett, James - Barrett, Michael David
Barrett, Michael David - Barrett, William Anthony
Barrett, William Anthony - Barron, Bernice Caroline
Barron, Bernice Caroline - Barron, Philip
Barron, Philip - Barrow, Rex Darrell
Barrow, Rex Darrell - Barrus, Owen Levern
Barrus, Owen Levern - Bartell, Catherine
Bartell, Catherine - Bartholomew, Amziah
Bartholomew, Amziah - Bartholomew, Curtiss
Bartholomew, Curtiss - Bartholomew, Frances
Bartholomew, Frances - Bartholomew, James Catlin
Bartholomew, James Catlin - Bartholomew, Leman
Bartholomew, Leman - Bartholomew, Mary
Bartholomew, Mary - Bartholomew, Robert W
Bartholomew, Robert W - Bartholomew, Watson Hines
Bartholomew, Watson Hines - Bartlett, David
Bartlett, David - Bartlett, John
Bartlett, John - Bartlett, Samuel
Bartlett, Samuel - Barton, Albert L.
Barton, Albert L. - Barton, Jr Decater
Barton, Jr Decater - Barton, James D.
Barton, James D. - Barton, Malinda E.
Barton, Malinda E. - Barton, Roxanna
Barton, Roxanna - Barton, William Dontzler
Barton, William Dontzler - Basey, Isma Jane
Basey, Isma Jane - Baskin, Issabella
Baskin, Issabella - Bass, Melissa Christine
Bass, Melissa Christine - Bassett, Albreda
Bassett, Albreda - Bassett, William
Bassett, William - Basting, Mary
Basting, Mary - Bateman, Charles Harvey
Bateman, Charles Harvey - Bates, Barbara
Bates, Barbara - Bates, Ellie
Bates, Ellie - Bates, James Jefferson
Bates, James Jefferson - Bates, Martha
Bates, Martha - Bates, Ruth
Bates, Ruth - Bates, William Martin
Bates, William Martin - Batson, Sr. Bayles Earl
Batson, Sr. Bayles Earl - Batson, Mitchell
Batson, Mitchell - Battle, Warren Louise
Battle, Warren Louise - Bauer, Daniel Louis
Bauer, Daniel Louis - Baughman, Anna Lee
Baughman, Anna Lee - Baum, John William
Baum, John William - Bauman, Troy Eugene
Bauman, Troy Eugene - Bavaria, Grimoald Of
Bavaria, Grimoald Of - Baxter, Abigail
Baxter, Abigail - Baxter, Robert
Baxter, Robert - Bay, Margueret Mabel
Bay, Margueret Mabel - Bayless, Thomas
Bayless, Thomas - Baynard, Robert
Baynard, Robert - Baynham, John
Baynham, John - Beach, Aaron P.
Beach, Aaron P. - Beach, Adelade E.
Beach, Adelade E. - Beach, Alice Rosalie
Beach, Alice Rosalie - Beach, America
Beach, America - Beach, Anna
Beach, Anna - Beach, Arthur French
Beach, Arthur French - Beach, Benjamin
Beach, Benjamin - Beach, Bette
Beach, Bette - Beach, Caroline
Beach, Caroline - Beach, Charlene S.
Beach, Charlene S. - Beach, Charles R.
Beach, Charles R. - Beach, Clarinda
Beach, Clarinda - Beach, Cuyler Paulette
Beach, Cuyler Paulette - Beach, David
Beach, David - Beach, Desire
Beach, Desire - Beach, Edgar
Beach, Edgar - Beach, Eleanor
Beach, Eleanor - Beach, Eliza
Beach, Eliza - Beach, Elizabeth A\K\A Biercy
Beach, Elizabeth A\K\A Biercy - Beach, Emily
Beach, Emily - Beach, Erastus Orval
Beach, Erastus Orval - Beach, Eunice Esther
Beach, Eunice Esther - Beach, Frances Marion
Beach, Frances Marion - Beach, Frederick Roberts
Beach, Frederick Roberts - Beach, George Jay
Beach, George Jay - Beach, Grace
Beach, Grace - Beach, Hannah L.
Beach, Hannah L. - Beach, Harvey
Beach, Harvey - Beach, Henry Edson
Beach, Henry Edson - Beach, Howard
Beach, Howard - Beach, Isaac Newton
Beach, Isaac Newton - Beach, James Luther
Beach, James Luther - Beach, Jennie
Beach, Jennie - Beach, John

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