This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Ridley, Charlotte - Riffle, Brian Donald
Riffle, Brian Donald - Rigdon, John Wyckliffe
Rigdon, John Wyckliffe - Riggins, Ben Garvin
Riggins, Ben Garvin - Riggins, Harold Dozier
Riggins, Harold Dozier - Riggins, Margaret Elizabeth
Riggins, Margaret Elizabeth - Riggins, Sion
Riggins, Sion - Riggs, Wanda
Riggs, Wanda - Riley, Jane
Riley, Jane - Riley, Terri
Riley, Terri - Rindelaub, Sara
Rindelaub, Sara - Ring, Susanna
Ring, Susanna - Ripley, Adeline Denny
Ripley, Adeline Denny - Risher, Angie
Risher, Angie - Ritchie, Jr Horace Bonar
Ritchie, Jr Horace Bonar - Rittenour, Daphne
Rittenour, Daphne - Rivers, Jane Eliza
Rivers, Jane Eliza - Rives, Robert
Rives, Robert - Roach, Edna Viola
Roach, Edna Viola - Roach, Mary Virginia
Roach, Mary Virginia - Roark, George Marrell
Roark, George Marrell - Robbins, Cora
Robbins, Cora - Robbins, O. A.
Robbins, O. A. - Roberson, Robert Wayne
Roberson, Robert Wayne - Robert, Sarah Crawford
Robert, Sarah Crawford - Roberts, Brandon
Roberts, Brandon - Roberts, Delaney
Roberts, Delaney - Roberts, Frankie Jean
Roberts, Frankie Jean - Roberts, James Lee
Roberts, James Lee - Roberts, Kathryn Louise "Louie"
Roberts, Kathryn Louise "Louie" - Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary - Roberts, Quintus Irvin
Roberts, Quintus Irvin - Roberts, Susan H.
Roberts, Susan H. - Roberts*, Sarah
Roberts*, Sarah - Robertson, Darlene Shana
Robertson, Darlene Shana - Robertson, Infant Daughter
Robertson, Infant Daughter - Robertson, Lawson
Robertson, Lawson - Robertson, Pat Maxwell
Robertson, Pat Maxwell - Robertson, William
Robertson, William - Robinett, Alice L.
Robinett, Alice L. - Robinett, Carol
Robinett, Carol - Robinett, Dewey E.
Robinett, Dewey E. - Robinett, Emily
Robinett, Emily - Robinett, George W. D.
Robinett, George W. D. - Robinett, Ira
Robinett, Ira - Robinett, Johnny
Robinett, Johnny - Robinett, Lydia
Robinett, Lydia - Robinett, Mattie Mae
Robinett, Mattie Mae - Robinett, Pete
Robinett, Pete - Robinett, Jr. Samuel
Robinett, Jr. Samuel - Robinett, Violet
Robinett, Violet - Robinette, Bessie V.
Robinette, Bessie V. - Robinette, Grover Paul
Robinette, Grover Paul - Robinette, Pamela
Robinette, Pamela - Robins, Francis
Robins, Francis - Robinson, Amanda
Robinson, Amanda - Robinson, Betty
Robinson, Betty - Robinson, Christopher Payne
Robinson, Christopher Payne - Robinson, Earl
Robinson, Earl - Robinson, Eugene
Robinson, Eugene - Robinson, Gladys
Robinson, Gladys - Robinson, James
Robinson, James - Robinson, John
Robinson, John - Robinson, Julia Ann
Robinson, Julia Ann - Robinson, Lydie A.
Robinson, Lydie A. - Robinson, Mary Francis
Robinson, Mary Francis - Robinson, Ora
Robinson, Ora - Robinson, Rosella Clara
Robinson, Rosella Clara - Robinson, Stewart R.
Robinson, Stewart R. - Robinson, Wilburn Lester
Robinson, Wilburn Lester - Robison, Rufus
Robison, Rufus - Rochelle, John Ross
Rochelle, John Ross - Rochester, Crista Lesly
Rochester, Crista Lesly - Rochester, Harriett
Rochester, Harriett - Rochester, Kenneth Erwin
Rochester, Kenneth Erwin - Rochester, Orpha
Rochester, Orpha - Rochester, William D
Rochester, William D - Rockwood, Trial
Rockwood, Trial - Alcy M , Alpha
Alcy M , Alpha - Rodgers, Paula Joanne
Rodgers, Paula Joanne - Roe, Beverly Anne
Roe, Beverly Anne - Roe, Martha
Roe, Martha - Roehlk, Albert Alfred
Roehlk, Albert Alfred - Rogers, Alice Mae
Rogers, Alice Mae - Rogers, Barbara Mary
Rogers, Barbara Mary - Rogers, Carolyn Ethel
Rogers, Carolyn Ethel - Rogers, Daniel
Rogers, Daniel - Rogers, Edmona B.
Rogers, Edmona B. - Rogers, Emma Caroline
Rogers, Emma Caroline - Rogers, George W.
Rogers, George W. - Rogers, Howard
Rogers, Howard - Rogers, James Lee
Rogers, James Lee - Rogers, John
Rogers, John - Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Joseph - Rogers, Lawrence H.
Rogers, Lawrence H. - Rogers, Lydia Louisa
Rogers, Lydia Louisa - Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Mary - Rogers, Michael Staton
Rogers, Michael Staton - Rogers, Ozie Leon
Rogers, Ozie Leon - Rogers, Richard Gareld
Rogers, Richard Gareld - Rogers, Sarah

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