This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Rogers, Sarah - Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas - Rogers, Wilfred
Rogers, Wilfred - Roggio, Louis
Roggio, Louis - Rohan Gie, Louis De
Rohan Gie, Louis De - Roina, Rose
Roina, Rose - Rolfe, John
Rolfe, John - Rollins, Charles Vernon
Rollins, Charles Vernon - Rolph, Eliza
Rolph, Eliza - Romanov, Dimitri
Romanov, Dimitri - Romanov, Grand Duchess Of Russia Xenia
Romanov, Grand Duchess Of Russia Xenia - Romo, Michelle Rekha
Romo, Michelle Rekha - Rookfield, Alice
Rookfield, Alice - Rooper, Godolphin
Rooper, Godolphin - Rooper, Thomas
Rooper, Thomas - Root, George P
Root, George P - Roper
Roper - Roper, Annie
Roper, Annie - Roper, Augustus J
Roper, Augustus J - Roper, Benjamin Franklin
Roper, Benjamin Franklin - Roper, Beverly Mae
Roper, Beverly Mae - Roper, Burts Lee
Roper, Burts Lee - Roper, Carrie Carlysle
Roper, Carrie Carlysle - Roper, Charles A
Roper, Charles A - Roper, Charlotte Adell
Roper, Charlotte Adell - Roper, Clemmie Doris
Roper, Clemmie Doris - Roper, Daniel
Roper, Daniel - Roper, David Yates
Roper, David Yates - Roper, Donald David
Roper, Donald David - Roper, Duncan Gillner
Roper, Duncan Gillner - Roper, Edward W
Roper, Edward W - Roper, Elizabeth
Roper, Elizabeth - Roper, Elsie Leona
Roper, Elsie Leona - Roper, Essie
Roper, Essie - Roper, Farland George
Roper, Farland George - Roper, Frances Levonia
Roper, Frances Levonia - Roper, Frederick Tyra
Roper, Frederick Tyra - Roper, George Franklin
Roper, George Franklin - Roper, Gladys Mae
Roper, Gladys Mae - Roper, Harmon Benjamin
Roper, Harmon Benjamin - Roper, Helen Marie
Roper, Helen Marie - Roper, Homer Nathaniel
Roper, Homer Nathaniel - Roper, Isabell Nancy
Roper, Isabell Nancy - Roper, James Carroll
Roper, James Carroll - Roper, James Thomas
Roper, James Thomas - Roper, Jeffrey Wesley
Roper, Jeffrey Wesley - Roper, Joan Leslie
Roper, Joan Leslie - Roper, John A
Roper, John A - Roper, John Hilliard Butler
Roper, John Hilliard Butler - Roper, Johnny Carroll
Roper, Johnny Carroll - Roper, Joyce
Roper, Joyce - Roper, Kathryn Mcduffie
Roper, Kathryn Mcduffie - Roper, Lanelle Lynn
Roper, Lanelle Lynn - Roper, Leland
Roper, Leland - Roper, Lila Jean
Roper, Lila Jean - Roper, Loretta Lynn
Roper, Loretta Lynn - Roper, Lucy C
Roper, Lucy C - Roper, Marcellus
Roper, Marcellus - Roper, Marion Cleveland
Roper, Marion Cleveland - Roper, Martha Sue
Roper, Martha Sue - Roper, Mary Ann
Roper, Mary Ann - Roper, Mary Jane Catherine
Roper, Mary Jane Catherine - Roper, Mattie Mae
Roper, Mattie Mae - Roper, Mickey
Roper, Mickey - Roper, Nancy
Roper, Nancy - Roper, Nicholas Russell
Roper, Nicholas Russell - Roper, Pamela Beth
Roper, Pamela Beth - Roper, Perry Monroe
Roper, Perry Monroe - Roper, Randy Dale
Roper, Randy Dale - Roper, Richard Frederick
Roper, Richard Frederick - Roper, Robert Edward
Roper, Robert Edward - Roper, Rometta
Roper, Rometta - Roper, Rufus
Roper, Rufus - Roper, Samuel Asbury
Roper, Samuel Asbury - Roper, Sarah Elizabeth
Roper, Sarah Elizabeth - Roper, Shirley
Roper, Shirley - Roper, Sunthis Abis
Roper, Sunthis Abis - Roper, Terrel Robert
Roper, Terrel Robert - Roper, Tilmon Herbert
Roper, Tilmon Herbert - Roper, Verna Catherine
Roper, Verna Catherine - Roper, Watson A
Roper, Watson A - Roper, William
Roper, William - Roper, William Harvey
Roper, William Harvey - Roper, Willie Lee
Roper, Willie Lee - Roper-Curzon, Mary Isabella
Roper-Curzon, Mary Isabella - Rosborough, James
Rosborough, James - Rose, Edmund
Rose, Edmund - Rose, Linwood
Rose, Linwood - Rose, Susanna
Rose, Susanna - Rosenberry, Walter Marshall
Rosenberry, Walter Marshall - Ross, Carol Lee
Ross, Carol Lee - Ross, Frances Louise
Ross, Frances Louise - Ross, Jean Brown
Ross, Jean Brown - Ross, Margaret Hannah
Ross, Margaret Hannah - Ross, Rebecca
Ross, Rebecca - Ross, William L
Ross, William L - Rothell, B.C.
Rothell, B.C. - Roundtree, John Smith
Roundtree, John Smith - Rouse, George
Rouse, George - Rouse, William
Rouse, William - Rousey, Kate

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