This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Rousey, Kate - Rousey, Winslow
Rousey, Winslow - Rowand, Harriett Elliott
Rowand, Harriett Elliott - Rowe, Octa May
Rowe, Octa May - Rowland, Betty
Rowland, Betty - Rowland, Kate
Rowland, Kate - Rowland, Jr William
Rowland, Jr William - Roy, Jessie
Roy, Jessie - Royce, Elizabeth
Royce, Elizabeth - Royhl, Mary Maxine
Royhl, Mary Maxine - Ruck, Hannah
Ruck, Hannah - Ruddell, Brandy Nichole
Ruddell, Brandy Nichole - Ruddell, William Preston
Ruddell, William Preston - Rudolf, Prince Of Brieg
Rudolf, Prince Of Brieg - Ruffles, Colin Roland
Ruffles, Colin Roland - Ruggles, Marilyn Francis
Ruggles, Marilyn Francis - Ruley, Samuel Bland
Ruley, Samuel Bland - Rumsey, Eric Charles
Rumsey, Eric Charles - Runion, Dusty Wayne
Runion, Dusty Wayne - Runyon, Amy Sue
Runyon, Amy Sue - Runyon, Rachel
Runyon, Rachel - Ruprecht, Count Of Simmern
Ruprecht, Count Of Simmern - Rush, Gene Edward
Rush, Gene Edward - Rush, William
Rush, William - Russell, Allen
Russell, Allen - Russell, Debra Ann
Russell, Debra Ann - Russell, Francis Henry
Russell, Francis Henry - Russell, Jennifer May
Russell, Jennifer May - Russell, Lydia
Russell, Lydia - Russell, Ralph Hardcastle
Russell, Ralph Hardcastle - Russell, William
Russell, William - Rust, Thomas R.
Rust, Thomas R. - Rutherfurde, Katherine
Rutherfurde, Katherine - Rutledge, George Leo
Rutledge, George Leo - Rutledge, Raymon O.
Rutledge, Raymon O. - Ryan, Deborah
Ryan, Deborah - Ryan, Tracy Lynn
Ryan, Tracy Lynn - Ryder, Bruce Dudley
Ryder, Bruce Dudley - Rynes, Edward Martin
Rynes, Edward Martin - Ryves, Thomas
Ryves, Thomas - Sacheverell, Henry
Sacheverell, Henry - Sackett, Louisa
Sackett, Louisa - Saddler, Charles C.
Saddler, Charles C. - Saffel, Richard
Saffel, Richard - Sailing, Claude Henry
Sailing, Claude Henry - Saint Owen, Joan
Saint Owen, Joan - Salins, Sire De Salins Humbert III 'Le Renforce'
Salins, Sire De Salins Humbert III 'Le Renforce' - Salm, Ottilie Margarethe Countess
Salm, Ottilie Margarethe Countess - Salter, Hannah Browne
Salter, Hannah Browne - Salzman, Connor Raymond
Salzman, Connor Raymond - Sammons, Elaine
Sammons, Elaine - Samples, David
Samples, David - Sampson, William
Sampson, William - Samson, Ezra
Samson, Ezra - Samuels, Loyd
Samuels, Loyd - Sanbrook, Horace I.
Sanbrook, Horace I. - Sanders, Bessie
Sanders, Bessie - Sanders, Elijah
Sanders, Elijah - Sanders, Iva Delree
Sanders, Iva Delree - Sanders, Lawrence Edward
Sanders, Lawrence Edward - Sanders, Paige Nichole
Sanders, Paige Nichole - Sanders, Thomas Albert
Sanders, Thomas Albert - Sandhagen, Irene
Sandhagen, Irene - Sandy, Liza Diane
Sandy, Liza Diane - Sanford, Elisha
Sanford, Elisha - Sanford, Restcome
Sanford, Restcome - Santley, Edith
Santley, Edith - Sarah
Sarah - Sargent, Carrie May
Sargent, Carrie May - Sargent, John
Sargent, John - Sargent, Sarah L
Sargent, Sarah L - Sartor, Claude Christopher
Sartor, Claude Christopher - Sarver, Ellen
Sarver, Ellen - Sarver, Julia
Sarver, Julia - Sarver, Robert
Sarver, Robert - Sasseen, Marietta C
Sasseen, Marietta C - Satterfield, Caswell
Satterfield, Caswell - Satterfield, Gordon
Satterfield, Gordon - Satterfield, John Robert Washington
Satterfield, John Robert Washington - Satterfield, Mattie
Satterfield, Mattie - Satterfield, Taylor
Satterfield, Taylor - Saunders, Alexander William Joseph Stonor
Saunders, Alexander William Joseph Stonor - Saunders, Robert
Saunders, Robert - Savage, Jedediah Cole
Savage, Jedediah Cole - Savidge, Matilda
Savidge, Matilda - Sawyer
Sawyer - Sawyer, Sarah
Sawyer, Sarah - Saxisson, Kari Kingsbrother
Saxisson, Kari Kingsbrother - Saxony, Timo Of
Saxony, Timo Of - Saylors, Bessie Mae
Saylors, Bessie Mae - Scales, Robert
Scales, Robert - Scarlett, Alfred
Scarlett, Alfred - Scarlett, Lily Maria
Scarlett, Lily Maria - Scates, Franklin
Scates, Franklin - Scearce, Robert
Scearce, Robert - Scharffenberg, Johann Christof Von
Scharffenberg, Johann Christof Von - Schell, Richard Edward
Schell, Richard Edward - Schermerhorn, George
Schermerhorn, George - Schilder, Anna Sabina Von
Schilder, Anna Sabina Von - Schlieben, Georg Adam III
Schlieben, Georg Adam III - Schmidt, Laurin J.

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