This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Waters, David Leorin - Waters, John
Waters, John - Waters, Michael
Waters, Michael - Waters, William Larry
Waters, William Larry - Watkins, David Osborne
Watkins, David Osborne - Watkins, Irene
Watkins, Irene - Watkins, Mary Etta Pinkney
Watkins, Mary Etta Pinkney - Watkins, Thomas Cherry
Watkins, Thomas Cherry - Watson, Alice Nelila
Watson, Alice Nelila - Watson, Brad
Watson, Brad - Watson, Coy E
Watson, Coy E - Watson, Doyle
Watson, Doyle - Watson, Fannie Jane
Watson, Fannie Jane - Watson, Sr Guy Livingston
Watson, Sr Guy Livingston - Watson, James Bennett
Watson, James Bennett - Watson, John Wesley
Watson, John Wesley - Watson, Lisa Gay
Watson, Lisa Gay - Watson, Martine
Watson, Martine - Watson, Nellie Marie
Watson, Nellie Marie - Watson, Jr Richard
Watson, Jr Richard - Watson, Scireny Jane
Watson, Scireny Jane - Watson, Victor
Watson, Victor - Watt, John A.
Watt, John A. - Watts, Charles
Watts, Charles - Watts, Jane
Watts, Jane - Watts, Richard
Watts, Richard - Waugh, Margaret
Waugh, Margaret - Waughop, Marcie Augusta
Waughop, Marcie Augusta - Wayles, Anne
Wayles, Anne - Weasel, Byrd Martin
Weasel, Byrd Martin - Weathers, Laura Darleen
Weathers, Laura Darleen - Weaver, Cathy Anne
Weaver, Cathy Anne - Weaver, Harriett Lee
Weaver, Harriett Lee - Weaver, Lucille
Weaver, Lucille - Weaver, Sarah "Sister" Elizabeth
Weaver, Sarah "Sister" Elizabeth - Webb, Alfred
Webb, Alfred - Webb, Choice
Webb, Choice - Webb, Elizabeth
Webb, Elizabeth - Webb, Heather Carmel
Webb, Heather Carmel - Webb, John
Webb, John - Webb, Littleton
Webb, Littleton - Webb, Maude
Webb, Maude - Webb, Richard Gries
Webb, Richard Gries - Webb, Toni Diene
Webb, Toni Diene - Webber, Frederick Stillman
Webber, Frederick Stillman - Webster, Anne
Webster, Anne - Webster, Jennie
Webster, Jennie - Webster, Thomas Clark
Webster, Thomas Clark - Weed, Thomas Devern
Weed, Thomas Devern - Weeks, William Andrew
Weeks, William Andrew - Weidow, Lavina Ione
Weidow, Lavina Ione - Weir, Virginia
Weir, Virginia - Welborn, Ary Emalissa "Emma"
Welborn, Ary Emalissa "Emma" - Welborn, Frances Eleanor
Welborn, Frances Eleanor - Welborn, John Guyton
Welborn, John Guyton - Welborn, Mildred Erma
Welborn, Mildred Erma - Welborn, William
Welborn, William - Welch, Della
Welch, Della - Welch, Julie Mcminn
Welch, Julie Mcminn - Welch, Shandie
Welch, Shandie - Weld, Charlotte
Weld, Charlotte - Weld, Neil
Weld, Neil - Weldon, Lucy L.
Weldon, Lucy L. - Wellendorf, Henry
Wellendorf, Henry - Welles, Sarah
Welles, Sarah - Wells, Ames
Wells, Ames - Wells, Elizabeth
Wells, Elizabeth - Wells, John
Wells, John - Wells, Melvin Oliver
Wells, Melvin Oliver - Wells, Sr. Thomas
Wells, Sr. Thomas - Welton
Welton - Wensley, John
Wensley, John - Wentzel, Robert
Wentzel, Robert - Wescoat, Charles Edward
Wescoat, Charles Edward - Wessels, Nancy
Wessels, Nancy - West, Burgess
West, Burgess - West, Elizabeth
West, Elizabeth - West, James Franklin
West, James Franklin - West, Jr Leonard S
West, Jr Leonard S - West, Mintee Elizabeth
West, Mintee Elizabeth - West, Solomon R.
West, Solomon R. - Westberry, Bobby
Westberry, Bobby - Westbrook, Micheal Howard
Westbrook, Micheal Howard - Westerfield, Vernon Leroy
Westerfield, Vernon Leroy - Western, Elizabeth Honor
Western, Elizabeth Honor - Western, Margaret
Western, Margaret - Western, Thomas
Western, Thomas - Westfall, Margaret
Westfall, Margaret - Westmoreland, William Lawrence
Westmoreland, William Lawrence - Weston, James Douglas
Weston, James Douglas - Weston, Stephen
Weston, Stephen - Westwood, Nn
Westwood, Nn - Wetzel, Ellen Piety
Wetzel, Ellen Piety - Whaley, Edward Charles
Whaley, Edward Charles - Wharton, Gilbert
Wharton, Gilbert - Wheaton, Moses
Wheaton, Moses - Wheeler, Donald Alfred
Wheeler, Donald Alfred - Wheeler, Jena Elizabeth
Wheeler, Jena Elizabeth - Wheeler, Mary M.
Wheeler, Mary M. - Wheeler, Thomas
Wheeler, Thomas - Wheelock, Ruth

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