This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here.
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Wheelock, Ruth - Whetsell, Gwendolyn Sue
Whetsell, Gwendolyn Sue - Whipple, Dorothy
Whipple, Dorothy - Whisenant, Jemima
Whisenant, Jemima - Whitaker, Benjamin
Whitaker, Benjamin - Whitaker, John Seldon
Whitaker, John Seldon - Whitaker, Sarah
Whitaker, Sarah - Whitbread, Thomas
Whitbread, Thomas - White, Adaline Edmonson J
White, Adaline Edmonson J - White, Anthony
White, Anthony - White, Cabel
White, Cabel - White, Cornelius
White, Cornelius - White, Dorothy
White, Dorothy - White, Elizabeth
White, Elizabeth - White, Frances
White, Frances - White, Hannah
White, Hannah - White, Irvin Delaney
White, Irvin Delaney - White, Jane
White, Jane - White, John
White, John - White, Josephine
White, Josephine - White, Lillie Burnette
White, Lillie Burnette - White, Margaret
White, Margaret - White, Mary
White, Mary - White, Minerva J.
White, Minerva J. - White, Pamela Devine
White, Pamela Devine - White, Richard Trotter
White, Richard Trotter - White, Samuel
White, Samuel - White, Sims
White, Sims - White, Thomas
White, Thomas - White, William
White, William - Whiteaker, Leslee Sharyne
Whiteaker, Leslee Sharyne - Whitehead, Martha Mae
Whitehead, Martha Mae - Whitener, James Roy
Whitener, James Roy - Whitfield, Edward Burrell
Whitfield, Edward Burrell - Whiting, Elizabeth
Whiting, Elizabeth - Whitlock, Angela Marie
Whitlock, Angela Marie - Whitlock, Linda Sue
Whitlock, Linda Sue - Whitlow, Neuman
Whitlow, Neuman - Whitmarsh, Eleanor
Whitmarsh, Eleanor - Whitmire, Bonita Dawn
Whitmire, Bonita Dawn - Whitmire, Earley Lee
Whitmire, Earley Lee - Whitmire, Ginnie
Whitmire, Ginnie - Whitmire, Jeremy
Whitmire, Jeremy - Whitmire, Lelan Franklin
Whitmire, Lelan Franklin - Whitmire, Mary Kathryn
Whitmire, Mary Kathryn - Whitmire, Ralph Blake
Whitmire, Ralph Blake - Whitmire, Stephen
Whitmire, Stephen - Whitmire, William Henry
Whitmire, William Henry - Whitney, Helen Louise
Whitney, Helen Louise - Whiton, Rufus Henry
Whiton, Rufus Henry - Whitt, Dorothy Elaine
Whitt, Dorothy Elaine - Whittaker, Margaret
Whittaker, Margaret - Whitted, Miss
Whitted, Miss - Whitten, Chappell
Whitten, Chappell - Whitten, Helen
Whitten, Helen - Whitten, Luella
Whitten, Luella - Whitten, Rosemary Ann
Whitten, Rosemary Ann - Whittingham, Louise
Whittingham, Louise - Whitty, Margaret
Whitty, Margaret - Wichmann, Zachary Harrison
Wichmann, Zachary Harrison - Widdrington, Dorothy
Widdrington, Dorothy - Widener, Betty Leona
Widener, Betty Leona - Widener, Ella V.
Widener, Ella V. - Widener, Jimmy Sheridan
Widener, Jimmy Sheridan - Widener, Martha Virginia
Widener, Martha Virginia - Widener, Rachel (D.O. Thomas)
Widener, Rachel (D.O. Thomas) - Widener, Warren William Rufus
Widener, Warren William Rufus - Wied, [Count Of Mors]/ Wilhelm III Count
Wied, [Count Of Mors]/ Wilhelm III Count - Wiese, Hoeronimus "Roney"
Wiese, Hoeronimus "Roney" - Wigg, Richard
Wigg, Richard - Wiggington, Jr Thomas Austin
Wiggington, Jr Thomas Austin - Wight, Joseph Moroni
Wight, Joseph Moroni - Wikle, Mary Malinda
Wikle, Mary Malinda - Wilbanks, William Grant
Wilbanks, William Grant - Wilbur, Hannah
Wilbur, Hannah - Wilcox, Amos
Wilcox, Amos - Wilcox, Deborah
Wilcox, Deborah - Wilcox, Gary Edward
Wilcox, Gary Edward - Wilcox, John
Wilcox, John - Wilcox, Marion Agnes
Wilcox, Marion Agnes - Wilcox, Sandford
Wilcox, Sandford - Wilcoxson, Azariah
Wilcoxson, Azariah - Wilcoxson, Thankful
Wilcoxson, Thankful - Wilder, Chrissa
Wilder, Chrissa - Wilder, Mary
Wilder, Mary - Wildman, II Philo
Wildman, II Philo - Wiles, Florence
Wiles, Florence - Wiles, Rebecca Jean
Wiles, Rebecca Jean - Wiley, Lindsey Ryan
Wiley, Lindsey Ryan - Wilhelm, Count Of Lowenstein
Wilhelm, Count Of Lowenstein - Wilhelm, Prince Hesse Karl
Wilhelm, Prince Hesse Karl - Wilhite, Boliver H.
Wilhite, Boliver H. - Wilkerson, Virginia Sophronia
Wilkerson, Virginia Sophronia - Wilkes, Thresa Lynn
Wilkes, Thresa Lynn - Wilkins, Berkely Grimball
Wilkins, Berkely Grimball - Wilkins, Wade Hampton
Wilkins, Wade Hampton - Wilkinson, Horace
Wilkinson, Horace - Wilkinson, Rebecca
Wilkinson, Rebecca - Willard, David
Willard, David - Willcutt, Willie
Willcutt, Willie - Campbell, Lassie

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