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Family Sheet

Name: Andrew Harrison Norman Note Born: 28 Dec 1867 [2] Married: 29 Oct 1893 Died: 3 Aug 1953 [4] Father: Andrew Jackson Norman Mother: Susan Allen
Name: Mary Catherine Cottrell Born: 1874 [6] Died: 26 Aug 1958 [7] Father: Nathan Cottrell Mother: Nancy Jane Schoolcraft
Name: Andrew B Norman Born: 19 Mar 1893 at Shock, , , WV Died: 12 Sep 1923 at Nicholas County, , , WV Wife: Alma M Wilson
Name: Bertha N. Norman Born: 7 Jan 1895 at Shock, , Calhoun Co., WV Died: 27 Jul 1970 Husband: James Jackson
Name: Foster Norman Born: 7 Apr 1896 at Shock, , , WV Died: 23 Jul 1976 Wife: Autie Groves
Name: Adah Norman Born: 5 Mar 1898 at Shock, , , WV Died: 24 Jul 1972 Husband: Harvey Mcclung
Name: Boyd Norman Born: 24 Dec 1899 at Shock, , , WV Died: 17 Nov 1978 Wife: Ella Ward
Name: Coy Norman Born: 29 Jul 1901 at Shock, , , WV Died: 24 Oct 1983 Wife: Minnie Elmira Miller
Name: Claude Norman Born: 16 Oct 1903 at Shock, , , WV Died: 12 Sep 1970 at Killed By A Car, , , Wife: Adah May Fletcher
Name: Escue Carl Norman Born: 12 Dec 1906 at Shock, , , WV Died: 6 Sep 1984 at Grantville, , , WV Wife: Edna Lambert
Name: Marie Norman Born: 15 Aug 1908 at Shock, , , WV Died: 28 Apr 1981 at Akron, , , Ohio Husband: John West
Name: Park Ray Norman Born: 6 Jul 1910 at Shock, , , WV Died: 20 Jan 1988 at Spencer, , , WV Wife: Mable Perrine
Name: Woodrow Norman Born: 25 Jun 1912 at Shock, , , WV Died: 3 Mar 1991 at NEW PHILADELPHIA, , , OHIO Wife: Juanita Shaffer
Name: James Monroe Norman Born: 27 Aug 1914 at Shock, , , WV Died: 5 Aug 1989 at Grantville, , , WV Wife: Virginia Helen Nicholson
2). BeamandWilson.FTW 4). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 6). BeamandWilson.FTW 7). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle
1). 1735328.ged BeamandWilson.FTW Andy was a farmer and timberman. He worked as a teamster and drifted timber for differen t contractors. He worked for the Interstate Cooperage Co. during the time that co. was opera ting in Gilmer Co.. Andy and Catherine lived on the Right Fork of Steer Creek, Gilmer Co., WV, about a quarter mi le downstream from the intersection of the Tanner s Fork road, at the spot where Brock Stewar t lived. They lived in a small house there from about 1897 till 1914, when they moved into t he two story log house that still stands, according to Ralph Perrine, the family lived in th e log house from 1914 to 1917. When the estate of Elizabeth Shock, widow of Alexander Shock, was settled, the property passe d into the hands of Fletcher H. Stout. The new owner requested Andy and Catherine to move , on the grounds that their continued occupancy might give them squatter s rights to the pr operty. Then they moved to the head of Saw Pit Run, a tributary of Tanner s Fork in the Spri ng of 1917. As Coy Norman said, they practically moved into the woods in the head of Saw Pit. They clear ed land and built barns and other outbuildings and planted an apple orchard. They lived ther e until the 1940 s when their failing health caused them to move into a house on their son Es cue s farm near Stumptown, WV. Andy died August 3, 1953 and Catherine on August 26, 1958 . Both are buried in the Collins Community Cemetery at Stumptown, WV. To the best of the writer s knowledge, Andy Norman was the last resident of the Shock, WV . community to be buried in a home made casket. Andy had rerquested Grover C. Miller to ma ke his casket many years before his death, and had cut lumber for thepurpose. For people o f Andy and Grover s generation, such a promise and such forsight in cutting lumber was no t unusual it was simply good preparation for the inevitable. The writer recalls Andy relating Grover s promise and telling of the stored lumber some fe w years before his death, as though all was in order and nothing amiss in his approaching dea th. When the time came, Grover did make the casket. The making ofa casket in the Shock, W V communityh at that time was not the simple nailing together of a few planks. The making o f a casket had evolved from being simply a container for a corpse to being a measure of regar d of the builder for the deceased and the greatest care and craftsmanship that the builder wa s capable of went into the product. Since power tools were almost unknown in those days, bui lding a casket was an around the clock task of from 24 to 36 hours, with all available hand s busy sawing, ripping, planing, sanding, sewing, drilling, and fitting. The writer remembers Andy s casket as being an excellent piece of work and a worthy tribut e to the regard of one man to another. this fine story was found on the Don Norman page NORMAN, ANDREW H. Spouse COTTRILL, MARY C. Marriage Date 29 Oct 1893 County Gilmer State WV .


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