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Family Sheet

Name: Sebird Smith Rhea Note Born: 12 Feb 1795 at Botetourt Co, , , Virginia Married: 23 Jan 1817 at White Co, , , TN Died: 2 Feb 1878 at Goshen, , Mercer Co, MO. Father: Ezekiel Rhea Mother: Elizabeth "betsy" Pryor
Name: Nancy Cooke Note Born: 9 Jan 1797 at Greenville Dist, , , S.C. Died: 6 Feb 1879 at Mercer Co, , , MO Father: Robert Fielding Cooke Mother: Susannah Watson
Name: Simon (negro Slave) Rhea Born: Abt 1800 at GA, , , Died: at Mercer Co, , , MO
Name: Teller (negro Slave) Rhea Born: Mar 1814 at GA, , , Died: 16 Mar 1894 at Leon IA, , , Husband: Clem Johnson
Name: Spartan Fielding Rhea Born: 22 Nov 1817 at White Co, , , TN Died: 15 Mar 1886 at Easton Twp, , , Leavenworth KS Mercer MO Wife: Nancy Amanda Mickey
Name: (mariah) Mary Moriah Rhea Born: 2 Jul 1819 at White Co, , , TN Or SC Died: 14 Aug 1891 at Mercer Co, , , TN Husband: Reuben Perkins
Name: Betsy Miranda Rhea Born: 31 Mar 1821 at White Co, , , TN Died: 3 Sep 1823 at White Co, , , TN
Name: Susannah Cook Rhea Born: 30 Jun 1823 at White, , , TN Died: 29 Feb 1904 at Mercer Co, , , MO Husband: George Washington Clinkenbeard
Name: Robert Perry Rhea Born: 5 Mar 1825 at White TN, , , Died: 23 Sep 1908 at Yates Center, , Woodson Co, KS Wife: Luann (lucy) Pritchard
Name: Ransom Houston Rhea Born: 29 Jan 1827 at White Co., , , Tenn Died: 2 Mar 1904 at Mt.Moriah, , , MO Or Harrison Wife: Lydia Avis Everitt\ Everett
Name: Amandia Miscillarhea\ Drana Amanda Born: 16 Jul 1829 at White TN, , , Died: 12 May 1910 at Home Leon Co, , , IA Husband: Josiah Robinson Mcclelland
Name: William (slavenegro) Rhea Born: 1832 at GA, , , Died: 16 Oct 1910 at Humeston, , , IA
Name: Marcus L Rhea Born: 1834 at White Co, , , TN Died: 14 Mar 1845 at Mercer Co, , , MO
Name: Permelia Helen Rhea Born: 31 Jul 1834 at White Co, , , TN Died: 30 Oct 1913 Husband: David Thompson
Name: Moses Clayton Rhea Born: 1 Dec 1836 at White Co, , , TN Died: 21 Feb 1920 at Leon, , Decantur Co, Iowa Wife: Maranda Ann Melton
Name: Louisa J. Rhea Born: 25 Mar 1839 at White Co, , , TN Died: 11 Nov 1847
Name: Sebert M. Rhea Born: 19 Sep 1847 Died: 6 Mar 1913 Wife: Mary Buis
1). 18401.ged a difference of birth yr accoding to Kay Hawks, 1115 N 2, Norton, KS 67654 the date is 1795 His name was also spelled Cebirt . In the move to Missouri, the family consisted of Mariah Perkins and her husband, Reuben Perkins Susan Robert P Ransom H Amanda Permelia H. and M.C. leaving the eldest Spartan F. who afterwards came through horseback also with the family came two Negro women and one negro girl. It may be interesting to know that on this long trip, Sebried Rhea rode horseback, riding aheadof the company, finding the best roads and the best placed to camp, while Mrs. Rhea rode in a one horse carry all with the two youngest children, and the others road in the wagons pulled by oxen part of the time, while other walked and drove their cattleand loose horses. The first stop was made in the forks of Grand River, a few mile north of where Trenton now is in Grundy County, but at that time what is now Grundy county and Mercer county was part of Livingston county on what was know as the Lyda Farm leaving part of of the family there to winter, and taking those that were able to make a hand proceeded north to what is known as Groshen Prairie and bought two claims from Emery Hickman and Jackson Williams two squatters , and then began to improve what is known as the old Rhea Farm situated about 8 miles southwest of Princeton and about three miles aouthwest of Goshen. Afterwards Mr. Rhea went to the land office and entered this land. It was among the first land ever entered in the county, he being the third permanent settler here. In those days and for several years following the mail was brought from Chilicothe,MO and the milling done at that place. One man in the country would go to mill and get the mail for all the rest. The bill of fare consisted of corn bread and hog meat with almost any wild game desired, and lye hominy thrown in for a charge, with plenty of mile and butter, and a little coffee, if you please , of a Sunday morning. There were all sorts of game, from the cottontailrabbit to the deer. Along about the fall of 1847 or 48 Seabrid Rhea bought of Rev Thompson, living in Grundy county near where the town of Spickard now is, two negro boys. The oldest one whose name was William, always called Nigger Bill was 13 yearsold when he came to the Rhea farm, and the other, whose name was Simon, was about 11 years old. These two boys and the oldest negro woman that he bought from Tennessee stayed with the Rhea family until spring of 1865, when Sebrid Rhea sold the farm andmoved to Leon,Iowa taking all of them with him. Then the negro boys went to working for themselves, but in 1872 the old farm was re purchased by him and the negro woman came back to Missouri and stayed with the family until the death of Mr. & Mrs. Rhea,which occured February 2nd, 1878 and February 6th, 1879 respectively. Then Aunt Tiller the negro woman as she was familarly called, went to Leon,Iowa and died March 16, 1894, living to a ripe old age. The youngest of the negro boys died in Daviess county Mo, several years ago. the oldest one died in Leon, Iowa, October 16,1910. In regard to the children of Sebrid & Nancy Ehea The eldest son Spartan F. married Nncy Mickey early in the 40 s and eventually moved to Kansas, where he died several years ago. Mariah married Reuben Perkins in Tennesssee before they came west, and lived and died near Goshen, where they first settled. Susan married George Clinkenbeard, and lived and died in Harrison county, MO., February 29,1904. Robert P., better known as Perry , married Lucy Prichard and finally moved to Kansas, where he died a few years ago. Ransom H., better known as Houston, married Lyda Evertt and lived in Harrison county, MO, dying March 2nd 1904. Amanda married David Thompson and now livesin Mt Moriah, MO. Another son, Marcus L. died in childhood, M.C., known as Clayton, the youngest that came from Tennessee, being at that time two years old, married Maranda Melton, who died many years ago, and he is now living with his only daughter in Leon, Iowa.
2).  18401.ged  1. AUTH  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints TITL  Ancestral File  TM  PUBL  July 1996  c , data as of 2 January 1996 REPO  @R01@ INDEX  shows the death date as 1878 Originally I showed birth date of 9 Feb 1797   1. AUTH  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints TITL  Ancestral File  TM  PUBL  July 1996  c , data as of 2 January 1996 REPO  @R01@ INDEX Shows birth date of 2 Sep 1797


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