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Family Sheet

Name: Henry Jacob Anthony Note Born: 13 Sep 1817 at Lincolnton, , , NC Married: 12 May 1842 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 21 Jan 1892 at Pickens Co., , , SC Father: Daniel David Anthony Mother: Eve Amelia Rhinehardt
Name: Averilla Griffin Note Born: 25 Jun 1825 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 7 Dec 1878 at Pickens Co., , , SC Father: Sargent Griffin Mother: Avarilla Barton
Name: Manerva Barbara Anthony Born: 12 May 1844 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 4 Sep 1856 at Pickens Co., , , SC
Name: Margaret Susanna Anthony Born: 12 May 1844 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 14 May 1887 at GA, , , Husband: Wynn Gowan Blassingame
Name: Sargent Daniel Anthony Born: 1846 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 18 Apr 1865 at NC, , ,
Name: John Thomas Anthony Born: 8 Feb 1848 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 14 Jul 1919 at Carnegie, , , OK Wife: Charlotte Louisa Burdine
Name: Vashti Elizabeth "betty" Anthony Born: 30 Dec 1848 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 18 Aug 1933 at Pickens Co., , , SC Husband: David Ervin Hendricks
Name: Rachel E Anthony Born: 11 Feb 1851 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 10 Aug 1880 at Pickens Co., , , SC Husband: Josiah Bennet Hill
Name: Averilla Anthony Born: 17 Nov 1852 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 20 Jun 1930 at Pickens Co., , , SC Husband: Oliver Perry Field
Name: Dorcas Camella Jane Anthony Born: 15 Aug 1854 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 24 Dec 1919 at Pickens Co., , , SC Husband: James Mattison Stewart
Name: Sarah Ann Anthony Born: 13 Jan 1858 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 28 Jul 1934 at Glassy Mountain, , Pickens Co., SC Husband: Pettie Sylvanus Freeman
Name: Addie Eliza Anthony Born: 1860 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: at Oconee Co., , , SC
Name: Henry Jefferson Davis Anthony Born: 1862 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 10 Jan 1914 at Chattanooga, , , TN Wife: Mary Smith
Name: William D Anthony Born: 5 Jan 1865 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 5 Jan 1865 at Pickens Co., , , SC
Name: James Robert Jacob Anthony Born: 28 May 1867 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 6 Jan 1937 at Pickens, , Pickens Co., SC Wife: Mary Jane "jennie" Lesley
Name: Paul Oscar Anthony Born: 25 May 1869 at Pickens Co., , , SC Died: 7 Dec 1929 at Travelers Rest, , Greenville Co., SC Wife: Ruby Belle Watson
1). Henry Jacob Anthony was the son of Daniel Anthony, who was the sonofJohn Anthony, who was the son of Philip Anthony, who came fromtheRiver Rhine on the German side. His father, name unknown, waskilledin the war between Catholics and Protestants in the time oftheReformation of Martin Luther and others. Philip Anthony hadtwobrothers, Paul and Jacob and sisters whose names are now unknowntome. The oldest brother, Paul, served seven 7 years in theProtestantwar, then was pressed in for seven 7 more years.Beingunable to goagain he made his way to America, then sent money for hismother andfamily to come to America. His mother and sisters did notcomply withthe request. They married in Germany. His brothers, Philipand Jacobcame to America. Philip settled inPennsylvania. Jacobsettled inMaryland Paul, himself, settled in Burk County, NC The threebrothersall raised families. Paul s family mostly went west. One ofhisdaughters married a man by name of Mull, one married a Folk, oneaCrapenny. His son Abraham suffocated in a well in Tennessee.Jacob sfamily went south and west, engaged mostly in merchantbusiness.Philip devoted his attention to farming after theRevolutionary war.He moved to Lincoln County, NC, settling on JuginCreek. Some of hischildren settledon same Creek and some on Clark sCreek. Also someon Peter s Creek near South Fork River. Philip, Johnand twodaughters, Magdaline, Elizabeth. Magdaline married a man byname ofShull. Elizabeth a man by name of Lantz. Both raisedfamilies. Paulmarried awife by name of Waggones in Pennsylvania.They had nochildren. Philip married a Kistler. She had one son namedPaul whomarried Mary Rhodes. George married a Sechler. They raised alargefamily. They lived on Injon Creek, NC They all settled far andwide.Benjamin married a Delinger and moved off. Daniel moved toKentucky.Name of wife unknown. John Anthony, my grandfather, firstmarried aCarpenter. Her name was Katherine. They had six sons,Joseph, Jacob,Daniel, John, George, and Paul. They also had onedaughter named Marywho married Isaac Halmann. She had a large familyof sons anddaughters. Uncle George moved to Virginia. Jacob lived anddied inLincolnton NC, later Cleveland. Jacob married a Beam andraised alarge family. John and Paul went back to Lehigh County,Pennsylvania.Families unknown. Joseph went to Kentucky to his uncleDaniel andsince unknown. Daniel Anthony, my father, at the age offourteen yearsbecame the adopted son of his uncle Paul Anthony, andlived with himuntil 1807 when he married Eve Amelia Rhinehardt. Shewas aPennsylvanian by birth. Her parents came from Switzerland.Herfather s name was Conrad Rhinehardt. His trade was that ofcutlerer.My grandmother s name was Christina. My mother had threebrothers,George, Jacob and Charles, one sister whose name was Barbara.Shemarried a Jeremiah Berrick of Rutherford, NC She had a large familyofsons and daughters who married and went South, West and East,Charlesalso married a Lantz. He had a large family scattered South,East andWest. George Rhinehardt married a Grofe. Had only twolivingchildren, Henry and George who lived and died in theirnativecountry. Uncle Jacob married a Hoyle. My grandfather hadthreeliving sons by his first Wife, Eve, and five living daughters.Onedied at the age of fourteenyears. Katherine marriedBenjaminWantgrove of Mecklenburg, NC She had four sons and daughters.Shelost her sons Robert and James in the war. William and Johnmarriedand are still living in Mecklenburg, NC Her daughter was stillsmallin 1874. Elizabetlh the next oldest daughter of father smarriedBenjamin Sechler of Rowan, NC She died without issue.My thirdsisternever married. My fourth and fifth sisters were twins ManervaBarbaraand Margaret Susanna. The first married Christian Sechler andraised afamily going to Washington Territory when last heard from. Thesecondmarried a Hezakiah Sechler, having two sons and one daughter.Shedied in Rowan County, NC. C. My father s second wife was thewidowBangle, whose maiden name was Sarah Grofe. Father and her hadone sonwhose name was Joseph Daniel. He married a wife named Hobbs.They hadthree children. He died and was buried at the LutheranGraveyard atSalisbury, NC David Anthony, my brother, was married inGreen County,Alabama. His wife was named Rebecca High. They had threechildren,two sons and one daughter. The oldest son William andbrother Danieldied in Eutaw, Alabama. Brother John married a wifenamed MargaretMilke,, had two children who died. His wife also. Helater marriedMary Wilson. She had three children,Bettie, JohnFranklin and JacobDaniel, and were still at Lincolnton Court House, NCin 1878. This is a sketch from memory made on the 30th. day of December, 1878,by me. H. J. Anthony Averilla Anthony APPENDIX TO MY FORMER FAMILY RECORD H.J. Anthony married Averilla Griffin, the daughter of SargentandAverilla Barton Griffin on the 12th day of May in the yearonethousand and eight hundred and forty two, in Pickens County, S. C.Atthe age of twenty four years and eight months. My wife wasSeventeenyears old short one month. We were married by Stephens O.Reid, Esq.of P.D., B.C. Our first children were twins, first bornMargaretSusanna and Manerva Barbara, both born May 12th, 1844.Margaret S.married W. G. Blassingame. Barbara died in September 1857.SargentDaniel Anthony died in the Spring of 1865 at nineteen years ofage inthe fork of the Yadkin Hughaner River in the state of NorthCarolinaand was buried in a grave yard there near Nelson Russel s. Oursecondson, John Thomas married Charlotte Burdine, the daughter ofAbrahamand Mary Burdine. Our third daughter Elizabeth A married DavidErvinHendrix. Our fourth daughter Averilla married Oliver PerryField. Ourfifth daughter Dorcas Camilla Jane, married James MattisonStuart. Atthis date Sarah Ann,Adliza, Henry Jefferson Davis, James,Robert,Jacob and Paul Oscar Anthony are still single and living withme. Iwas sixty years old on the 15th day of September 1877. My wifewasfifty two years old on the 25th. day of June 1877. I will stop atthistime, January 13th. 1878. H. J. Anthony Averilla Anthony Correction to H J Anthony deposition Uncle Jacob married a Hoyle. My grandfather had three living sonsbyhis first Wife... Should read my father . . My fourth and fifth sisters were twins Manerva Barbara andMargaretSusanna. The first married Christian Sechler and raised afamily goingto Washington Territory when last heard from. The secondmarried aHezakiah Sechler, having two sons and one daughter. Shouldread myfirst married Hezakiah... my second married Christian... Darrell Anthony 7 9 2000
2).  Averilla Griffin Anthony, was the daughter of Sargent andAverillaGriffin. Sargent Griffin was the son of William Griffin, whocame fromChatham County, NC William Griffin  s first wife was SarahKirksey andhis second wife was the mother of Sargent Griffin, HenryGriffin,William Griffin and Oswell Griffin. Their mother  s name wasStroud. The Griffins claimed their descent from Wales . SargentGriffin livedand died in South Carolina, so did his brother HenryGriffin.  Williamwent to Alabama.  Oswell went to Tennessee. ElizabethGriffin, theirsister, married James Trotter and both lived and died inPickensCounty, B.C. All these raised large families. Patsy GriffinmarriedJohn Stanley and had one child named Elizabeth who died.AverillaGriffin, wife of Sargent Griffin whose name was Barton, thedaughterof Benjamin and Dorcas Barton.  Dorcas Barton  s maiden namewasAnderson.  Both were raised in, the state of South CarolinaofRevolutionary fame.  They claimed their ancestry from Scotch IrishandI think from their general information they were Scotch Irish,descendants of Benjamin Barton. They had large families.  Hisoldestson was a Thomas Barton, second son Joshua Barton, third sonBaileyBarton, fourth son Benjamin Barton, fifth son James MadisonBarton.Thomas Barton married, Sally Boyd, Joshua Barton married aStephens,Bailey Barton married Janie Field, Benjamin married a Baker,JamesMattison married Mary Duff. Averilla married Sargent Griffin,Janemarried a Brown and Vashti married a Kirksey, Sarah marriedS.Reid,Celey married William Cannon, Dorcas married a Mr. Gales,Elizabethmarried Daniel Mosely. They all raised large families.  Someof themwent west, some to the south and some are still in the state ofSouthCarolina. Sargent and Averilla Griffin had twelve livingchildren, onedead.  Dorcas, the oldest daughter married PryorAlexander and had sixchildren.  Two daughter and four sons.  Sargent,E. B., Pryor, ThomasP., Manerva and Maryville. Manerva married HenryBilengsley, Sargentmarried the widow Dendy, Alexander married VictoryCathell, Thomas P.married a Jane Finley. Elihu H Griffin married AnnAmbler. He had sixsons and two daughters.  Robert H. married LucyBrazeal and had twochildren.  He was killed in the war at the battleof 7 Pines.  EdwinD. died.  James married Zilpha Algood.William diedin boyhood.  E.Holby married Benjamin Morgan  s daughter, who had threechildren anddied.  J. C. is still single at this date.  Ann married S.D. Keithand they have four children. Susan is still single.  WilliamGriffinmarried Mahaley Donthan andmoved to Alabama.  There he raiseda largefamily of sons and daughters.  He is now dead.  Benjaminmarried FannyBrown.  They had one son whose name was Lewis. Fannydied, then hemarried the widow Moody of Alabama.  They had a family ofboys andgirls.  BartonGriffin married Jane Reid and raised a familyinAlabama then moved to Mississippi.  Sargent Griffin marriedJaniePutman.  They had children, she died, then he married a woman bythename of South.  They are now living on Coosey River, Alabama.RichardNC. Griffin married a wife named Lee in Alabama here he raisedafamily of sons and daughters.  Thomas Griffin married Martha Craigandraised two sons and one daughter, who is now married toEnochRichardson of P.D.S.C.  Bailey Griffin married a wife named Leeandhad three children.  He died. Vashti Griffin married JosephMansell.They raised sons and daughters.  They are living in PolkCounty,Georgia. Averilla Griffin married H. J. Anthony.  They had tenlivingchildren.  One died at eleven days, one at nineteen years andone attwelve years four months and two days, which leaves at this timetenliving children.  Anderson Griffin lost one arm in the Confederatewarand then he married the widow McKay.  She died without issue.Sincethat time he lives at P. C. H. He has not married.  Now as youcan seethe names of my children in my husband  s record I will omit thenamesin this imperfect sketch of mine.  I have done the best I couldunderthe circumstances.  It is more than was ever done for me, sochildren,if you think it worthy of preservation save it, and if not doas youthink best with it.  To my children, Averilla Griffin Anthony


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