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Family Sheet

Name: John Beebe Jr. Note Born: 1600 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Married: 1627 at Northamptonshire, , , England Died: 18 May 1650 at England, , , Father: John Beebe Mother: Alice Stratton
Name: Rebecca Ladd Born: 30 Oct 1602 at Broughton, , Northampton Co., England Died:
Name: John Beebe Iii Born: 4 Nov 1628 at Northamptonshire, , , England Died:
Name: Rebecca Beebe Born: 11 Aug 1630 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died:
Name: Samuel Beebe Born: 23 Jun 1633 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died: Wife: Mary Keeney
Name: Thomas Beebe Sr. Born: 23 Jun 1633 Died:
Name: Nathaniel Beebe Born: 23 Jan 1635 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died:
Name: Mary Beebe Born: 18 Mar 1637 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died:
Name: Hannah Beebe Born: 23 Jun 1640 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died:
Name: James Beebe Born: Abt 1641 at Broughton, , Northamptonshire, England Died:
1). Name Suffix NSFX JR. DEATH JOHN BEEBE, JR DIED ON SHIP TO COLONIES LEFT ENGLAND APR MAY 1650. BIOGRAPHY WILL OF JOHN BEEBE, 18 MAY 1650. It being agreabl to Civil and religious Custome as required by God upon the occation of his hand upon the sons of men as a forerunner of death unto them therefore tosett theyr house in order wherefore I JohnBeeby, Husbandman, late of Broughton, Northampton, being by Gods good hand bought on a voyadge towards New Engl dto dea and there smitten by the good hand of God, so as that my expectation for chaynge, yet though mercy as yet in perfect memory and understanding doe hereby my just an ddewe debts being fully dishcharged give and bequeath unto myseven children, say John Beeby, Samuel Nathaniell,Jeames, Rebecca and Mary Beeby all and every such moneyes or goods of what spetia or kinde somever as all theproper estate belonging unto me the above sayde John Beeby, to be equally divided between the sayd John, Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniell, Jeames, Rebecca and Mary Beeby in equal parts and portions, Further I the sayd John Beeby doe will that my faure elder children to say John, Thomas, Samuel and Rebecca shall have that part of the monnies and goods belonging unto the younger three to say, Nathaniell Jeames and Mary, in their hands as wel as theyr owne proportions, and that the sayd John, Thomas, Samuel and Rebecca shall take for care for the provition of the three younger to say, Nathaniel Jeames and Mary be of adge, at wh tyme they are to have theyr proportion of estate payd unto them by my sayde sonnes & daughter John Thomas Samuel and Rebecca Beebe, whom Iappoint execurors of this my last will and in case that any of the three younger children shall dye before they come of adge that then theyr proportion of estate so dyeing to be equally divided amongst all of the survivors Further I John Beeby doe willand desyor that loving friends Mr. William Lewis, and Mr. John Cole be overseers of this my last will and that all my sayd children be advised and councelled bymy sayd overseers for theyr future desposal whether upon chaynge of theyr condition by marriage or otherwyse for the good of my sayd children Lastly I will that it be understood that my daughters be at full adge for receyving theyr proportion of estate at ye adge of eighteen yearses As a testimony that is my last will and testamt I have this eighteenth day of May one thousand sixe hundred and fifty sett to my hand and seale. John Beeby, Witness, William Partridge, John Partridge. BIOGRAPHY The above is copies from the book The Beebe Familyof Broughton, England by Clarence Beebe, 1915. It is reported to be nearly verbatim as is possible. BIOGRAPHY Note Many sources give birth dates of John and Rebecca s children which are really the dates they were baptized in England. Rebecca she was the sister of Samuel and Rev. Nathaniel Ladd of Broughton. In the will of Samuel, dated 23 Sep 1634To sister Rebecca Beebe, 5 pounds. To her son, Samuel 5 pounds. To each of her other children, viz John, Thomas, and Rebecca, 10 shillings, being one pound and ten shillings in all. from family tree of Glenna Inglis


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