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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Thutmose I Akheperkare Of Egypt Pharaoh Of Egypt Note Born: Married: Died: at Abt. 1481 BC Other Spouses: Mutnofret Of Egypt
Father: Unknown Mother: Senisonb Of Egypt
Name: ''amhose Of Egypt Note Born: Died: Father: Pharaoh Ahmose I Nebpehtyre Of Egypt Mother: Nefretiri
Name: Wadjmose Of Egypt Born: Died:
Name: Neferukeb Of Egypt Born: Died:
Name: Amenmose Of Egypt Born: Died:
Name: Hatshepsut Of Egypt Born: Died: at Abt. 1458 BC Husband: Thutmose Ii Of Egypt Pharaoh Of Egypt
1). Thutmose I, king of Egypt 1524 1518 BC of the ear l y 1 8 t h Dynasty, successor of his brother in law, Amenh o t e p I . A noted soldier and commander of the armed forc e s , Th utmo se I reconquered the Nubians of northern Afri c a a nd la ter a dvanced into Asia as far as the Euphrate s R iver . Th e remain der of his reign was devoted to vari ou s build ing p rojects . At Karnak he built two pylons g ate way buil dings and a h ypostyle hall and raised two o beli sks, on e of whi ch is stil l standing. Source Thutm ose I , Micro soft R E ncarta R 9 8 Encyclopedia. c 19 93 199 7 Microso ft Corpora tion. All ri ghts reserved. Th e third kin g of the 18 th Dynasty wa s a commoner b y birth . He had mar ried Ahmose , a sister of A menhotep I , and wa s named kin g when the kin g died childless . Ahmo se bore h im two son s who were passe d over for Thutmo s e II, who wa s born to M utnofret. Thutmos e built an ext ensio n to th e temple of Am on at Karnak. He a dded pylons , court s an d statues. He le d a campaign into Nu bia wher e he penetr a ted beyond the Th ird Cataract. He defe ate d the Nubian chi e f in a hand to h and combat and return e d to Thebes wit h th e body of the fa llen chief hangin g on t he prow of hi s ship . His greates t campaigns wer e in the De lta. Warrin g agains t the Hykso s he subdued t ribes and fina lly reach ed the Euph rates Riv er. To comme morate his victor y he bu ilt a hypostyl e hal l at Karnak , made entirely of ce dar w ood columns. Hi s rem ains wer e found in the cache, wit h o thers, at Deir e l Bah ri. Th utmose brought Egypt a sen s e of stability and hi s m ilit ary campaigns healed the wo und s of Thebians. Sourc e ww w.touregypt.comThutmose I, k ing o f Egypt 1524 151 8 B C of the early 18th Dynasty, s uccesso r of his brother i n l aw, Amenhotep I. A noted so ldier and commander of t h e arme d forces, Thutmose I recon quere d th e Nubians of nor thern Af rica and later advance d into Asia a s far a s the E uphratesRi ver. Th e remainde r of his reign w as d evoted t o various bui ldingprojects . At Karnak he bui l t two pylo n s gateway buil dings an d ahypostyle hal l an d raised tw o obelisks, one o f whic h is still sta nd ing. So urce Thu tmose I, Microsoft R Encarta R 98 E ncyclopedi a. c199 3 1997 Microsoft Cor p ora tion. All r ights reserve d. The third king o f th e 18th Dynas ty was a commone r by bi rth. He hadmarrie d Ahmos e, a sis ter o f Amenhotep I , an d was named king w hen the ki ngdi ed childless. Ahmose b or e him two sons wh o w ere pass e d over forThutmose II, w h o was born to Mutn ofret. Thut mos e built an extension to t h e temple of Amo n at Karnak . He ad ded pylons, courts a n d statues. He led a campaig n into Nub i a where he penetra te d beyond the Th ird Cata ract. Hedefeat ed the Nubian chie f i n a hand to h an d co mbat and returne d to Thebeswith th e bo dy of the f alle n chief hanging on th e prow of his s h ip. H isgreates t c ampaigns were in the Delt a. Warring agai nst th e Hyks o s hesubdued tribes an d finall y reached th e Euphrat e s Ri ver. To commemoratehis victory h e built a h ypostyl e h al l a t Karnak, made entirely of cedar wood colu mns . His r e mains were found in the cache, with oth er s , a t Deire l Bah ri. Thutmose brought Egypt a sense of s t abili ty an d his mi litarycampaigns hea led the wounds o f The bia ns . Source ww !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged
2). Ahmose was the wife of the 18th Dynasty king Tuth m o s i s I who ruled from 1504   1492 BC. She was the daug h t e r o f   Ahmose I and was possibly a lower ranked wif e o f A me nhot ep I, who was Tuthmosis   predecessor.   Ahmo se w as t h e mothe r of four royal children and is depicte d o n the r el iefs a t Deir el Bahri as consort to the go d Amo n. Inscr ipt ions o n the walls of Hatshepsuts templ e desc ribe   Ahm os e as givi ng birth to Hatshepsut, who i s calle d the divi n e child of t he god.   Ahmose died a t a relativ ely young a g e and was buri ed at Thebes. Sour ce  www.tour  Ah mo se was the wif e of the 18th D ynasty king T uthmosis I wh o r uled from150 4   1492 BC. S he w as the da ughter of   Ahm os e I and was pos sibly alow er ranked wif e of Amenhotep I , wh o was Tuth mosis    pred ecessor.   Ahmo sewas the mothe r of fo ur royal childre n a nd is depicte d on the relie f s atDeir e l Bahri as conso r t to the go d Amon. Inscription s on the wa lls ofHatshep sut   s temp l e describe   Ahmose a s giving birt h to Hatsh epsut, w hoi s called the divine chi ld of the god .    Ahmo se die d a t a relatively youngage an d was buried a t Theb es. Sou rce  w

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