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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Thutmose Iii Of Egypt Pharaoh Of Egypt Note Born: at Abt. 1487 BC Married: at Marriage Possible Died: at 17 Mar 1424 BC Other Spouses: Meryetre Hatshepsut Of Egypt
Menhet Of Syria
Merti Of Syria
Menwi Of Syria
Ahset Of Egypt
Father: Thutmose Ii Of Egypt Pharaoh Of Egypt Mother: Nn (concubine)
Name: Neferu-re Of Egypt Note Born: Died: Father: Thutmose Ii Of Egypt Pharaoh Of Egypt Mother: Hatshepsut Of Egypt

1). Thutmose III, king of Egypt 1504 1450 BC , sometime s c a l l ed the Napoleon of ancient Egypt. He was the so n of T hu tm os e II and a concubine, and son in law of Que en Hats hep su t th rough his marriage to her daughter, hi s half si ster , b y Thu tmose II. Succeeding his father i n 1504 BC , Thutm os e III wa s overshadowed by Hatshepsut , who becam e the su pre me ruler , giving the young king o nly a nomina l role. A fte r Hatsheps ut died in 1483 BC, h er monument s were defac ed , and an appa rent attempt to e rase her mem ory was carri e d out. The now a dult Thutmos e III became s upreme ruler a n d embarked on conq uests un rivaled in Egyp tian history. H i s armies invaded Syr ia a nd vanquished th e Syrian force s o n the Plain of Jezree l . The Syrians too k refuge in th e cit y of Megiddo but w ere d efeated in 147 9 BC. Thutmos e III la ter engaged i n war again st the stat e of Mitanni , which a t that tim e largely control led nort hern Mesopota mia and ha d fomen ted revolt in a numbe r o f Syrian and Pho enician cit ie s dominated by Egypt. He o v erran its territo ry and capt u red several Mitannian citi es , thus extendin g his powe r ove r northern Palestine an d Phoe nicia. He mar ked th e limit o f the Egyptian Empir e in that r egion by er ecti ng a stela a t the Euphrates Ri ver. During hi s reign T hu tmose III condu cted 17 successf ul campaigns int o Asi a , lavishing the boot y and tribut e that he won on th e E gyp tian temples. He mad e importan t additions to the gre a t te mple at Karnak and ha d his an nals inscribed on it s wall s . Other notable buildin gs tha t he had constructe d wer e a t Heliopolis, Memphis, Ab ydos , and Aswan. The m ummy o f Thut mose III was excavate d a t Dayr al Bari. Sou rce T hutmos e III, MicrosoftR Enca rta R 98 Encyclo pedia. c 1993 1 997 Microsoft Co rporatio n. All right s reserved.Th utmose III , king of Egy pt 1504 1 450 BC , sometimes calle d the Napole onof ancie nt Egypt . H e wa s the son of Thutmo se II and a co ncubine , andson i n la w of Queen Hatshepsu t through his m ar riag e to her dau g hter, hishalf sister , by Thutmose II. Succ e eding his fat h er in 1504 BC, Th ut moseIII was overshadow e d by Hatshe psut , who became the su preme ruler, givingth e yo ung ki n g onl y a nominal role. A fter Hatshepsut die d in 14 8 3 BC, hermon uments were deface d, and an ap paren t atte mpt t o erase he r memory wascarrie d out. The now ad ult T hutmose I II becam e suprem e ruler a nd embarkedon co nque sts unrivale d in Egy ptian history. Hi s armies invade d S yria andv anquis hed th e Syrian forces o n the Plain o f J ezreel. The Syrian s tookr efuge in the cit y of Me gid d o but were defeated in 1 479 BC . Thutmose II I later eng ag ed in war against the stat e of M itanni, whic h attha t tim e largely con trolled norther n Mes opotamia an d ha d fomen ted revoltin a number of Syria n an d Phoenicia n c iti es d ominated by Egypt. Heoverran it s ter ritory a n d capture d several Mitannian cities, thusex t endi ng hi s p ower ove r northern Palestine and Phoenicia. H e mar ke d the limit o f the Egyptian Em pire in that region b y er e ctin g a stel a at theEuphrates River. During his rei g n Thut mos e III c onducted 17 successful campaigns intoA sia , lavis hi ng th e boot y and tribute that he won on th e Egypt iantem p les . He made important additions to the g reat te mp l e a t Ka rnak andhad his annals inscribed on i ts walls. Ot he r n ot able buildings that hehad c onstruct ed were at Hel iopo l i s, Memphis, Abydos, and Aswan. Th e mummyof Thutmos e II I w a s excav ated at Dayr al Bari . SourceThutmose I II, Mic r osoft R Encarta R 98 En cyclopedia. c 1993 19 9 7 Microso f t Corpo ration. All ri ghts reserved. !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !BURIAL edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged
2). Neferu Re was the half sister of Tuthmosis III and pos s i b l y his wife. She was the daughter of Tuthmosis II a n d Ha ts he psut. She played an important role during th e re ign o f h e r mother. It was long believed that she di ed be fore s he c ou ld become the ranking consort, but i t was sh own o n a tab le t that was found in the Sinai, sh owing he r to b e the  Ki ng   s Daughter, King  s Wife.  O n her statu es, sh e is show n in t he arms of Senenmut. Th is shows tha t Senen mut and   A hmose P en Nekheb were he r tutors, whic h was a n honorary ti tle. Sen enmut was he r steward and he r  Grea t Father Nurse .  Neferu Re apparently assisted her mother in the count r y    s a ffairs when her mother assumed the throne on he r ow n . D urin g Hatshepsut  s reign, Tuthmosis was apparen tly d em ote d t o a lesser role, but Neferu Re stayed at t he pal ace . Ha tshe psut depended on her daughter a grea t deal ov er t he ye ars . It was during the eleventh yea r of Hatshep sut   s reig n tha t Neferu Re died. After he r death, the mo ther   s powe r waned . At about the same ti me that Neferu R e died , Senen mut died . Without the supp ort of these two , Hatshe psut wa s not stro ng enough to s top Tuthmosis an d his alli es. Sour ce  www.tou Neferu Re was th e half siste r of Tuth mosis III an d poss ibly his wife. Sh ewas the daug hter o f T uthmosis II a n d Hatshepsut. She p layed an impor tantrole du ring the rei g n of her mother . I t was long bel ieved that s he diedbe for e she could be come the ranking co nsort, but i t was s how n o n a tablett hat was found in th e Sinai, showi ng h er to be th e  King   s Daughter,Kings Wi fe.   On her st a tues, she is sh own i n the arms of Senenmu t. Thisshows th a t Senenmut and   A hm ose P en Nekheb were h er tutors, wh ic h was anhonorary ti t le. Senenmut was her s teward an d her   Grea t Father Nur se .  Neferu Re apparently assisted her mother in the count r y    s a ffairs whenher mother assumed th e throne on he r ow n . D urin g Hatshepsut  s reign,Tuthmosis was apparent ly de mo te d t o a lesser r ole, but Neferu Re stayedat th e pala ce . Ha tshe psut depended on her daughter a great d eal o v e r theye ars . It was during the eleventh year o f Hatshe ps ut  s reig n tha tNeferu Re died. After h er dea th, the m oth er  s powe r waned . At about thesame time tha t Neferu R e di ed, Senenm ut die d . Without the support o fthese two , Hats hepsut wa s not str ong enough to stop Tu thmosis an d his al lies. Sour ce

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