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Family Sheet

Name: Michael Thomas Feagin Note Born: 24 Feb 1948 at Sacramento, , , California Married: 22 Jun 1968 at San Jose, , Santa Clara County, CA Died: 28 May 1994 at Porterville, , , California Father: Leslie Frank Feagin Mother: Mary Elizabeth Ibach
Name: Nolberta Gomez Born: (suppressed / living) Married: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Michael Thomas Feagin Ii Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Wife: Terry Joanne Mckee
Name: Julia Elizabeth Feagin Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Steven W. Springmeyer
1). My brother, Michael Thomas Feagin received his nam e f r o m o ur father, Leslie Frank Feagin. Our father like d t h e na me Michael and Thomas washis father s middl e nam e . I ha ve hi s father s first name John . He and I used to go fishing and exploring togeth e r a l o t . One time wewalked around the entire city o f Sa n Fran ci sc o! We loved exploring oldplaces and we o fte n ate wil d p lan ts and fruit from trees in the city . Ourd iet at hom e wa sn t very good and we seemed to alw ays b e hungry. W e also love d to play games outside at n ight . Mike was ver y goo d at sn eaking upon me when we pl aye d Hide and Seek. Once on a date with Nolberta, the car they were in pl u n g e d off the roadinto a lake. They were with anothe r co up l e . Although Mike was bruisedand had his front t eet h kno ck e d out, he helped save Nolberta and theothers. Michael Mike was a free spirit. He met and marri e d N o l berta andtheir marriage seemed to be a happy one. Of all of the children in our house, Mike had the tou g h e s t time throughhis childhood. He was singled out a s t h e o n e of us to receive physicalabuse the nature o f t h e abu s e will not be gone into in this document. Mike was against the Vietnam War very early on. M i k e w a s also a hippy actually living on Haight Ashbur y s tr eet s i n San Francisco duringthe height of the move men t . He w or e his hair long when he had hair . Hewa s frie nd s with a l l sorts of people. He was very sensit ive t o th e pooran d do wn trodden and would help them a s best h e cou ld. Mik e woul d oftenplay Santa Claus becau se of hi s siz e and beca use h e truly enjoyed it. Mike loved his children. He was extremely close wit h J u l i a, hisdaughter. Julia learned how to work on a c ar b ec au s e Mike taught her. Hehad natural artistic an d mecha nic a l ab ilities and loved the outdoors particul arly th e des er t. My brother died of heart failure. He knew he was g o i n g t o die and wetalked about it. He didn t believ e i n G o d an d I promised him that Iwould do no LDS ordin ance s o n h is be half. I did explain that I have nocontro l ove r wh at o ther s decide in the future. It seemed ver y impo rtant to hi m tha t I make him that promise. He suf fere d a grea t dea l from t heafter effects of heart surge ry an d the enl arge d heart h e had. He wasn tsupposed t o do mu ch, but on e da y he decide d to go out with Nolber ta andmo w the bac k lawn . Nolberta t old me that he die d instantl y. He sim plyfee l to the ground . She hear d a whooshing sound an d knew h e was gone.I wen t to Ca lifornia to vis it the fami ly and t o see his body bef or e hewas cremated . I said a s ilent pra yer there and kiss e d my hand and p lacedit on hi s forehea d as a way of say ing later brothe r . Mike had a wonderful sense of humour sometimes off co l o r e d . Despiteour political, social , and obvious reli gi o u s di fferences I loved mybrother deeply and hop e t o b e re unite d with him when it s my time to pass thr oug h th e veil. Medical Michael had several heart attacks which cau s e d h i s heart to weaken and enlarge. He was taken of f t h e hea r t transplant list and fell dead while mowin g hi s la wn.


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