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Family Sheet

Name: Hildebrand Born: Married: Died:
Name: Elsie Berniece Pottle Note Born: 24 Sep 1882 at 915 W Third St, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH Died: 24 Mar 1956 at Evans, , Erie county, NY Other Spouses: William Henry Ibach Father: Winfield Scott Pottle Mother: Caroline Rupert

2). Grandma Ibach was a fiesty person. She was extremel y s t r o ng willed. Atleast 25 years after she left Mario n Jun ct io n , Alabama where she livedwith her husband fo r awhil e , th e y still remembered her for being verystric t and f o r bein g a n excellent cook. She was forced to leave her father who was pretty m u c h a n d invalid formany years. She claimed that her fa th e r wa s a lways after the three double w s , Wild, Wo me n , Wine . Elsie resented her father because she fel t u nw anted I wasachild very much unwanted and wa s adop te d by he r mo ther s sister after she was three ye ars old . H er fath er di dn t get along with the aunt tha t adopte d her . She wa s late r to burn all of the keepsak es from h im, in cluding c ivil wa r items and letters. Sh e blamed hi m and t he Civil W ar for h er problems which c aused resent ment an d anger. Sh e loved b irds and would w histle to th em and t hey would cal l back. Sh ewas a Jehov ah s Witnes s and did n ot really beli eve in doct ors. Sh e would go t o one if sh e had to. She kn ew a lot abo u t herbal remedi es and my mo ther told me tha t she woul d g o out into th e woods to pic k plants that woul d cur e variou s ailments. In her later years, she lived with her daughter wh i c h s h e resented. She did not like being dependent on a ny on e . Sh e had bouts with cancer which finally kille d h e r . I have s everal letters that she wrote which men ti o n m e by name. Th enight she died, we received a tel egr a m an d I remember ver y well a mockingbird landing o n th e t elevi sion antenna an d singing at night while w e wer e in S an Fra ncisco. Grandm a loved to whistle to t he Moc kingbir ds. Buried in North Evans Cemetery in North Evans, Erie Co u n t y , New York.Cause of death cancer of ovaries and b re as t. Here is a letter she wrote spelling errors includ e d t o M rs. FredrickA. Pottle who was inquiring about h e r P ottl e fa mily 3 11 41 Mrs. Fredric. A. Pottle Dear Madam Please excuse pencil because I am so smeary with i n k , I h a ve been parylized, and can write only a short t i m e the re st . Now to buisness I know very little abou t m y f athers fa mil y, as my mother died when I was 4o r 5 mo . ol d father tr ie dto keep us children to gethe r but aft e r 3 yearsof this h e let the 3 duble u s ge t the bes t o f him Wild, Wime n an d Wine Ha, Ha. My a unt on mot her s side adopted me th en, a nd her and dadydi dent get al on g so good, and I was ke pt i n ignorance o f what was goi n g on around me, now my cou zin s Ves Pottl es sons and dau gh ter can tell you more tha n I ca n the y all reside in Da yto n Ohio I was a child ver y much u n wanted if there i s an y thing Else you want to kn ow abo u t thePottlefamily , don t hesitate to ask me. I jus t c ant t hink of any thi ng tha t you can use in the kronolo g y of th e family. I w il ans . the questions as near a s I kn ow. With Christian Respect I am Mrs. Elsie Pottle B. Ibach Marion Jct Dallas Co Alabama P.S. you write Mrs. Glenna Newman 500 Markey Road Da y t o n , O and she willtell Clearance and Charley Pottl e t o wr i t e you It is possibal that I will think of some thing that w i l l i n terest you if I do I will let you know I had an aunt on my Fathers side who lived in Xen i a O h i o I think hername was Costello by marage she mari e d a d en ti st by the name and I had 2more Aunts in Cinci nn ata O . b y 2n d marage of Grand pa there is a Fredric Pottle living at Buffalo N.Y . s o r t o f a High Hat lawyer Atterney mabe so what I h av e be e n i n Buffalo many a time but Ihave never bothere d h i m . I live d at North Evans N.Y. about 18 mi. from B uffa lo I am the only one left on top of ground of my father s i m e d iat family Medical She had both breasts removed in the 1950 s . S h e later had a recurrence of the cancer which spr e a d throu gh out her body.


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