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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Theodoric Of The Ostragoths King Of The Ostrogoths Note Born: Abt 455 Married: <480> Died: Abt 526 Other Spouses: Theodora
Father: Theudemir Of The Ostagoths King Of The Ostagoths Mother: Erelicia
Name: Born: Died: Father: Mother:
Name: Arevagni Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Theodora Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Theodoric Ii Of The Ostragoths Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
1). heodoric, in Late Latin Theodoricus, in German Dietr i c h , o ften called Theodoric the Great circa 454 526, Os tr og othi c king 474 526 and founder of the Ostrogo thi c Kin gdo m i n Italy. Born in the Roman province of Pa nnon ia, h e was , fr om the age of 7 to 17, a hostage at t he co urt o f the B yzant ine Empire in Constantinople pre sent d ay Ist anbul . In 47 4 Theodoric was elected king a fter hi s fathe r s dea th, an d during the following 14 ye ars he a nd the B yzantin e empero r Zeno engaged in altern ate warfa re and al liance . In 488, u nder the auspices o f Zeno, The odoric inv aded It aly. He defe ated Odoacer, t he first Ger manic rule r of Ital y, in three d ecisive bat tles and bloc kaded him i n Ravenna . In 493, whe n all o f Italy had bee n subdued b y Theodoric , Odoacer surre nde red and was trea cherously sl ain by the O strogothic kin g . Theodoric the n assumed the l eadership o f Italy and m ade R avenna his c apital. Theodori cs reign o f 33 year s was devot ed primar ily to the consol idation an d develo pment of his ne w king dom, and it wa s a period of n earl y unprecedented peac e a nd prosperity i n Italy. He zeal o usly promoted agricultu r e and commerce . Although himse l f an Arian Christian, h e exh ibited an un usual toleranc e fo r all other Christia n sects . The govern ment was adm inister ed by Romans on Ro man lines separat e codes of l aw were us ed for Romans an d Goths. Amo ng th e Romans wh o held high of fice under The odoric were th e st atesmen A nicius Boethius a nd Flavius C assiodorus Boeth iu s, howe ver, incurred the su spicion o f the monarch towa r d the e nd of his reign and wa s execut ed for treason. The odo ric s last years were also m arre d by growing tension w it h t he anti Arian Byzantine emp er or Justinian I. Theodo r ic wa s succeeded by his daught e r Amalasuntha as regen t fo r her s on Athalaric. The magn ifi cent mausoleum of T heodor ic stil l stands in Ravenna . Sourc e Theodoric, Microsof t R Enca rta R 98 Encycl opedia. c 1993 199 7 Microsof t Corporation . All right s reserved.he odoric , in Late Lati n Theodoricus , in Germa n Dietrich, oft e n calledTheodori c the Great ci r ca 454 526 , Ostrogoth i c king 474 526 andfounder of th e Ostro gothic Kingdo m i n Italy. Bor n i n the Roman province of P annonia, h e was, f rom the age o f 7 to 17, a hostage a t t he cour t o fthe Byza ntine Empir e in Constantinople pre s ent da y Istanbul. I n 474Theodor ic was elected k ing af te r hi s fathers death , and durin g thefollowing 14 year s h e a nd the Byzantine em peror Z en o engaged in alternat ew arfar e and alliance. In 4 88, unde r the auspices of Zen o , Theodor icin vaded Italy. H e defea ted Odoacer, the fi r st Germanic r uler of Italy, int hree d ecisive battl e s an d blockaded hi m in Ravenna. In 49 3, wh en all ofIt aly ha d been subdued b y Theodoric, Odoac e r su rrendere d and wa streacherously slai n by the Ostrogothi c k ing. T heodori c then assumed the leade rship of Italy an d m ad e Ravenn a his capital. Theodoric s re ign of 33 year s w a s devote d primarily to the consolidationa nd developme n t o f h i s new kingdom, and it was a period o f nearlyun prec ed en ted peace and prosperity in Italy. He z e alousl y promo t e dagriculture and commerce. Although himsel f a n Arian C h r istian, heexhibited a n unusual tolerance f o r all oth e r Ch ristian sects. Thegovernment was adminis tere d by Ro ma n s o n Roman lines separate codes oflaw w ere use d fo r Ro ma ns and Goths. Among the Romans who he l d high off i ceund e r Theodoric were the statesmen Anici us Boethius a n d Flav iu sCassiodorus Boet hius, however , incurred th e susp icio n o f the monarchtoward the end o f his reign an d was exe c u te d for treason. Theodoric sl ast years wer e also marr e d by g rowing tension with th e anti Aria nByz antine emper o r Justi nian I. Theodoric w as succeeded by h is daughterAm ala sunth a as regen t fo r her son Athalaric . The magnifice nt ma usol eum ofTheodo ric still stands i n Ravenna. Source Theod ori c, Micro soft R Encarta R 98 Encyclopedia. c 1993 19 9 7 Micros oft Corporat ion . All rights reserved. !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged

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