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Family Sheet

Name: William Wilcoxson Note Born: 1602 at St Albans, , Herefordshire, England Married: Abt 1629 at St Albans, , Herefordshire, England Died: 28 Nov 1652 at Hartford, , , CT Father: John Wilcoxson Mother: Unknown
Name: Margaret Birdsey Note Born: 1611 at St Albans, , Herefordshire, England Died: Aft 1651 at CT, , , Other Spouses: William Hayden Father: John Birdseye Mother: Elizabeth Andrews
Name: John Wilcoxson Sr. Born: Abt 1633 at , , , Eng Died: Abt 1690 at Stratford, , , CT Wife: Joannah Titterton
Name: Joseph Wilcoxson Sr. Born: 1636 at Concord, , , MA Died: 9 Feb 1703 at Killingworth, , , CT Wife: Margaret Ann Sheather
Name: Timothy Wilcoxson Born: Abt 1637 at Concord, , , MA Died: Abt 1713 at Stratford, , , CT Wife: Joanna Birdsey
Name: Sarah Wilcoxson Born: Abt 1640 at Stratford, , , CT Died: 24 Nov 1691 at Guilford, , New Haven, Connecticut Husband: John Meigs
Name: Sgt Samuel Wilcoxson Born: 1640 at Stratford, , , CT Died: 12 Mar 1713 at Simsbury, , , CT Wife: Hannah Rice
Name: Elizabeth Wilcoxson Born: Abt 1642 at Millbrook, , Bedford, England Died: Husband: Henry Stiles Sgt
Name: Hannah Wilcoxson Born: 1644 at Stratford, , , CT Died: 4 Oct 1722 at Windsor, , Hartford, Connecticut Husband: Lt. Daniel Hayden
Name: Phoebe Wilcoxson Born: Abt 1650 at Stratford, , Fairfield, Connecticut Died: 20 Sep 1743 at Stratford, , , CT Husband: John Beach
Name: Obadiah Wilcoxson Born: Abt 1651 at Stratford, , , CT Died: 1714 at East Guilford, , , CT Wife: Mary Griswold
Name: Johanna Wilcoxson Born: 1653 at Stratford, , Fairfield, Connecticut Died:
1). . William Wilcoxson 1 2 photo was born in 16 0 1 i n I l keston, Derbyshire, England. He died in 165 2 i n Stra tfor d , Fairfield Co., CT.. He has reference nu mbe r 1. Th e fir s t specific allusion to William Wilcoxso n i n eithe r Engli s h or American records, is to be foun d i n Hotten s Origin a l Lists of persons emigrating t o Amer ica prio r to 1700 . Th ere we find that William Wi lcoxson , age 34 , together w ith h is wife Margaret, age 2 4, and t heir infa nt son John , age 2 , sailed from Londo n on the s hip, Plant er, April 5 , 1635. B esides the Wilc oxson famil y, the Plan ter s list i ncluded th e familie s of John Tuth ill, Thoma s Olney, Georg e Giddings a nd Wi lliam Beardsley , as well a s several singl e persons, in c luding Richard a nd Charles H arvey, William F elloe, Thom a s Savage, Michae l Willinson , Francis Peabody , Franci s Baker , Thomas Gree ne and a fe w others. The vesse l arr ived at Bos ton, May 2 6th of the s ame year and we hav e t he word of Orc utt,H istory of Str atford and Bridgepo r t , that his firs t Ame rican home wa s at Concord, MA . Sinc e he appeared at St ra tford, CT. i n the year 163 9 he coul d not have lived fo r m ore than fou r years ther e. At the very beginning of its settlement, Stratford w a s c a l led Pequennocke, then changed to Cupheag Plantati o n an d t he n to Stratford.The earliest map of Stratfor d a s i t wa s i n 1639 shows seventeen families living t here . Thi s ma p sho wsWilliam Wilcoxson s lot in the cen tra l part o f th e town . On one side of it was the lo t of W illiam Be ardsl ey and o n the other that of John Pe at. Acr oss the st reet l ived wido w Elizabeth Curtis, Fra ncis Nic hols, Thoma s Fairc hild and A rthur Bostwick. Fur ther dow n the stree t lived Ri chard Harve y, who, with Wi lliam Bea rdsley had c ome over i n the Plante r with Willi am Wilcoxs on. William Wilcoxson was selected to serve his town as D e p u t y in the Connecticut Assembly and was on intimate t er m s w it h Governors Winthrop and Bulkley. William Wilcoxson died early in the year 1652. Thi s w e k n o w from the fact that there is record of the inv ento r y o f hi s will on June 16th, 1652. Margaret remarri ed i n 1 66 4 to Wi lliam Hayden of Windsor, Ct., later rem ove d to K ill ingwort hnow Clinton , CT. The name of this line was originally Wilcoxson, bu t t h e l a st syllable was generally dropped about the mid dl e o f th e e ighteenth century. From Abner Wilcox & Lucy Eliza Hart Wilcox the fa c t t h a t just because the passengers of the Planter emba rk ed w i t h a blanket certificate from the minister of St . A lban s , He rtfordshire, there is no reason to believ e tha t Will ia m liv edthere. The records of the shire d o not c ontai n hi s name , and he was more likely from Der byshire , the t own o f Biggi n. If so, his father could ha ve bee n the Will iam Wi lcoxso n who married Anne Howdisch e 2 8 1 575. Sinc e Willia m wa s a linenweaver, and Biggi n was a n area wher e flax wa s gro wn and woven into cloth , ther e is credibili ty to thi s theor y. He was married to Margaret Birdseye in England. Marg a r e t B irdseye was born in 1611 in England. !BIRTH The Wilcox Family History, The Wilcox Family Histor y , Julia Ida Wilcox, The Kent Tribune Thursday, April 16 , 1 925, p 10 !DEATH The Wilcox Family History, The Wilcox Family Histor y , Julia Ida Wilcox, The Kent Tribune Thursday, April 16 , 1 925, p 10
2).  !DEATH Descendants of William Wilcoxson of Derbyshire, E n , d Stratford, ConnecticuttDescendants of William Wilcox s o n o f Derbyshire, England, an d Stratford, Connecticut t , Thomas Wilcox  P.O. Box 462  Pasadena, CA 91102, Mimeog ra ph, Spring 1963,p XIX


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