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Family Sheet

Name: John David Feagin Sr. Note Born: (suppressed / living) Married: (suppressed / living) Died: Father: Leslie Frank Feagin Mother: Mary Elizabeth Ibach
Name: Karen Gertrude Hibbert Note Born: (suppressed / living) Married: (suppressed / living) Died: Father: James Howard Hibbert Mother: Norma Lucille Galyean
Name: John David Feagin Jr. Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: James Frederick Feagin Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
1). I was born in Takoma Park, Maryland on December 30, 1 9 4 4 , t o Mary Elizabeth Ibach and Leslie Frank Feagin . M y m ot he r was in the U.S.Coast Guards and my fathe r was i n th e N avy . I was born in the Seventh Day Adve ntist Ho spita l th ere. My mother and father met at Bethesda Naval Hospita l w h e r e my father wasent suffering from malaria he cont rac t e d i n the South Pacific during World War II. My mo the r w a s sta tioned at the hospital awaiting her dischar ge f or i nc ompati bility from the Coast Guard. My mothe r wa s actua ll y marrie d to Leo Altherr who she deserted . Fo r this re aso n, my mot her and father could not mar ry. I remember moving around a lot as a small child. W e l i v e d in Buffalo, New York and in Sacramento, Califor ni a . M y f ather had a difficult time holding a job du e t o h is al coho lism. He primarily worked as apainter a nd l umbe r jac k up i nthe redwood country of Northern Ca lifor nia . I rem ember l iving in a log cabin near a plac e name d Sm ith s Cre ek. At n ight, we could hear the Moun tain Li ons r oaring an d screamin g like a woman screams. I have a brother, Michael Thomas Feagin, sister, Judi t h A n n e Feagin, and half brothers and sisters Mary An n e Pars on s , Patti Ellen Parsons, Pamela Jane Parsons, f ro m my mo th e r and former step father, WalterTheodore Pa rso ns. M y hal f brothers from my father and his wife Ir en e were Ro bert F eag in, and Ralph Feagin. I barely kne w ei ther of th em. I d o kn ow that Robert served in the U .S.Ar my. I was always interested in science. I would take cl o c k s a part to see how they worked and I would read ever yt hi n g o n biology that I could get my hands on. I spe n t hou r s loo king at the stars and viewing them throug h te lescop es . I s till am fascinated by nature and th e cycle s tha t eve rythin g goes through. I also am, by nature, religious. I see the han d o f G o d i n everything that is positive and good. Jesu s Ch ris t h as a lways been my best friend and role model. I was very shy and self conscious growing up. It was n t u n til I was in my 40 s that I lost most of that. My brother and I used to walk a lot. One time we wa l k e d a round the entire city of San Francisco and over t h e t o p o f Twin Peaks. Actually, going over the top of T wi n Pe ak s wa s our short cut to Golden Gate Park. I lived in Hawaii when it became a state. I can reme m b e r t he day in 1959 when statehood was announced. Ev er yo n e wa s let out of school early and there was dancin g i n t h e stre ets! It was a very joyous ocassion. My b roth er a n d I use dto steal bananas from a banana grower . Th at i s , until h e came to talk to my mother. We use d to g athe r w ild fruit s like guavas and passion frui t and ea t to o ur h earts cont ent. We also used to spen d a great d eal o f tim e fishing i n the pristine waters . We would ha ve fu n doin g the hula fo r tourist buses . Some people eve n too k our p hotos! I graduated from Mission High School in San Francis c o i n 1 9 62. It was shortly after graduation that I marc he d i n Re v . Martin Luther King s West Coast version o f Th e Mar ch o n W ashington . We sang We shall overcome ove r an d ove r agai n. I remember being filmed and a m tol d t ha t the fi lm stil l exists somewhere. I attended BIOLA College in La Mirada, California i n p r e p aration forbeing a minister or missionary in th e Bapt i s t fa ith. Instead of studying, I spent most o f my tim e c ha sin g the ladies! In those days, the draf t was sti ll i n e ffec t.We had no choice about going i nto the mi litar y . It wa s in early 1965 that I kept he aring abou t Vietn am . I als o knew that I was old enoug h to be draf ted . I dec ided to j oin the U.S. Air Forc e so that I co ul d get int o a field th at was non violen t. I became a Pr eve ntive Medi cine Speciali st Medic . A field that I gr eatl y enjoyed . I had a rea l proble m with officers think in g they wer e gods, etc. The ir w ere many good office r s h owever. On e that I remember w e ll was Milo Myers fro m Faye tteville, A rkansas. He gav e m e a letter of commen datio n for doin g a good job in t he foo d handlers program . I t was in th e Air Force tha t I starte d smoking, cussi n g , and drinking . I was sta tioned firs t in SanAntoni o , Texas, then Gunte r AFB, Al abama . I wa s then sen t t o Travis Air Force Bas e in Ca lifornia. It wa s at thi s bas e that I saw the dea d and w ounded come back f rom V ietnam . It was also at thi s tim e that I met Karen Ge rtru de Hibb ertat a party I wa s in vited to. I was attracted to Karen the moment I saw her. I wa s e x t r emely nervous speaking with her the first time. S h e a n d I b ecame better acquainted as the evening wor e o n . W e went f or a walk and while we were gone, th e poli c e inva ded the h ouse. I asked her to marry me via letter. She said yes , a n d a s l uck would have it, I received orders to go t o Tai wa n . We d ecided to get married on January 28, 19 67 . I ha v e never r egreted marrying my sweetheart. We lived in an apartment in San Jose for a few weeks b e f o r e I had to leave for Taiwan. When I finally did le a v e , I n ever felt so lonely inmy life. In the mean tim e , K ar en app lied for and received a visa to enter Taiw a n a s a t ourist .I received permission to live off ba s e wi th her . Toget her we lived in Taichung in a Chines e v illag e. It w as quit e an experience . We heated wate r b y usin g coal. W e bough t produce from the Chinese. Ka re n finall y had to l eave, an d Ileft several weeks late r . I was sen t to Littl e Rock Ai r Force Base in Jacksonv il le, Arkansas. Jacksonville was a small southern town that we found d i f f i cult to get used to. We arrived via a hot, stuff y , tr a i n right after the Dr. Rev.Martin Luther King wa s a ssass in at ed in Memphis, Tennessee. There was curfe w beca use o f ri oti ngand we were not allowed to leave o ur dupl ex a t nigh t . I was assigned to the Strategic Ai r Comman d an d was al wa ys onalert . I had to regularl y visit th e Tita n missil e nu clear weapons sites to chec k for prope r sanit ation an d livi ng conditions. One time , I was actu ally i n the sil o with th e armed missil e . I reached ou t and to uched it . I was fin ally disch arged and we retur ned to Sa n Jose, C alifornia whe re w e rented a small apar tment. I n 1969, Kar en phoned m e t o tell me that tests w ere positi ve for bein g pregnan t. I w as in awe . Nine m onths later , our firs t son, Jo hn David F eagin, Jr., wa s born. Kare n told me ov er th e intercom tha t we had as on. He weighe d 11lbs. 6 ou nc es. He was a hug e baby! Th e first tim e I saw him I co u ld not comprehend th at he wa s my son . I just couldn t bel ieve it ! I spent a gr eat d eal of ti me looking a t him in t he nursery. I worked as a manager for Coronet Variety Store in S a n J o s e and laterfor Santa Clara Public Health Departme nt . K ar e n and I decided toreturn to Arkansas. We sol d ev eryth in g a nd went back to Jacksonville, Arkansas . I work ed a s a s ales man at the North Little Rock K mar t for sev era l years . I ma de $120.00 per week for 60 ho urs of wor k . We barel y got b y needless to say. We ren ted a smal l d uplex. I lat er wen t to work for Karl Weism an as a man ager . T hi s wa s afte r I decided to go to Ar kansas Colle ge o f Technolog y wher e I received an AS deg ree in Electr onic s Technolog y and a n FCC Radio telephon e General Clas s li cense with R adar endorsement. I should mention that my first job out o f s c h ool was working as an electronics technician for t h e St a t e of Arkansas. I had to install the severe weat he r wa rn in g system and take care of repeater sites o n to p of mo unt ain s in the Ozarks and elsewhere. I als o doubl ed a s a poli ce d ispatcher. It was in Jacksonville,Arkansas that our second son , J a m e s Frederick Feagin was born. Karen became pregn an t af t e r John Jr., prayed to God for a baby brother . Hi s pray e r s came true. James was born at Rebsamen Me moria l Hospi t a l inJacksonville . He was beautiful . I re member t h a t he showed certain characteristics wh ile ver y yo u n g . H e was stubborn, he refused to cry w hen hurt , an d h e wa s definately his own person! Beside s Jim s ar rival ,w e ha d a very tough time in Arkansas. W e managed t o bu y a h ouse , but soon lost it. We lived t here for abo ut 1 0 years. I had no religion that I believed in. I did run acr o s s s o me books on Mormons in the library . What they b el ie ve d in trigued me. In addition, I was interested i n ge nea log y an d I went t o the genealogy library at th e LD S chur ch a n d a woman there said I was special for d oin g my gene alog y . One thing led to another and we wer e vi sited by E lder s o f the Church. After much discussi on, w e became ba ptize d me mbers of The Church of Jesus C hris t of Latter da y Sain ts . This was a decision I hav e neve r regreted. We moved back to San Jose, California shortly after jo i n i n g the church.I worked for a company that had a cust o m e r i n Maryland. I flew out to Maryland and love d i t . I wa s of fered a job here and we haveflourished . We o w n our ow n home ,our oldest son John, served a mi ssion f o r the chur ch to B rasil where he met a sister m issiona r y named Cacil da. Caci lda is a native of Brazil . They g o t married in th e Templ e at Washington, D.C. I had a serious car accident in September of 1996 in c e n t r al Pennsylvania. I suffered brain injuries which h a v e le f t me with short term memory deficits and other d ef ic it s . I also have type II diabetes for which I tak e in sul i n . Evenwith these problems, ourHeavenly Fathe r h a s bl es se d me beyond measure and I am so greatful t o him . Reco r d Num ber 000 3790 776A Research All research is from personal knowledge. Medical I have type II diabetes which was diagnos e d w h e n I was about 44. I now have to take insulin a c ou pl e o f t imes a day by injection. I also have a brai n in jur y fr o m a car accident in September of 1996. I a m ret ire d on S oc ialSecurity Disability because I am un able t o wo rk . I hav e to take medications for high bloo d press ure a n d high chol esterol. In addition, at age 5 5, I a m experi en cing muscl e and joint pains, primaril y in th e arms . I a m 6 1 tall.
2).  Karen Gertrude Hibbert was born on November 26, 19 4 6   a T u esday  in SanJose, Santa Clara County, Californ ia .  S h e i s the oldest child of JamesHoward Hibbert an d No rma L uc ill e  Galyean . Here is her story  ..My middle name   Gertrude   was my mother  s mothe r    s n a me.  I wasdelivered by Dr. Schufe l t, a doctor w h o p ledg e d to never lose a motherbecause his own moth e r die d givi n g birth t o h im. He never did. Ilive d i n 2 house s my fi rs t year of life   1029 O  Brien Cour t, S an J os ea nd 106 1 O  B rien Court.  The 1029 house m y pare nts bough t when th e were married July 1 , 1939 a t the hei ght of th e depressio n.  ...I was an original  Post War Baby Boom Baby .  My f a t h e r returnedhome from the war in 1945 after 3 1 2 ye a r s .  M y mother worked in thepattern shop at the Mare I sl a n d Nava l Ship Yard in Vallejo during the warand wh e n I w a s born sh e went  back to being a hair dresser wi t h h e r ow nshop in o ur home.  I  don  t remember anythi n g abou t my fi rst two yea rs oflife . I was born wit h a ra spberr y birth m ark on my lo wer back side andit wa s remov ed whe n I was a b aby becaus e   according to th e  skin do ctor,i t would b e a breeding pl ace for disease s .  My mot her tol d me  it w asthe mark of a n idiot  an d my father h ad  on e like it too .  Such ridiculo us supe rstition and n onsens e to have to ca rry around with y ou. Sad to say, the re ar e a lot of old wiv es tales to get r i d of in familie s.  My earliest memories happened at age three and are con n e c t ed with avery major event.  I can remember sitti n g i n t h e living room of ourhouse and hearing a noise c o min g fro m e one  of the bedrooms. It is acrying bab y   m y b rothe r F rederick James Hibbert, born October 11 ,194 9 .  I don   t rem ember my mother being pregnant or i n th e ho spital orb ringin g Fred home , bu t I do remembe r th e cryi ng from hi s room . I alsorembember being rocke d t o sleep i n th e b i g rockin g chair in front ofthe fi repl ace in m y father   s arms.  I al so remember walking d own t hestree t to the cor ner.  At age four I remember Fred in a jumper on the fro n t l a w n and me beingjealous of him and doing somethin g t o h i m t o make him cry.  I think thatthere is pictur e o f tha t d ay b efore he was crying somewhere.  I started kindergarten in September of 1951 at Heste r E l e m entary Schoolon the Alameda.  I remember wearin g a r e d pl ai d skirt with plaidsuspenders and a white bl ous e t o schoo l . I also remember going to thebathroom i n m y pant s becau s e Ididn  t know where to go to thebath room ..... I used t o lo v e t o play with clay....I alway s trie d to s itdown ne xt t o Nancy, my neighbor and bes t frien d . D uri ng this ye a r I wasalso promoted  from P rimary S unday Scho ol to Regul a r SundayScool at Westmin ister Pre sbyterian C hurch....I w a s presented a New Test ament tha t Istill have.  I began first grade at age six and had the same tea c h e r i n the 1st and2nd grades.  I remember learning t o d o m at h an d read in first grade. Weread  Dick and Jan e   book s a n d I always confused the words  look  and see   .  I rem emb e r havingto sit under the piano for punish me nt when I whis pe red that the teacher couldn  t play th e pi ano durin g sing in g time,eating  past e  it was good ! , f ooling ou r parent s o n back to schoolnight with lif e size d dummie s i n our s eats.  When I was mother and father took a vaca t i o n b y themselves tosee the Oregon Cave s .  My  grand mo th e r sta yed with us at our home. Whenthey returned, F re d a n d I wer e playin g w ith Nancy and Gay Mutoza acro sst he s tr eet .  I remember seeing the car across the str e e t a n d m y mot herstanding there expectantly.  My brot he r wen t runni ng acr oss the street toher   I said  hi   an d kep t right o n playin g.  I did eventually go  give the m a kis s before hu rrying ba ck tomy play. My broth e r ha s alway s been,and st ill is, ve ry close to my moth er .  I was clos er to my fathe r.  I had to take dancing lessons because I was so clu m s y a n d my parentsthought it would teac h m e to be gra ce fu l .  I t taught me to alwayssmile in front of peopl e .  M y gr andmo ther made all of my costumes. Aboutthis t im e, m y fath er bou ghthis first boat   The Duchess.  When I was about nine I received religious educatio n e v e r y school day.We made little beanies that I stil l hav e .  T he y were for memorizingdifferent verses.  I t was a t t his t im e tha t m y father would not let usatt end Sund ay S choo l bec ause of his  new boat. Fred crie d when he w as t ake n out o f Sunday School.  He is no w a ?  at one po int h esai d he wa s an atheist when he wa s 17. My brothe r als o crie d oneThan ksgiving when we di dn  t  have Thanks givi n  at hom e, but wen t outtodinner .  He got up earl y in th e mornin g and looke d in the ove n for theTurkey  n o turkey . He ha s very tende r feelings.  I became interested and active in brownies and Girl S c o u t s and was laterto become a Girl Sc o ut leader in T ai w a n fo r the junior scouts and lovedit.  When I was tw e l v e I wen t to Girl  Sc out camp and loved it.  I wasgi v e n th e knickn ameRedwood ,  Nancy was given the knic k n am e  Tr oubles  .  It was about this  time that I lear ne d abo ut att ractiven essand being attr acted t o  boy s .  I use d to pla y in skit s and once playedthe piano a n d did a pan tomime t o   I lov e chewing gum . My fathe r us edto pay  m e .15 pe r hour to pr actice the piano dur ing t h e summe r .  Heuse d to come int o my bedroom  wher e th e piano was   and lay d own on mybed a nd say  Sister , pla y for me you r repetoire.    I would pla y the  BlueD anub e Waltz  unti l he fell aslee p then  would s neak ou t to p lay hide andg o seek with the n eighborhood kids.  I played in the band during Junior High School  the be l l s   . When I was12 years and 9 months old when I start e d ha vi n g monthly cycles. I didn  t have cramps atfirs t .  Thos e ca m e in Hi h School. We went on vacations oft e n. Sharo nwa s m y favorite cousin.  She always was  an d st ill is  k ind , war m, fun,and beautiful.  She was a m odel , beauty qu ee n and ma ny other things. Mybattery o f test s in high sch oo l suggeste d that I take lower leve lcourse s.  I ended u p ta king highe r level classes and m y grade s took off.I ha d a 3 .5 GPA an d am a Life Membe r of the C alifornia Schola sticFe deration.  In 1961, I got passes to go on the TV program from S a n J o s e named Record Hop .  I dated a n d was active i n J ob   s D au ghters during thistime.  My first serious bo yfri en d wa s Ric hard Nottingham. He was bornJuly 4, 1946 .  H e lo ved t o hun tand fish and his father had a cabi n inMa delin e, Cal iforni a.  We dated steadily for almos t two ye ars un tilcoll ege.  M ost of o ur d ates were wit h Marci a Holt an d Tim Ho llingswo rth they later married  . I rem ember maki ng ma chi ng shirt sfor us to wearat th e boat . We were goo d friend s as well a s high school swe etheart s.  In college I dated Tom Mowles, a short blond, intelli g e n t , atheist. Iwas definately on the rebound from Ric h a r d .  I was  a member of the DeltaZeta Sorority and l i v e d i n a sorority house near San Jose StateColl e g e . I ha d a lot of fun inthe Sorority house.  I me t m y hu sb and t o be   John David Feagin on July 30, 1966 .  W e me t a t a par tythat I was asked to attend .  I me t Joh n ther e .  I had ne ver seen anyoneso handsome in m y life !  We we r e marrie d i n San Jose on January 28, 19 67short ly befor e J ohn lef t for Taiwan where I was late r to joi n him. Rec or d Number   000 3790 7778


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