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Family Sheet

Name: Charles Winfield Ibach Note Born: 27 Mar 1900 at Chicago, , , IL Married: 15 Dec 1920 at Buffalo, , Erie County, NY Died: 8 Feb 1991 at North Evans, , Erie County, NY Other Spouses: Mary R. Herlan
Father: William Henry Ibach Mother: Elsie Berniece Pottle
Name: Lillian Elizabeth Maltbie Note Born: 13 Oct 1899 at Buffalo, , Erie County, NY Died: Jun 1928 at Buffalo, , Erie County, NY Father: Julius Bradley Maltbie Sr. Mother: Mary Schultz
Name: David Charles Ibach Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Wife: Rora Mecca
Name: Mary Elizabeth Ibach Born: 8 Sep 1922 at North Evans, , Erie County, NY Died: 31 Oct 1994 at Porterville, , Tulare County, CA Husband: Leslie Frank Feagin
Name: Vera Jane Ibach Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Carl Ernest Pilon
Name: Gertrude Lois Ibach Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Franklin Red Burke
Name: Joeanna Shirley Ibach Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Curtis Grant Osterhoudt
1). My grandfather was a man of great intelligence. He was b o r n in Chicago, Illinois in 1900 . When a child, he liv e d i n Dayton, Ohio down the street from Orville and Wilb u r Wri ght who invented the airplane. He used to go pla y o n som e of theircontraptions for testing the airplan e an d be cha sed off by the Wright brothers. His mothe r was s trict, wh ile his father was fairly gentle. My gra ndfathe r always sp oke highly of his parents. His grandfat her wa s Isidor Char les E. Ibach, who immigrated with h is fath er and a few br others from Leiberstung , Germany r ight aft er the German Re volution of 1848. During WW I, my grandfather was in the 106th Field Artill e r y, Battery F, U.S. Army. He joined while under age an d h i s mother had him discharged. My grandfather met and married Lillian E. Maltbie Mal t b y i n 1921. They had five children David, Mary my mot he r , Gertrude, Vera, and Shirley. After Lillian died i n 19 2 8 , their house burned down caused by my grandfathe r smok in g and igniting the still wet paint. I still hav e Lillia n s bible and a lock of her hair that is singe d by the fire that my grandfather was able to save. During World War I, he served for a short time but ha d t o b e discharged because he was under age. He worked f or C urti s Wright and the Service Legion during the begi nnin g of W orld War II. He spent time in Egypt and elsewh ere a s an ai rcraftmechanic. Apparently he spied on Germa n ai r craf t . He received a pension for the remainder o f hi s life. In 1942 he was involved in an automobile accident which r e s ulted in numerous injuries including a brain injury . H e ha d to have plates attached to his skull. He als o had o the r permanent physical disabilities. My grandfather was a Jack of all trades , he could do a n y thing. He worked as a mechanic, gardener, and was certi f ie d to work on air conditioning and refrigeration units. He loved to garden and to experiment with flowers b y u s i n g selective pollenization. He was able to come u p wi t h a blue Queen Anne s Lace flowe. He also loved bird s. He was not a religious man in the traditional sense. H e j o ined the Catholic Church after marrying his second w i f e . He believed in the magnetic power of life and lo v e fo r all things . He was very proud of his German heritage. He tol d m e i n a letter that his grandfather came to America fro m Ge rman y via New York. When I asked him what advice he would like to give futu r e g enerations, he wrote 1st Never put off till tomorrow that you can do today. 2nd Nothing ventured nothing gained. 3rd Believe in God with all thy heart and soul, as a Gr e a t Magnetic power of love and compassion. 4th Don t do to others that you wouldn t want done to you. I last saw him about a year or two before he died. I w a s a mazed at the physical endurance and strength he ha s l He w alked at a very fast pace which had me breathin g h ard. Hi s garden was full of snakes which he liked. T hes e were har mless garter snakes who ate the insects an d rode nts in th e garden. My wife was amazed at all of th e wildl ife in th e garden. He also had various blossums t hat he h ad cross p olinated, trying to come up with a ne w variety . Gardenin g was one of his favorite jogs to do. His appearance can be described as thin, bald with blue e y e s. He was very strong for his age and he was able t o li f t things that a much younger man couldn t. He smok e Ches te rfield cigarettes! To my knowledge, he never gav e smoki n g up. Hetrank liquors moderately. Medical He fought this disease for years. In his lat e r y ears, he decided to let nature take it s course and r ef use d chemo therapy and other therapeutic measures. H e spe nt h is last days propped up in bed so he could watc h the b ird s at the feeders. He loved wild birds. He pas sed awa y pea cefully having lived a long life.
2).  Lillian Maltbie was born  according to her birth certi f i c a te  Lillie Elizabeth Maltbie.  She was born at ho m e a t 4 3 7 Nogden Street in Buffalo,NY.  Her father, Jul iu s w a s a st reet car inspector at the time of herbirth .  A ccor di ng to h ermarriage certificate, she gave he r nam e as Li lli an Josep hine Maltbie. She was generall y know n as Lilli an o r   Lil  .  She attended school with her brother at school 43, r o o m 2 9 , on Lovejoy Street in Buffalo.  Her brother Juli u s , wa s tw o years younger than her.In those days, the y be ga n sch ool a t age 3. When she was 9, her parents mo ve d t o a far m in Derby, New York, where she grew up. Sh e h ad m any frie nds, on e of her favorites being Mary Lea ch .  Sh e also kne w the McN ultys who were a wealthy fami l y livin g on the Lak eshore. Sh e attended the 1st Congre ga tional C hurch in Nort h Evans. S hemet and married  af te r some fam ily controvers y   she wa s pregnant    Charl e s Winfield Ib ach.They were m arried arou nd the 15th o f De cember in 192 0 by Rev. Rober t G.Leetcha .  At the ti me, m y grandfather , Charles was a m otor assembl er bytr ade .  The witnesse s to the marriage we re Julius Mal tbi e an d Frances A.Ibach.  Her first child was David, born in May of 1921.  My mo t h e r , Mary was born in September of 1922.  Three othe r ch il dr e n followed. Her married life was evidently a s tres sfu l o n e due to being constantly pregnant and takin g car e o f lit tl e ones. She would panic whenever one o f her ch ildr en wa s hu rt.  She owned a Camel hair coat   all the r age i n thos e day s  of which she was very proud .  She wa s ver y sentime ntal , keeping a pressed weddin g rose in he r bibl e whic h I stil l have. She used to spe nd hours wit h David , talkin g of th e beauty of nature. S he was a gent le perso n.  Fires were a constant hazard in those days, and a poi g n a n t memory of my mother is watching her mother cr y a s a h ou s e burned to the ground across the street.  S he w as afr ai d h er husband would be hurt fighting it.  My grandmother was a gentle woman who loved her chil d r e n .  She kept a diary of their first words and othe r sp ec i a l events in their lives. She was pregnant wit h my Un cl e D av id Ibach when she was married. For this r eason, C har le s Iba ch was always disliked by the Maltby  Maltbie f amil y . I hav e a lock of her hair which was red dish brow n in c ol or. Sh e had brown eyes like my mother , Mary Ibac h.  Sh e ha d one c hild after another. Durin g her sixth pr egnancy , sh e fell do wn andhad a miscarri age. People i n the Malt bie f amily sugg ested that she wa s forced to ha ve an abort ion. M y grandfath er swore to m e that he had n o reason t o lie an d that she di ed fro m a fall. I believ e him.  She was taken to the hospital in Buffalo, New York w h e r e s he developed an infection and pneumonia.  Antibio ti c s s uc h as penicillin were no tavailable in the 1920   s .  S he a ske d all of the children and her husband to co m e an d see h er o nelast time. She spoke her final word s t o h e rhusban d  Cha rlie, keep them together . She the n di ed a t age 28 .  My mo ther was completely crushed see ing h er mo ther al l dressed i n pink laying in a coffin . She w as bur ied wit h a containe r containing momentos o f some s ort. M y mothe r never got ov er that pain of he r mother   s death a nd she s eemed to be  fr ozen  emotiona lly at th e age she w as when t hishappened. M y grandfathe r kept th e children to gether a s she requested.T heir lif e with the ir step mothe r was ful l of pain and suffe ring , althoug h my mother reco nciled wit h  Big Mary  late r i n life.  My grandmother is buried at The First Congregational C h u r c h of North Evans known as  Jerusalem Corners  in No r t h Ev an s, New York. My mother  s ashes  Mary Elizabet h Ib ac h  a r e buried with her in her grave. The inscript ion o n t he to mb stone is the front of the grave. In othe r word s, m y moth er   s ashes are buried on the other sid e of th e ston e fro m th e inscription as is my grandmothe r.  I to ok my m other   s ash es there myself.  It was afte r makin g this tri p, on t he wa y home, that I was envolve d in a s erious auto mobile a cciden t.  I have in my possession several pictures of her an d h e r B i ble.  Medical  She died at age 28 because she fell and h a d a s p o ntaneous miscarriage.  This caused an interna l in fecti o n wh ich spread throughout her body.  Since th ey di dn  t h av e ant ibiotics in the 1920  s, she died of t he inf ection.


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