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Family Sheet

Name: Leo Altherr Note Born: 25 Feb 1920 at Buffalo, , , NY Married: Abt 1942 at Buffalo, , , NY Died: Apr 1973 at Buffalo, , , NY
Name: Mary Elizabeth Ibach Note Born: 8 Sep 1922 at North Evans, , Erie County, NY Died: 31 Oct 1994 at Porterville, , Tulare County, CA Other Spouses: Leslie Frank Feagin Walter Theodore Parsons Jr. Edward Hodges Father: Charles Winfield Ibach Mother: Lillian Elizabeth Maltbie

1). Leo Altherr had Social Security Number 050 12 820 4 . L e o m arried my mother even though he new she did n o t lov e hi m . He felt with time she would learn. The m ar riag e was v er y short in terms of time they were toget her . M y mothe r ra n away from Leo and joined the U.S. C oas t Guar d. Leo d idn t ask for an annulment he was Cat holi c unti l about 1 951 . He received an annulment an d remar ried. H e was late r t o die in an accident of som e sort . My mothe r always to ld m e he wasa good man fro m a goo d family. H e was declar ed b y the courts to be m y lega l not biologic al father wh en th e issue came u p becaus e of my brother . I wish I had b een a ble to mee t him. Pe rhaps in the nex t life.
2).  My mother was the oldest daughter of five childr e n .  H e r mother  s early death had a large impact on he r l if e a n d ours. She was raised in an abusive situatio n. S h e spe n t her early years in North Evans, Erie Count y, N e w York .  H er favorite  person in the world was he r gran dm othe r  Maltb ie  Schultz .  She  also loved he r grandfa the r, Wi lliam Iba ch. Unfortunately, both  of t hese indiv idua ls pas sed away e arly in my mother  s life.  She spent some of her years in Marion Junction, Ala b a m a .  She was there during the depression .  She was l iv i n g wi th her grandmother Ibach and grandfather who wa s h op in g t o get work building the railroads. Unfortunat el y fo r hi m, t he jobs were mostly taken by destitute bl ack s .Th e K u Klu x Klan was active in the area and my mo the r ofte n spo ke o f the blacks working in the e cotto n fiel ds sing ing ol d Neg ro spirituals. At times they wo uld b e greete d by th e Klan a nd for some imagined infrac tion,w ould be t arred an d feather ed or even lynched .  A woman t hat I me t in her la ter year s that playe d a great role i n my mothe r  s life wa s Mrs. Ros coe .  I know she had a so n Isaac an d I believ e a daughte r , Anita. Mrs.Roscoe wa s black and a n angel! Sh e  s th e one w ho taught my mothe r how to do th e jitterbug a n d other dance s of e day.  M y mother also wa s introduce d t o authentic sou l food an d treated as one o f the fami ly. I n 1965, while st atione d in the Air Force , I met Mr s. Rosc oe who was then i n he r 90  s .  Once sh e figure d out wh o I was, I was welcom e d in her rural hom e wit h welcome arm s and cooked real h om e smoked bacon an d fr esh eggs.  Later, my mother met a man named Leo Altherr who she d i d n    t love, but married to get away from home. This w a s a r e a l mistake. She ran away from him and joined t h e U.S. C oa s t Guard during WWII. She didn  t get along w i th the Co as t G uardeither and was being processed fo r di scharge un de r les s than honorable conditions when s he wa s sent to h el p wit h the troops at Bethesda Naval H ospita l, in Maryla nd . That   s where she met my father, L eslie F rank Feagin . Sh e had th ree children by him witho ut bene fit of marri age du e to th e fact she was still ma rried t o Leo Altherr.  I was born in the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in T a k o m a Park, Montgomery County, Maryland .  My parents w e r e li vi ng in Berwyn Heights at the time.  I was delive r e d hom e i n a high explosives truck that my father drov e.  We eventually went to live for awhile in Buffalo, N e w Y o r k and even later in Sacramento, California.  I re me mb e r m y mother leaving my father several times.  We o nc e li ve d i n a house with an outhouse in the back and w er e o n wel fare.  My father always loved us and looked for us and my m o t h e r was forever hiding from him. I remember in the ea r l y 19 50   s, my mother writing a letter to  lonely troo p s i n Adak , A laska in the Aleutian Islands. She starte d c orre spondin g wi thPrivate Walter Theodore Parsons wh o  w as i n the U.S . Mar ine Corps.  He was seven years yo unge r tha n my mother .Event ually after they finally met , the y wer e married afte r th e marriage to Leo Altherr w as ann ulle d by the Catholi c Chur ch.This was sometim e in earl y 195 3 after my half s ister , Mary Anne Parson s was born .  The y also had Pattie E llen P arsons, and Pa mela Jane P arsons.  Pamela was born in Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu, Ha w a i i . Her birth took place in on the 18 th of April, 19 6 0 , ju s t a few months after the Territory of Hawaii bec a m e a sta te .  I remember seeing Pearl Harbor before th e m em orials w er ebuilt  and oil slicks were still on th e wa te r from th e at tack by the Japanese.  After a few years in Hawaii, my mother returned t o l i v e i n San Francisco.  She was never happy there an d oft e n b ecam e depressed. It was also at this time tha t my br ot her , Mich ael, was  taken to the first of man y foster h ome s.  I graduated from Mission High School in San Franci s c o a n d left for college and later the A i  Force.  M y mo th er m ov ed to San Jose, California and was somewha t happ ier .  Sh e e ventually divorced Walter Parsons an d marrie d E d Hodge s .  I have nothing good to say abou t Mr. Hodge s s o will l e t the matter rest.  After divorcing Ed Hodges, my mother sent some of my h a l f   sisters to live with their father and she increasin g l y be ca me a loner. She moved in her latter years to Wa t so nvill e , California where she found some peace by gar de nin g an d ra ising animals, mostly cats. She really did n   t ca re t o hav e family around. It was also at this tim e t hat s he go t brea st cancer and had to have surgery .  Sh e also h ad sur gery fo r spinal spurs in her neck. S he nev er full y recover ed fro m either .  It became mor e and mor e necess ary for he r to us e addicting pain reli evers.  Sh e spen t a great dea l of tim e in introspection . She love d to wri te poetry an d I hav e a few of her boo ks.  She was a  new age  type person, believing in God, b u t o n l y her version of God.  She would argue about me b ei n g a M or mon.  She did see the missionaries but neve r to o k them s eri ously.  The last time I saw my mother, she was a mere shad o w o f h e rself standing in her driveway completely caug h t up i n h e r own problems. I later phoned her and we ta lk ed abou t li f e and death and I felt that I left nothin g u ndone wi th he r.  She was removed to my half sister Pamela  s house in Po r t e r ville, California when her cancer recurred and the r e s h e di ed.  She asked to be cremated and I took her a sh e s t o be pl aced in the grave of her mother, Lillian , i n th e 1s t Congregational Church of Evans  Jerusale m Corn ers    Nort h  Evans , New York.  !BIRTH John Feagin, Sr., John Feagin, Sr.  !DEATH John Feagin, Sr., John Feagin, Sr.  !BURIAL John Feagin, Sr., John Feagin, Sr., Interred my mo t hers cremated remains in the same grav e a s h er mother , L illian Maltbie Ibach at 1st Congregatio na l Chur ch o f Eva ns known as Jerusalem Corners., Personally present a t buria l.


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