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Family Sheet

Name: John Thomas Feagin Note Born: 5 Jan 1898 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Married: Died: 22 Sep 1935 at Smith Flat, , Placer County, CA Other Spouses: Ruth
Father: William Henry Feagin Mother: Eugenia Cameron
Name: Vera Beulah Goldsmith Note Born: 23 Aug 1904 at Madera, , Madera County, CA Died: 31 Aug 1989 at Sacramento, , Sacramento, CA Other Spouses: H. Coletrane Robert Berger Father: Frank Goldsmith Mother: Annie Pearl St. Clair
Name: Leslie Frank Feagin Born: 19 Jun 1924 at Watsonville, , Santa Cruz County, CA Died: 21 Feb 1967 at Sacramento, , Sacramento County, CA Wife: Irene Huff
Name: Vera Jane Feagin Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
1). John Thomas Stallings Feagin was born in Sumter Count y , G e o rgia to William H. and Eugenia Cameron Feagin. William H. Feagin was in law enforcement and was fairly strict but also generous with his children. Eugen a never liked the name John Thomas because he had an uncle wih that name tht had mental and alcohol addiction problems. John Thomas was called JT throughout his life by family members . After his father died, John Thomas became very troubled and a sort of black sheep in the family. John Thomas Feagin was a handsome man who loved the ladies . He apparently married Ruth in Newport News, Virginia while in the Navy. They had a son named John. He left both of them and ended up in Vallejo, California, where he met Vera Goldsmith. They were unable to marry because of his previous marriage to Ruth. They had two children together Leslie my father and Vera Jane Feagin. John Thomas Feagin was a lumberjack during the 1920 s and 30 s. He was a very strong man who loved to drink and fight. Often he would come home after drinking and the family would go up to the roof of the house because he could be violent. He lived inWatsonville, California where my father was born, and he also lived in the Smiths Flat area near Placerville, California. He died from a fall caused by climbing a tree aft e r a b e a r cub for my father. He had a bad arm and ha d al so be e n dr inking. The fall broke his neck and sever ed hi s spin a l cor d leaving him paralyzed from the nec k down . He survived for 24 hours and died. He is buried in a small cemetery in Placerville, California which I visited with my g randmother once. As I recall, his tombstone is on the edge of the cemetery. Medical John T. Feagin fell from a tree trying to get a b ear cub for his son, Leslie. He lived through the night, unable to breathe properly. He died the next morning.
2).  My grandmother had a shaky childhood.  Of all the chil d r e n , she seems to have had the best life.  Her siste r Do ro t h y and Winefred both had problems all of their l ive s .  I r em ember seeing Winnie many years ago and I re memb e r her a s a n extremely heavy woman with red orang e hair . A nnie Pea rl a nd Frank were cooks and had an ext remel y rock y marriag e whi ch ended up in a long separati on.  F or som e reason, t he chi ldren were either taken aw ay fro m Anni e Pearl or wer e give n to the childrens home .  I wi ll sa y here that my gr andmoth er always loved he r mother , Annie.  My grandmother was made a  Ward of the Court  and w a s s e n t to live at the Ladies Home Society of Oakland , Ca lifo rn ia .  This home for children was founded in 18 72 fo r adu lt s an d children. Children were usually sen t ther e becaus e o f par ental neglect, drinking, or prost itution .  It wa s ru n by Ma tilda S. Brown in 1910 when m y grandm other an d he r sister s were there. Mrs. Spence r Brown wa s Secretar y.  T hey answe red the phone Matild a Home . Th e children s par t is still s tanding at 393 4 5th Street,i n Oakland.  I remember grandmother bringing me blocks of wood ho m e f r o m where she worked to play with.  I also remembe r t ha t s h e had a walnut tree in the back yard of her ho me a t 4 40 9 Sy camore Ave  North Sacramento, California w hic h sh e use d t o cut  switches  from and when we misbeh ave d sh e woul d swit ch our legs with them.  Our legs wer e le ft wi th welt s and s ometimes cuts.  My grandmother loved the sea.  She and her second hus b a n d , Bob Berger, would often travel down to Mexico i n th e i r ca mper.  She loved to collect sea shells and ma ke th in g s ou t of them.  She had quite a collection.  She was much older than Bob.  Grandmother loved ice c r e a m .  She had it everyday.  In her late 70  s, she ha d t o h a v e quadruple bypass heart surgery.  She never qu it e reco ve re d.  She eventually died of cancer in her 80   s .  Bob t he n ma rried Iris who now lives in grandma  s o l d house . I und ersta nd that Iris is a very nice lady.  Address of children  s home in 1998  Children  s Home Society 3200 Telegraph Ave, Oaklan d , C A 9 4 609 3077  Medical  She had surgery on her heart to bypass seve r a l c l ogged vessels and never quite recovered from it.


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