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Family Sheet

Name: Franz Josef Ibach Note Born: 30 Aug 1808 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Married: 21 Nov 1832 at Schwarzach, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 9 Jan 1882 at Mankato, , Blue Earth County, MN Father: Johann Georg Ibach Mother: Barbara Lorentz
Name: Scholastika Speyerer Note Born: 5 May 1813 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 24 Jun 1870 at Preston, , Fillmore County, MN Father: Bernhard Speyerer Mother: Anna Marie Schuh
Name: Joseph Ibach Born: 19 Feb 1832 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 23 Jan 1908 at Mankato, , Blue Earth County, MN
Name: Anton Ibach Born: 14 Jul 1833 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 25 Oct 1884 at Preston, , Fillmore County, MN Wife: Theresa Loman
Name: Charles (isadore) L. Ibach Born: 28 Jul 1834 at Leiberstung Buhl, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 26 Sep 1921 at Evans, , Erie county, NY Wife: Mary E. Yenten
Name: Louise Ibach Born: 18 May 1835 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died:
Name: Landelin Ibach Born: 25 Jan 1837 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died:
Name: Ignatz Ibach Born: 25 Jul 1838 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 4 Jul 1930 at Carrolton Township, , , MN
Name: Johann Evangelist Ibach Born: 30 Dec 1839 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: at Filmore County, , , MN
Name: Erhard Ibach Born: 2 Jan 1842 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: Wife: Lena
Name: Otto Ibach Born: 15 Sep 1843 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: 1843 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany
Name: Albrecht Ibach Born: 21 Dec 1845 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died: Sep 1927 at Breckenridge, , , MN
Name: Anselm Ibach Born: 29 Feb 1848 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died:
Name: Valerian Ibach Born: 25 Dec 1849 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died:
Name: Peter Ibach Born: 25 Oct 1851 at Leiberstung, Baden, Baden, Germany Died:
1). Franz Josef Ibach was the Burgermeister of Leiberstu n g . B u rgermeister isequivalent to Mayor in the United S ta te s. B ef ore being Burgermeister,Franz worked as a far me r . In an y c ase, about 1851 he stole 1000 Florinsof c urr en cy from L eiberstung and fled with his oldest son s to t h e UnitedStat es. H is wife, Scholastica, was lef t to fac e t he repercussi ons . Sherequested to immigrat e with th e res t of their chi ldre n to the UnitedStates b ut was req uire d to pay back al l th e money which was sto len plusal l of t heir creditors . She e ventually did thi s and immig rated . Thefamily firs t came fr om Leiberstun g to Buffalo , Ne w York. Some staye d inBuffal o and other s went to Min nesot a and other states . The famil ychanged their name s to Ame rican sounding give n names. Isi dor e became Char les , Ign atz became George , Anton beca m e Anthony , et c. John, How nice it was to talk to you last night. We t a l k e d about manysubjects. I probably interrupted you se ve r a l ti mes only to rattle on andon. One thing I wante d t o t al k t o you about was some additionalinformatio n I ha d con cer nin g the Revolution and Counter revolutio n. Thef irst k ey m eeti ng held in Frankfurt for the purpo se of de termini ng th efutu re consolidation of German an d Austria n State s was he ld beg inning May18, 1848 at St . Paul s ch urch. Th ere wer e 800 ele cted delegates invit ed,includin g all th e burgerme isters. Mo re than 500 actu ally showe d up forthi s German Co nstituent N ational Asse mbly. Eac h of the out o f towndelega tes congrega ted wit h those o f like politica l persuasion. T hus theirpoli tic al party a ffiliation becam e known by the h otel name th e y stayedat . The moderate gro up, headed by Rob ert Blu m and K arl Vog t lodged at the Deu tsche Hof . The mo re r adical grou p ru n by Wilhelm Zimmerm ann, ArnoldRuge, Lo r enz Brentano, L udwig Simon, et al sta yed at the Donners b erg .The right i sts headed by Gener al von Radowitz , Feli x Lichnowsky , Erns tvon Lassaulx an d Baron von Vin cke roome d at the Cafe Mila ni . Finally,t he liberal ma jority divid ed the m selves wit hthe more sta id northern Germans stayin g a t the Casino wh ile their yo unger sou thwestern Germans l odged at the Wurtte mbergisch e Hof . What I would like to find out about these series of po l i t i cal meetingsis whether Josef Ibach was an attende e a n d pa rt icipant. I have yet tofind if a roster of del egat e s exis t . Should he be on it, I would beintereste d in a n y record e d speeches and or debates he may havepa rticipa te d in. D o yo u have any idea where I could obtai n that k in d ofinfor matio n? According to the book I wa s reading , ple ase don t ask me what the title is, the fo remost vic tims o f the cou nter revo lution werethe Germa n democrats . Practi cally al l their lead ers and a larg e number ofthe ir follow ers wer e forced into e xile. Mos t of them went t o the Unit edStates . There they fou n d a friendly receptio n and mad e a notable contribution t o t he consolidation o f America n democracy a t a crucialj unctur e of this countr y s histor y. If our Jose f Ibach , farmer, ma yorturned fug itive wa s a Democrat whic h I b elieve was the c ase, thi s couldexpl ain his motivatio n f or getting the hel l out o f Leiberstun g. Art Ibach
2).  Scholastica was left in Germany with the remaining yo u n g e r children. Because her husband was considered a cr im in a l , she was not allowed to leave Germany.  She peti tio ne d s ev eral times to join her husband and was only a llow e d to p roc eedonce she had paid all her husbands de bts.


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