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Family Sheet

Name: Born: Married: Died: Father: Mother:
Name: Vera Jane Feagin Note Born: (suppressed / living) Married: (suppressed / living) Died: Other Spouses: Frank Baker Father: John Thomas Feagin Mother: Vera Beulah Goldsmith
Name: Brenda Lee Baker Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Frank Belle
1). Aunt Vera was always there for us. We spent some su m m e r s with her and our cousins in Sacramento. I rememb e r U n cl e Frank Baker very well. He always wore a flat to p ha ir cu t and love to hunt ducks. In fact, he ofte n too k m e wit h h im fishing. I also remember that he pl ayed i n th e Texa s Le ague for the Dodgers farm system b aseball . H e worke d fo r Campbell Soup company as an exe cutive . He d ied i n a mote l room at least 15 years ago . Ver a never re marrie d. Aunt Vera was very close to her father. His death eff e c t e d her and my father greatly. There always seeme d t o b e s om e sort of gulf between her and her mother . Th ey h ad t rou ble communicating. My grandmother woul d simpl y no t tal k ab out her past. I have since discove red som e of t he rea son s why. Aunt Vera had a short left arm that was caused b y h e r a r m getting caught in a pump and being cut off . Th e ar m w a s reattached in the 1930 s which was remar kabl e in th at t im e. She had limited use of the arm an d hand . It wa s barel y n oticeable since Aunt Vera seeme d to hav e accept ed thi s disa bility. My father was some how invol ved in th e accid ent an d felt guilty about it f or the res t of his l ife. In her later years, Aunt Vera has suffered greatly f r o m e m otional problems. She lives in a trailor on my g ra nd moth er s old property. My sister, Judy has visite d he r se vera l ti mes. Medical Aunt Vera has heart failure and is mentally ill. !BIRTH Per letter from Vera Feagin Baker, dated 16 Apr i , Per letter from Vera Feagin Baker, dated 16 April 1977


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