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Family Sheet

Name: William Henry Feagin Note Born: 28 Aug 1857 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Married: 15 Nov 1890 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 13 Dec 1912 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Father: William Henry Feagin Mother: Jane Drennan
Name: Eugenia Cameron Note Born: 9 Oct 1873 at Jasper, , , TN Died: 7 Jan 1955 at Asheville, , , NC Father: Henry C. Cameron Mother: Laura A. Snider
Name: Janie Feagin Born: 28 Oct 1891 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 18 Mar 1957 at Tampa, , , FL Husband: Rufus G. Webb
Name: Laura Feagin Born: 18 Nov 1893 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 12 Jun 1980 at Tampa, , , FL Husband: Frank Alexander
Name: William Henry Feagin Born: 4 Mar 1896 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 1970 at Tampa, , , FL Wife: Mary Sallie Kennedy
Name: John Thomas Feagin Born: 5 Jan 1898 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 22 Sep 1935 at Smith Flat, , Placer County, CA Wife: Vera Beulah Goldsmith
Name: Eugenia Feagin Born: 5 Jul 1900 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 7 Jan 1932 Husband: Jack Daniels
Name: Leroy Henderson Feagin Born: 2 Jul 1904 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 9 Aug 1961 at Asheville, , , NC Wife: Zou Steele Bass
Name: Ruth Feagin Born: 2 Oct 1907 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 23 Aug 1995 at Tampa, , , FL Husband: James William Carter
Name: Cordelia Feagin Born: 29 Aug 1910 at Americus, , Sumter County, GA Died: 21 Mar 1988 at Tampa, , , FL Husband: Benjamin Tucker
1). My g. grandfather, William H. Feagin, fell in lov e w i t h E ugenia Cameron while Eugenia was still a girl . H e ac tu all y waited for her to grow up so he could ma rry h er . Sh e mad e him quit drinking, attend church, an d gene ral ly wal k a st raight path. William H. Feagin wa s love d i n his com munit y and was elected to be Chief o f Polic e o f Americus , Georgi a in which office he serve d until h is d eath in 191 3. He wa s also once Sheriff o f Sumter Cou nty , Georgia duri ng the 18 90 s. William Feagin had a brother, John Thomas Feagin, cal l e d U ncle Tom . John Thomas is buried in the Lawson fa mi l y pl o t in Americus. William also had a sister, Jenni e F ea gin L aw son, who is also buried in the Lawson plot. He was a staunch Mason and member of Woodsmen of the W o r l d . His father owned slaves and he kept some on at t h e fa mi l y farm after emancipation. One of the former sl av es th a t st ayed on was named Rufus Feagin. There was also a family store near the family house o n C h u r ch Street in Americus. There was, at one time, a picture of William H. Feagi n h a n g ing in the Americus, Georgia City Hall. He was very close to his family and loved his child r e n a g r eat deal. He was a large burley type of person , w it h dar k h air and a large mustache. He was friends w it h Wil lis P . McA rthur who was a member of the Americu s Fi re Dep artmen t. William Bill H. Feagin died of colon cancer a t a g e 5 5 i n Americus, Georgia. He didn t leave much t o hi s w ido w wh o had to raise the children by sewing, ru nnin g a f lowe r sta nd, selling pecans and doingother suc h thi ngs . She l eft fo rTampa, Florida in 1922 due to C ordeli a, h er daught er, hav ing Malaria. He is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery. His tombston e r e a d s None knew him but to love him, none named hi m b u t t o p raise . This information came from my great grandaunt, Cordel i a F e a gin Tucker in the 1970 s.
2).  Eugenia Cameron was a wonderful mother and wife to h e r h u s band and children.  She did, however, have a ver y b ad t em pe r.  At William  s funeral something was sai d abou t hi m be in g the judge of men and now he would b e judged .  Sh e lef t th echurch never to attend again.  Eugenia owned a small store where she did sewing a n d s o l d a variety of items to supplement the family  s i nc om e .  Wh en Sheriff William Feagin died of colon cance r , sh e w as th e sole support of the family. She did sewi ng , rai se d flowe rs which she sold at a roadside stand a n d made m one y howeve r she could.  She was very close to all of her children excep t f o r m y g . grandfather, John Thomas Feagin.  After hi s fat he r di ed , he became very rebellious and caused he r a gre a t dea l o f problems. She was glad to sign the p apers t o a llow h im t o jointhe U.S. Navy where he serve d durin g WWI.  Malaria was a problem in Georgia in the early 1900  s .  E u g e nia Feagin came down with it and her mother deci de d t o mo v e her family to Florida. They lived there fo r ye ar s unti l a ll of the children were on their own.  In her later years, she was taken care of by her so n L e r o y Feagin. It was at his home that she died.  Sh e w a s a me m ber in good standing of Eastern Star and att end e d churc h re gularly.


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