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Family Sheet

Name: Samuel Pratt Note Born: Abt 1636 at Plymouth, , , MA Married: 1667-1668 at Scituate, , , MA Died: 26 Mar 1676 at Rehoboth, , , MA Father: Phineas Pratt Mother: Mary Priest
Name: Mary Barker Note Born: Abt 1647 at Marshfield, , , MA Died: Aft 15 May 1711 Other Spouses: Francis Coombs David Wood Father: John Barker Mother: Anna Williams
Name: (3) Sarah Pratt Born: Abt 1668-1669 Died: 14 May 1702 at Middleboro, , Plymouth, MA Husband: William Thomas
Name: (3) Samuel Pratt Born: Abt 1672 at Middleboro, , , MA Died: Abt Jul 1745 at Middleboro, , Plymouth, MA Wife: Hannah Miller
1). The Pratt Directory 1995 Revised Edition, compile d b y J ayne Pratt Lovelace, Ancestor House, 417 W. McNair St., Chandler , A Z 8 5224, 1995, p. 748 SAMUEL, c. 1636, Ma., s o Phineas c. 1592 and Mary Prie s t of Plymouth, Charlestown, etc. M. 1668 Mary BARKER b. Scitu a t e, d o John and Anna WILLIAMS of Duxbury. Estate rec. quoted in B 1 7 9 and B 567 prove her id y. Samuel was killed 26 Mar1676, Battl e o f R ehoboth, by Indians. Widow mar. c. 1678 Francis COOMBS, her bro in l a w and cou. of her 1st husb. acc g to B 567. She m. 3rd David WO O D b . 1721 as stated in B 679 which gives only surnames and no date s r e h er first and second husb s. B 64 states David WOOD m. Mary wid o w o f Francis COOMBS mo was a d o Cuthbert CUTHERSTON, Sarah. He ob v y did not marry his mo s sister Mary. NOTE Samuel Pratt s mo in l aw, Anna WILLIAMS BARKER, m. 2nd Abraham BLISH or BLUSH.O n 2 N o v 1668 Samuel PRATT gave receipt to fa in law Abraham BLUSH f o r his wife s portion of John BARKER s est. B 567 . See B 11 for ad d l info on BLASH, WILLIAMS, BARKER. Samuel prob. res. Wickford , R I . When his fa s est. was div d July 1738, Samuel PRATT, wheelwright of Middleboro, MA., and William THOMAS, h o dtr Sarah belo w , a mong heirs. B 161 erron y names dtr Susannah instead of Sarah al s o s tates a dtr Patience m. 1703 Eben r TINKHAM but B 567 states that Pa t i encePRATT TINKHAM s age at death indic. she was born si x y r s after Samuel PRATT s death. JPL s opin. is that age at dea t h a s given was an error, that Patience d. childless and had no heirs t o h e r gr fa s est. 1738. THOMAS fam. notes B 3.71 question wh. Sara h w h o m. William THOMAS was d o Samuel or d o his bro Peter. However, a s P e ter rem. to Connecticut early, that suggestion is unlikely. See re f . f or details. VR B 11 B 161 B 567 B 679 Sarah c. 1670 prob. Patience c. 1674 Samuel Jr. c. 1672 VR Vital Records B 11 A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settle r s o f New England, James A. Savage Little Brown & Co. Bos t o n 1861 B 161 Phineas Pratt and Some of His Descendants Eleazer Franklin Pratt Boston, Mass. 1897 B 567 Mayflower Families in Progress printed cop y o f t he current status of four generations of Priest research for the five generation project of the Society of Mayflower Descendants Priest M.I.F.P., 65 Annapolis Lane, Rotunda West, FL 33947 1988 B 679 John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol. 1 the First Five Generations of First Child, Desire Howland Who Married Captain John Gorman Picton Press Camden, Maine 1990 Mayflower Families, Through Five Generations, Volume Eig h t , Family of Degory Priest, edited by Robert S. Wakefield, F. A. S. G., publi s h ed by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA, 1994 Pr o v ided his name, wifes s and children s name and other data. He died on the banks of the Pawtucket River, near Rehobo t h , , MA, on 26 Mar 1676, killed by Indians in King Phillip s War. He married perhaps in Scituate, Plymouth, MA, between 1 9 D e c 1667 will and 2 Nov 1668 receipt Mary Barker who was born about 164 7 a n d died after 15 May 1711 daughter of John and Anna Williams Barker of Duxb u r y, Plymouth, MA. On 2nd 9th month Nov 1688 Samuel Pratt gave a recei p t t o his father in law Abraham Blush for his wife s portion of John Barker s est a t e. Rev. Noah Newman s letter written the day after the Pawt u c ket Fight lists Samuel Pratt from Scituate as one of the 52 English w h o d ied in the fight. In an undated letter Mary Barker Pratt Coombs Woo d w r ote the following petition probably 1690 These lines may give informat i o n that Samuel Pratt s Father, my first husband, was slain by the heat h e n in Captain Pierce s fight. He was pressed a souldier when I sojourned att Sc i t tuate, having then noe place of my own, and have brought him up with other s m a ll children, and I shall take it very unkindly, Iff he that is the only on e s o n of his father that was slain in the former warr should be compelled to g o o u t againe, itt being contrary as I am informed to the law of England and thi s c o untry, therefore I desire itt may not be. So petitions Mary Woods from Midd l e bury. The 15 May 1711 divisions of the estate of Francis Coom b s m entions Mary Wood, widow. On 15 Nov 1743 Samuel Pratt, wheelwright, and William Tho m a s, gentleman, both of Middleboro, sold 36 acres in Nottingham, NH, being a n i n th part of Phineas Pratt s farm, to Samuel Gould. No Plymouth Colony PR or LP for Samuel Pratt. He doe s n o t appear in the published 12 volumes of Plymouth Colony Records. per MAYFLOWER INCREASINGS by Susan Roser married between 19 Dec 1667 2 Nov 1668 prob Scituate Mayflower Increasings By Susan Roser Page 103 Mayflower Families In Progress Degory Priest Page 4 5 Killed By Indians In King Phillip s War On Pawtucket River The fact that Samuel Pratt of Middlebury, wheelwrigh t , a nd William Thomas of Middlebourough Gentleman shared in the same dis t r ibution of the estate of Phineas Pratt 31 July 1738 proves that Sam u e l and Sarah who had m. Wm. Thomas were children of Samuel. The 15 May 1711 div. of estate of Francis Coombs menti o n s Mary Wood, widow. No Plymouth Colony PR or LR for Samuel Pratt. He do e s n ot appear in the published 12 vols. of Plymouth Colony Records. Mayflower Families in Progress Degory Priest Houston Clayton Library King Philip and King Philip s War King Philip was a name given to the son of Massasoi t b y t he English. This was not his real name. His real name was Metacom someti m e s spelled Metacomet or Pometacom . He had an older brother whom t h e E nglish called Alexander whose Indian namewas Wamsutta. Sachem Massas o i t had been a friend of the Plymouth Colony. He tried to maintain pe a c e with the English to enable both cultures to co exist with as lit t l e conflict as possible. Massasoit and the Wamapanoags in fact, save d t h e lives of the Pilgrims by teaching them how to fish through the first w i n ter of their invasion on New England shores, and sharing with them th e i r own provisions. After Massasoit s death in 1661 2, his son Alexander w a s t o become Sachem, but a mysterious illness resulted in Alexander s deat h w h ile on a visit to the English fathers in Boston. Philip was convince d h i s brother had been poisoned by the English whom he did not trust. He also fe a r ed for the future of his own people as the English became more domin a n t and wielded their hegemony over the Indian people. They passed a ser i e s of laws, imprisoned Indians for their failure to obey these law s many of the Indians could not read or write English and had no id e a o f what the laws were, but were prosecuted before English courts neverthel e s s took away Indian lands by having Indian people sign deeds conveyi n g p roperty with many of these Indians having no concept of what they we r e d oing. It was deviance and trechery, greed and thievery, bigotry and in j u stice there is no question about it. Philip and his Wampanoag people were quite aware of the E n g lish massacre of the Pequot Indians at Mystic Connecticut in 1647. They k n e w their future was at stake and their survival on their own ancestral la n d s depended upon taking a stand of somekind. The English wanted to tur n N e w England Indian tribes against each other to keep them from respondi n g a s a group where they would have superior numbers and more bargaining pow e r . i.e. the Connecticut Colony s friendship with the Mohegansand R I s friendship with the Narragansetts . Philip chose a course which would prove to be fatal for h i m self and his people. He commenced the New England Indian wars as h e s a w the pressure of the colonists upon hunting and fishing grounds, his peopl e s cornfields and way of life. His goal was to push the English back to t h e s ea on boats back to whence they came, but he had little idea that this w a s a n impossibility. From 1675 6, skirmishes and battles took place which invo l v ed the death of many people including Indians men, women & children , m a ny of whose names we shall never know. However, we do know the nam e s o f a good share of the English soldiers who fought in this war. Below is a sample bibliography for those who are interes t e d in learning more about this period of New England History. 1 Hauptman, Laurence & James Wherry, editors The Pequ o t s in Southern New England The Fall and Rise of an American Indian Nation V o l. 198, Civilization of the American Indian Series Norman Univ e r sity of Oklahoma Press, 1990. 2 Josephy, Alvin M., The Patriot Chiefs A Chronicl e o f A merican Indian Resistance, New York The Viking Press, 1958. 3 Malone, Patrick M., illus. by David Maccaulay, The Sk u l king Way of War Technology and Tactics Among the New England Indians Lan h a m Maryland, Univ. Press of America, 1991. 4 Sylvester, Herbert Milton, Indian Wars of New Engla n d Vol. 1I Abenaki, French occupation, King Philip s War, St. Casti n s War , New York Arno Press, 1910, 1979. 5 Bourne, Russell The Red King s Rebellion Racial Pol i t ics in New England, 1675 1678 King Philip s War Cary Oxford Univ e r sity Press, 1991. 6 Bonfanti, Leo, New England Historical Series Biograp h i es and Legends of the New England Indians, Volume 2 King Philip s War p amphlet Wakefield, MA Pride Publications, Inc., 1968. 7 Waters, Frank, Foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr. Brav e A r e My People Indian Heroes Not Forgotten Santa Fe Clear Light Publish e r s, 1993. 8 Kawashima, Yasuhide, Puritan Justice and the Indian Wh ite Man s Law in Massachusetts, 1630 1763 Middletown Wesleyan Universi t y P ress, 1986. 9 Weinstein Farson, Laurie, Frank W. Porter III, Gene r a l Editor Indians of North America The Wampanoag, New York Chelsea Hous e P u blishers, 1989. 10Fitch, John T. 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David Baird Kin g P h ilip Metacom Wampanoag Rebel North American Indians of Achievement N e w York Chelsea House Publishers, 1992. 14 Vaughan, Alden T., New England Frontier Puritan s a n d Indians, 1620 1675 Third Edition Norman University of Oklaho m a P ress, 1995. 15 Bodge, George M., Soldiers in King Philip s War Be i n g a Critical Account of That War with A Concise History of the India n W a rs of New England From 1620 1677 ..... , Salem Higginson Book Comp a n y, 1906. 16 Leach, Douglas Edward, Flintlock and Tomahawk, New Y o r k WW Norton and Co., 1958. 17 Lincoln, Charles H., ed., Narratives of the Indian W a r s, 1675 1699, New York Barnes and Noble, Inc., 1913, reprint 1959. Written by and copied with the permission of Linda M. Welch, Academic Assistant & Research Librarian, Native American Studies, Dartmouth College. E mail Copyright 1996 by Linda M. Welch. 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