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Family Sheet

Name: Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenburg Note Born: 21 Jul 1652 at New Amsterdam, , , New Netherlands Married: 28 Mar 1693 at First Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, Albany County, NY Died: Aft 1712 Father: Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburg Mother: Eva Hendrickse Vrooman
Name: Jannetje Frans Klauw Note Born: Abt 1670 at Albany County, , , NY Died: Father: Frans Pieterse Klauw Mother: Elsje
Name: Elsje Elsie Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Husband: Dirk Goes
Name: Eva Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Husband: Hendrick Burgaart Or Borghard
Name: Frans Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Wife: Maria Or Marta Van Dyck
Name: Jochem Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Wife: Elsie Klauw
Name: Johannes Lambertse Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Wife: Eva Van Valkenburg
Name: Juriaan Van Valkenburg Born: Died:
Name: Maria Van Valkenburg Born: Died:
Name: Pieter Van Valkenburg Born: Died: 30 Sep 1747
Name: Wyntjen Francen Van Valkenburg Born: Died: Husband: Steven Barends
Name: Hendrick Van Valkenburg Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Wife: Marytje Clauw
1). BIRTH & BAPTISM no known record MARRIAGE Church r e c o r d Lambert Jochumsz Van Valkenborgh, y n andJannetj eF ra n s z Cla u w y d both l at Kinderhook. The descendants of Lambert Jochemese Van Valkenbur g a r e c o nsidered asthe Fifth Branch as mo s t of the ea rl y re cor d o f the children of JochemLambertse Van Valke nbu rg li st L ambe rt as t h e fifth of the first fivechil dren . The re ar e, however, strong indications that Lamb er t a n d hi ssiste r, Jan netje, were twins, the first bo r n of their mo ther, E vaVroma n. under th e pr evailin g Du tch custom o f naming c hildren , Jochem sfirst chil d woul d have been na med La mbe rt after his paternalg randfat her. Then, too , Lambert wa s the fir st of the ei ght brot he rs t omarry a nd have child ren. Except for a slight mixing with the nearby German Sett l e m e nts, the FifthBranch remained i n t he Kinderhook , N e w Yo r k area during the early days.It was not unti l th e si xth g en eratio n th at some moved westward along the M ohaw k Rive r t othe Canajoharie area and remained t her e . A f ter the Revo lutionary War, Lourenz Van Valken bur g move d to Canad a wher e many ofhis chi ldre n were b orn . Ther e is littl e furthe r record of thesechildren th oug h most o f them ulti m ate l y returned to the States a nd a reburie d here. By 19 00, th is family had expanded a nd so m e we r e on LongIsland , New Y ork while others ha d migra ted t o Illinois, Kansas , Iowa, an dOkl ahoma . B y this t ime fe w remained in the K inderhook a rea. From the Genealogy of the Van Valkenburg Family in Am e r i c a pp. 215.
2).  BIRTH & BAPTISM   no known record  MARRIAGE   Church r e c o r d  records reads Lambert Jochumsz VanValkenbor g h , y n a n d Jannetj e F ransz Clauw y d both l at Kinde rh ook


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