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Family Sheet

Name: Benjamin Ishmael Note Born: Abt 1739 at Pennsylvania, , , Married: Died: 10 Jul 1822 at Nicholas, , , Kentucky
Name: Born: Died: Father: Mother:
Name: James Robert Ishmael Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Wife: Mary Mcferrin
Name: John W. Ishmael Born: Died: Wife: Elizabeth Harbet
Name: John W. Ishmael Born: Died: Wife: Elizabeth Harbet
Name: Priscilla Ishmael Born: Died:
Name: Priscilla Ishmael Born: Died:
Name: Rosannah Ishmael Born: Died: Husband: Lewis Myers
Name: Rosannah Ishmael Born: Died: Husband: Lewis Myers
Name: Sarah Ishmael Born: Died: Husband: John Irvin
Name: Sarah Ishmael Born: Died: Husband: John Irvin
Name: Margaret M. Ishmael Born: 1780 at Pennsylvania, , , Died: Husband: Joseph Wheeler
Name: Thomas Ishmael Born: Abt 1787 Died: Wife: Elizabeth Mcdonnald
Name: Robert C. Ishmael Born: Abt 1790 at Pennsylvania, , , Died: Aft 1870 Wife: Mary Adams
1). BIOGRAPHY BENJAMIN ISHMAEL BIOGRAPHY !Farmer, Soldier, and Patriarch of the ISHMAEL? family in the United States Benjamin Ishmael was born in the colony, Pennsylvania in 1736. First known records found on Benjamin Ishmael are the Military records on file in the State Historical Commision of Pennsylvania, However the most informative record is Benjamin s own Pension application which he filed in 1818. This pension paper, coupled with information found in a book by John B. B. Trussell, Jr, ?The Pennsylvania Line, Regimental Organizations, 1776 1783 ,1977, makes a good story for the life and times of our Ancestor. Benjamin enlisted into Company A , under the command of Captain Abraham Smith at Conecocheaque Settlement in Cumberland County. BIOGRAPHY !This company was part of the 6th Pennsylvania Battalion raised by Colonel William Irvine. This Battalion authorized on January 4th, 1776. The initial strength of the 6th was 710 men. The uniform of the Battalion was a blue coat and breeches, the coat turned up with red, and a small round hat, bound with braid or tape, Most of the men were from Cumberland County, but two companies were from York County. This Battalion, with many others were involved in the fiasco at Three Rivers, Canada. Mostof the Battalion was captured, with the notable except of Company A , which escaped with the help of 10 riflemen of Captain John Lacey s Company C , 4th Pennsylvania Battalion. This venture started after the 6th Battalion Ms mustered into service at Carlisle, receiving orders on March 14, 1776 to join forces at New York City, and by April 24th, the entire Battalion had arrived as ordered. Then on April 26th, it and three companies of the 4th Pennsylvania were ordered to go to Albany and join in an attach into Canada. The Battalion reached Albany on May 10th. Three days later it departed under the control of Brig. Gen. John Sullivan. It passed Lake George and reached Chambly on June 3rd, It joined the main army at Sorel the next day, On June 5th, underthe over all control of Brig. Gen. Wm Thompson, it was sent to Nicolette to reinforce troops under Col. Athur St. Clair. On June 9th, this force engaged the British at Three Rivers. 78 members of the 6th Battalion were killed or captured. After this defeat, Company A , aided by the ten riflemen of Captain Lacey s unit, returned to Sorel. The survivors of the 6th, with the remaining American forces fell back to Isle Awe Noix. While there, some members decided to go fishing, These men were attached by a group of Indians. Two of the enlisted men were killed and scapled. After this the American s retreated to Crown Point, which it reached by July 1st, The troops of the 6th Battalion remained here as the other units moved to Ticonderoga, The 6th Battalion stayed at Crown Point for 39 months forming an outpost, having occasional brushes with the enemy. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hartely was in command since Three Rivers, where Colonel Irvine had been captured, His orders were to hold unless a major attack was launched against his forces, then retreat, On October 14th, the main British army approached, so he set fire to the houses in the vicinity and fell back to Ticonderoga. The Battalion stayed here until the enlistments of the men ran out, returning to Carlisle, being mustered out March 15, 1777. BIOGRAPHY ! Benjamin returned home, where he worked until about one year later. And. Then joined Colonel Buford s Regiment. This was about 1778, and he was transfered to Captain Bentalou s Company of Count Casimir Pulaski command. During this service, Benjamin was in the Battle of Eggharhour, New Jersey. After a little more than one year, he was discharged at Williamsburg, Virginia. BIOGRAPHY ! Once more returning home, he worked at farming. Then in 1780 he joined the Militia in Cumberland County. He was assigned to Captain Daniel C Lapsadle s 1st Battalion as a Private, He was assigned from Washington Township, Cumberland County in the Militia, and was found on the tax records in the same area for 1780, He was listed on the tax records as a Freeman. On the 1783 tax records for the same location, he was listed as a Freeholder, owning a horse and a cow, Later he moved to Bedford County. BIOGRAPHY ! In Talley s books, a reference is made to Benjamin Ishmael as receiving a land grant of 160 acres from Virginia for services rendered in the Revolution. BIOGRAPHY ! Marriage probably took place after 1780 in Cumberland, PA tax list where Benjamin is listed as freeman a term used for unmarried men over the age of 21 who held no taxable items. It could also apply to widowers. He is not on the 1781 82 taxlist and would not be if married and held no taxible items. BIOGRAPHY !A call to duty order for the first Battalion, Cumberland County Malitia, dated March 1781, says he moved to Bedford County, PA, but he is on the 1783 Cumberland County tax rolls as a freeholder owning a cow. This term was used for those holding clear title to land, but was often incorrectly applied to those owning only livestock. BIOGRAPHY !Will recorded in Will Book B, page 148, Nicholas Co. KY will dated 13 November 1813, and filed November 1822 Court Term. BIOGRAPHY !Residences 1776 1783 probably before and after in Washington Township, Cumberland County, PA. Franklin County after 1784 . Benjamin gives Anteatam and Conochocheague Settlements as places of enlistmentin the Revolutionary War on his affadavits for pension. The Conochocheague Creeks run though and Join in Franklin County and the Anteatam Creeks join in Wasington Township of Franklin County. 1801 1806 is on the Nicholas County, Kentucky tax lists. 1810 1814 is on the Fleming County, Kentucky tax lists. 1815 1822 is on the Nicholas County, Kentucky tax lists. BIOGRAPHY !Benjamin enlisted in 1776 in Conochocheague Settlements in Pennsylvania, served one year in Captain Abraham Smiths Company, Colonel Buford s Sixth Pennsylvania Regiment and was in the Battle of Three Rivers. He enlisted in 1778 in Colonel Buford s Regiment but was transferred to Captain Bentalou s Company, General Pulaski s Legion and was in the Battler of Egg Harbor Length of service was one year or over. BIOGRAPHY !Benjamin recieved a pension for service in Revolutionary War. Pennsylvainia Army. starting 1 October 1818 untill his death amounting to $40 per month Revolutionary War Pension Claim S 35480. Age at start of pension 62. Wife age at that time about 50. BIOGRAPHY !Benjamin Ishmail listed in the 1820 Federal Census for Nicholas County, Kentucky . Nicholas County Ishmael, Benjamin, Pvt, PA line 15 Jan 1823 1 Oct 1818 $96 age 83 died 10 July 1822. Ishmaels in early British records 1693 ISHMAEL JAS PAGGON MARY BENFLEET, SOUTH ESSEX 1735 ISHMAEL JN BOON HELEN STRETHAM CAMBRIDGESHIRE 1784 ISHMAEL JN DEAKEN SUS BERRYNARBOR DEVON 1785 ISHMAEL JANE BURTON RIC KEA CORNWALL


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