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Family Sheet

Name: John Chappell Note Born: 1784-1790 at Montgomery Co., , , Virginia Married: Abt 1809 at Virginia, , , Died: 1841 at Grundy Co., , , Missouri Father: Stephen Chappell Mother: Julia Ann Mann
Name: Mary --- Born: Abt 1785 at Virginia, , , Died: WFT Est 1829-1880
Name: Mary Ann Chappell Born: 1825-1828 at Tazewell Co., , , Virginia Died: 25 Jan 1892 Husband: --- ---
Name: George Chappell Born: Abt 1810 at Kentucky, , , Died: WFT Est 1859-1902
Name: Silas Chappell Born: 3 Oct 1814 at Grayson Co., , , Virginia Died: 25 Nov 1881 Wife: --- ---
Name: James Chappell Born: 4 Dec 1815 at VA, , , Died: 1863 at Dade County, , , MO
Name: Charles Chappell Born: Abt 1819 at Wythe County, , , VA Died: WFT Est 1869-1911 Wife: Matilda Schuler
Name: Stephen Chappell Born: 7 Nov 1820 at Wythe Co., , , Virginia Died: WFT Est 1853-1911 Wife: Mary Hall
Name: Henry Chappell Born: 26 Aug 1822 at Wythe Co., , , Virginia Died: WFT Est 1854-1913
Name: John Chappell Born: 25 Apr 1824 at Wythe Co., , , Virginia Died: 7 Aug 1902 Wife: Mary Jane Schuler
Name: Rebecca Jane Chappell Born: 1829 at Tazewell Co., , , Virginia Died: 9 Aug 1887 Husband: Aaron Ishmael
Name: Elizabeth M. Chappell Born: Abt 1835 at Virginia, , , Died: Husband: Alfred Atterbury
1). John Chappell was born between 1784 and 1790, in Montgomery now Wythe County, Virginia. He was the second son of Stephen and Julia Ann Chappell. John s birth year is based upon the 1800 census, showing a male, age 10 to 16, in Stephen Chappell s household. John Chappell s father Stephen Chappell moved his family to Glade Valley, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, about 1796. This area became part of Ashe County, when it was formed in 1799. Today, Glade Valley is in Allegheny County formed 1858 . The family appears in the 1800 and 1810 census of Ashe County, North Carolina as follows 1800 1810 Stephen Chappell S. Chappell Ashe County, NC Ashe County, NC Males Females Males Females under 10 0 4 0 0 10 16 1 1 0 3 16 26 1 0 1 1 26 45 0 1 0 0 over 45 1 0 1 1 John Chappell is presumably the younger male shown in the above censuses. John s older brother, George Chappell, moved away from home between 1800 and 1810. George Chappell is shown as head of household in the 1810 census of neighboring Wilkes County, NC. George Chappell moved to Clay County, Kentucky about 1811 and is shown on the 1820, 1830,1840, and 1850 censuses of that county. No information on where John Chappell was between 1810 and 1812. He probably married Mary maiden name unknown about 1809. in 1855,one of John Chappell s sons reported on a marriage application that he was 45 years old i.e., born 1810 , and born in Kentucky. If this is accurate, John must have spent a short time inKentucky. John Chappell is listed on the Personal Property Tax List of Grayson County, Virginia, for the years 1812, 1813, and 1814. John Chappell s father lived in Grayson County from about 1811 to 1816. Stephen Chappell, and John Chappell, are shown as follows on the 1815 federal tax records of Grayson County, in the district of southwest Virginia Lot of land with its improvements owned by Stephen Chappell in the care of John Chappell on the first day of April, 1815, lying and being in within the first district in the State of Virginia viz in the county of Grayson one farm adjoining Harden Jones on the County road containing one hundred and forty acres having thereon three cabbens and two stables valued at $100 . No information on where John Chappell was 1816 1819. However, beginning 13 November 1814, and continuing several years, many of his children were baptised at St. John s Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Wythe County, Virginia. John Chappell does not appear on the 1815,1816, 1817, or 1818 Personal Property Tax Lists of either Grayson or Wythe Counties, Virginia, but as noted above, he does appear on the 1815 Federal Tax records of Grayson County. John Chappell is listed on the Wythe County, Virginia, PersonalProperty Tax Lists for the years 1819 through 1825. Both he and his father appear in the 1820 census of Wythe County, as follows 1820 1820 John Chappell StephenChappell Wythe Co., VA Wythe Co., VA 1 male 26 45 1 male 45and up 1 female 26 45 1 female 45and up 4 males 10 or less 2 females 10 orless John Chappell s father Stephen Chappell died in Wythe County early, in 1822. John Chappell and his mother, Julia Ann, are listed among those who purchased items at the sale of Stephen Chappell s personal estate on 13 April 1822. Wythe Co., VA, Will Book3, pg 24 John Chappell is listed on the Personal Property Tax List of Tazewell County, Virginia, each year between 1826 through 1838 except 1831 . He may have moved to Tazewell County in 1826, or more likely, he was affected by a change in the County boundary line. Tazewell County was formed from Wythe County in 1799. However, in 1826, an additional small portion of Wythe County was transferred to Tazewell County. This is the year that John Chappell changes from the tax list of Wythe County to the tax list of Tazewell County. The land transferred from Wythe County to Tazewell County is located in the southern part of present Tazewell County, between the South Fork of the Clinch River and the North Fork of the Holsten River. This area includes Thompson Valley. John Chappell appears in the 1830 census of Tazewell County, Virginia as follows 1830 John Chappell Tazewell Co., VA Males Females 40 50 1 1 15 20 2 0 5 10 3 0 Under 5 0 2 In 1834, John Chappell enters 100 acres on the headwaters of the dry fork of Sandy Creek, joining on the north side of old James Maxwell s land, thence up the Willow Creek by different courses for quantity. Land Warrant No. 2632. Tazewell County, Virginia, Land Entry Book 1, pg346 On 29 October 1837, John Chappell re enters the same 100 acres of land he had previously entered in 1834. In the margin beside the entry is written Wants this sold to Hezekiah Harman. Paid in Spott s store . Tazewell Co., VA, Land Entry Book 2, pg 13 John Chappell last appears on the Personal Property Tax List of Tazewell Co., VA in 1838. He presumably went to Livingston County, Missouri, in about 1839, with most of his children. He apparently settled in that part of Livingston County which was tobecome Grundy County in 1841. Several other families from Tazewell County settled in same area during the same period. One of John Chappell s sons, Charles Chappell, last appears on the Tazewell County, VA tax list in 1837, and may have gone to Missouri before his father. Two other sons, James and Silas, remained in Tazewell County for a few years before they also moved to Missouri. Another son, George Chappell, apparently remained in Virginia. John Chappell appears in the 1840 census of Livingston Co., MO as follows 1840 John Chappell Livingston Co., MO Males Females 50 60 1 0 40 50 0 1 20 30 1 0 15 20 2 0 10 15 1 1 5 15 1 1 under 5 0 1 After the 1840 census, there are no further known records of John Chappell, or his wife. There are later records of some of his children in Grundy County, Missouri. NOTE Three sons of John Chappell and Mary Polly James, Stephen, and Henry married daughters of James C. Hall and Magdalene Wynne!!!


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