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Family Sheet

Name: Thomas Caswell Note Born: 1623 at Leomaster, Herefordshire, Somerset, England Married: Died: 1697 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Father: Richard Caswell Esq. Mother: Mary Slany
Name: Mary Born: Abt 1626 Died:
Name: Stephen Caswell Born: 15 Feb 1648 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Abt 1711 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Wife: Hannah Thrasher
Name: Thomas Caswell Born: 22 Feb 1651 at Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA Died: 1725 at Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA Wife: Mary Jones
Name: Peter Caswell Born: 31 Oct 1652 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: at , Bristol, MA, USA Wife: Hannah Richmond
Name: Mary Caswell Born: 31 Aug 1654 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Husband: Israel Thrasher
Name: John Caswell Born: 31 Jul 1656 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: 1714 at Norton, Bristol, MA, USA Wife: Elizabeth Hall
Name: Sarah Caswell Born: 30 Nov 1658 at Taunton, , MA, USA Died: Abt 1722 Husband: William Haskins
Name: William Caswell Born: 15 Sep 1660 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Aft 1712 Wife: Mercy
Name: Hannah Caswell Born: 14 Jul 1661 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Aft 10 Jul 1722 Husband: Daniel Ramsdell
Name: Samuel Caswell Born: 26 Jan 1662 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Wife: Ruth Babbitt
Name: Elizabeth Caswell Born: 10 Jan 1664 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Husband: Uriah Leonard
Name: Abigail Caswell Born: 27 Oct 1666 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Husband: Joseph Jones Sr.
Name: Esther Caswell Born: 4 Jun 1669 at Taunton, Bristol, MA, USA Died: Husband: Samuel Smith
1). UPDATE 1993 05 12 The Thomas Caswell family data tabulated here is a merger of data gathered from Elbert G. Bates of Winthrop,MA and Raymond S. Johnston Thomas may have been born in Somersetshire, England. In Genealogies of New England, III 1183, it is stated that he was the third son of Richard Caswell, Esq. of London and gives more information about this English Caswell family, which was of Welsh origin. Thomas was one of the original settlers in Taunton North purchase, now Easton, with parts of Taunton and Mansfield. Pope says that he was in Taunton as early as 1643. He owned 42 acres of land in 1659. on 26 Nov 1672 a group of men including Thomas Caswell and his oldest son, Stephen, purchased for 273 pounds,Taunton South purchase. He and his son Thomas Jr. are listed as heads of families in Taunton in 1675,when King Phillip s war began. His will dated 28 Sep 1691, codicile dated 15 16 Mar 1696 7, probated 14 Sep 1687 97, bequeathed to sons Stephen,Thomas, Peter, John, William and Samuel and to daughters Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail and Hester. On the same date, Samuel Caswell,son of Thomas Caswell late of Taunton was named administrator of the estate which inventoried over 306 pounds. Taunton now Easton, part of Taunton now Berkley. may have had as many as 3 marriages...LDS family search file Mary Sanderson Jones? KINGSWILL THE CASWELL FAMILY THOMAS CASWELL 182 , d. prob. Taunton, MA March 1697, m. abt. 1647 MARY . Thomas Caswell was an early resident of Taunton as in 1643 he was on a roster of the First Military Company of Taunton. This was a list of all the males able to beare armes from XVI years to 60 yeares . He was most probably born in England, but it is not now known when he came to this country. He was probably not one of the original settlers of Taunton because he does not appear on the list of the 46original purchasers or the list of 35 subsequent purchasers. It is not known where in England Thomas came from but the Caswell name is common in the county of Somerset, and a large number of Somersetshire families settled in Taunton. In the parish of North Curry, Somerset on October 20, 1618, Thomas Caswell, son of Thomas Caswell, was baptised. This Thomas would be of the right age to be the Thomas of Taunton, but proof of a connection is lacking. Thomas probably married in Taunton about 1648 to Mary. Mary s maiden name is unknown, but her son Peter, in a testamentary deed, made mention of his aunt Bryant . 2 17 438 This aunt could be Mary s sister, but unfortunately her maiden name can not be established either. 5 35 111 In 1651 Thomas and eleven other townsmen made up a panel of inquest into the drowning death of ten year old William England, servant to Joseph Wildbore, who accidentally fell out of a canoe on the Great River now Taunton River . Thomas signed his name, Tho Caswell , to the verdict. 6 2 175 6 The people of Taunton chose Thomas as hayward on March 11, 1655, apparently the only elected position he ever held. In 1657 Tho Casswell took the Oath of Fidelity in Taunton. 5 36 79 In 1662 he served on the Grand Enquest for the Colony of New Plymouth. 6 4 14 In 1667 he was again called upon to serve with eleven others on a panel of inquest into the accidental drowning of Timothy Poole, to which he signed his name Thomas Caswell 6 4 171 Thomas settled on the land thathad belonged to John Kingsley, an original proprietor who had moved to Rehoboth, MA. On December 28, 1659 he was granted 42 acres of land in Taunton, and there were nine in his family at the time. He and his wife and six children account for eight. Theninth may have been a servant, a child whose birth and death were not recorded, or some other relative. On the sixth of June 1668 Thomas was one of those to purchase shares in the Taunton North Purchase, 4 3 118 which was later set of as Norton, partsof Mansfield and Easton. 5 Several years later he was also involved in the South Purchase, a four square mile tract bought from King Phillip and which now lies within the town of Berkley. Thomas was listed as a head of household in 1675, a year in which King Phillip was apparently having second thoughts about his earlier land sale to the English. Thomas Caswell s name appears on a rate list dated October 16, 1683 to defray the expenses of plastering the meeting house, his comparitively large assessmentbeing one shilling eleven pence. He was also assessed eighteen shillings as his proportion of the sum to be paid to purchase Mr. Danforth s land, according to an undated Taunton list. 5 35 113 Also in 1683 the name of Thomas Caswell was included on a military document, and although this was probably Thomas Jr., an abstract is included here in order to give a flavor of the times. The Taunton Military Company was split at this time into four squadrons. The members of each squadron were to bring their fire arms to Sunday meeting once a month, each squadron taking a different sabbath. The court ordered that every soldier was to bring his arms when it was his turn with six charges of powder and shot and to be fined if he failed to do so. A steeper finewas to be imposed if he refused. Also, any member who stayed away from meeting because they would not bring their arms were to be summoned to court. Apparently the arms were necessary to protect the congregation against Indian attack. In the 1691 Inspection Return, taken at the time of King William s War, Thomas Caswell, sen is shown as having been supplied with a gun, a cartouch box, powder, and bullets, while the following year his gun was pressed for Nathan Presbiter and valued at 1. In 1693 Thomas served on a jury ordered by the town to lay out a road to William Hack s, the report of which he signed on May 27, 1693. 5 35 113 4 As for Thomas Caswell s land holdings, on November 27, 1649, at a town meeting, he was granted his second division, on the other side of Two Mile River opposite Thomas Coggins land extending to the head of the great lots there. The wording of this grant seems to imply an earlier grant, possibly in the first division, but no record of this has been found. On December 28,1659 he was granted forty two acres for 9 Heads mentioned above , on which he paid a tax of 11 shillings and three pence. On January 3, 1660 it was said that Thomas Caswell s home lot shall extend in length as far as Shadrach Wildbore s land. The Proprietors records list the lands in possession of Thomas Caswell Sr. on Jan. 8, 1665 as follows his home lot, 6 acres, lying between Samuel Wilbore to the east and the widow Paul on the southwest the addition to his home lot, being on the other side ofthe Great River, between Samuel Wilbore on the southwest and Mrris Farwell on the east 4 acres of meadow on the other side of the Great River lying between two brooks, Walter Dean s meadow lying to the west of this tract on the other side of one of thebrooks one pond, called the Stage Pond , being three acres lying between the Iron Works and the Four Mill Pond called Titicut Pond his division , being 11 acres at the east end of the above meadow, bounded by James Bell s land on the east end and the Great River on the northwest, and extending to the Common on the south and his second division of land, being 42 acres lying on the southeast side of his meadow, with Plymouth path on the west and the lands of widow Dean on the southeast, and extending to a little plain being a common . 5 35 114 Later, on March 22, 1669, Thomas was granted three acres of swamp on the Three Mile River at a place where the beavers did dam up the water . On October 24, 1682 he was further granted thirty acres on John Kingsley s right and on December 23, 1684 he was granted two acres at a place called Pool s Brook, the western bound of which was the path that came from the Iron Works. 5 35 114 5 Thomas will was dated September 28, 1691 with a codicil dated March15, 1696 7 and was probated September 14, 1697. In it he mentioned his wife Mary and his six sons and daughters. 1 1 196 The inventory of the estate was taken March 30, 1697 and ammounted to 306.09.06. 1 1 197 On March 12, 1721 2 his son Thomas and daughters Mary Thrasher, Sarah Hoskins, Hannah Ramsdel, Elizabeth Leonard, Abigail Jones, and Esther Smith sold their rights in Thomas estate to their brother Samuel. 2 14 316 REF 1 Bristol County Probate 2 Bristol County Deeds 3 Taunton Vital Records 4 Plymouth Colony Deeds 5 The Mayflower Descendant, 1985 1988 6 Plymouth Colony Records, 1855 Children all born in Taunton, MA 3 1. Stephen, b. Feb. 15, 1648 9, d. between Jan. 5, 1711 2 and Sept. 25, 1714, m. Taunton Dec. 24, 1672 Hannah Thrasher, d. aft. 1714 2. Thomas, b. Feb. 22, 1650 1, d. Middleboro between Aug. 27, 1725 and Feb. 7, 1725 6, m. abt. 1674 Mary Jones, d. aft. Sept. 5, 1728 3. Peter, b. Oct. 31, 1652, d. between 1727 and 1737, m. bef. April 7, 1681 Hannah , d. aft. April 9, 1716 4. Mary, b. Aug. 31, 1654, d. aft. July 10, 1722, m. Aug. 15, 1676 Israel Thrasher, b. Taunton Sept. 14, 1648, d. aft. March 12, 1721 2 5. John, b. July 31, 1656, d. Norton, MA 1713 1714, m. Taunton Nov. 26, 1689 Elizabeth Hall, b. Taunton Oct. 28, 1670, d. Norton Nov. 4, 1739 6. Sarah, b. Nov. 31, 1658, d. aft. March 26, 1730, m. July 3, 1677 William Hoskins, b. Nov. 30, 1647, d. Taunton 1730 7. William, b. Sept. 15, 1660, d. aft. March 14, 1727 8, m. bef. 1686 Mercy Lincoln, b. Taunton April 3, 1670, d. aft. June 6, 1752 8. Hannah, b. July 14, 1661, d. aft. March 12, 1721 2, m. Daniel Ramsdel, b. Plymouth, MA Sept. 14, 1649, d. bef. 1722 9. Samuel, b. Jan. 26, 1662 3, d. between 1728 and 1741, m. bef. 1691 Ruth Bobbitt, b. Taunton Aug. 7, 1671, d. aft. March 20, 1727 8 10. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 10, 1664 5, d. aft. March 12, 1721 2, m. Taunton June 1, 1685 Uriah Leonard, b. Taunton July 10, 1662, d. aft. March 12, 1721 2 11. Abigail, b. Oct. 27, 1666, d. aft. July 10, 1722, m. Taunton April 6, 1696 Joseph Jones, b. Taunton July 5, 1664, d. between 1722 and 1729 12. Esther, b. June 1, 1669, d. aft. July 10, 1722, m 1 Samuel Smith, b. Taunton Oct. 15, 1666, d. Taunton 1718, m 2 Fisher


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