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Family Sheet

Name: William Franklin (frank) O''dell Note Born: 12 Aug 1859 at Tazewell, , Claiborne County, Tennessee Married: 25 May 1879 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Died: 20 Feb 1948 at Plymouth, , Marshall County, Indiana Other Spouses: Virginia Margaret (maggie) Phelps
Father: William Lacey O''dell Mother: Sarah Ann (sally) Overby
Name: Rachel Isabell (bell) Phelps Born: 16 Oct 1861 [6] Died: Father: William A. Phelps Mother: Elizabeth Caudel
Name: Nancy Dorcas O''dell Born: 15 Apr 1880 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Died: at Laurel County, , , Kentucky ??
Name: Virginia Ann O''dell Born: 9 Oct 1884 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Died: 4 Aug 1887 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky
6). Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 O Dell.GED
1). bobspu.ged m1. Isabell Bell Phelps m2. Virginia Margaret Maggie Phelps BIO Per the Unrecorded Deeds found on p 12 of the Laurel Co. Hist. Soc. publication, April 1994, the following deed was discovered in a box in the county court house SASSER to O DELL This indenture made and entered into this March 21, 1881 by and between Wm. H. SASSER ...and John H. ODELL...all of ...Laurel... KENTUCKY....for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty dollars... and sold unto the said John H. ODELL...parcel of land lying and being in Laurel County and State of KENTUCKY on the water of CAIN CREEK and bounded as follows... ? WILLIAMS Corner Thence unto the first to the top of the Ridge to a Walnut Corner of Frank ODELL and George PROFITT Thence ...supposed to contain fifty acres more or less... unto the said John H. ODELL his heirs and assigns...attested Evan JONES Dep. Clk for C W WILLIAMS C.L.C. This deed gives some idea of the location of property owned by Wm. F. Frank O DELL and his first wife, Rachel PHELPS O DELL. It also indicates that one of the WILLIAMS families lived in the same general area, although the first name evidently was not readable on the deed. Compiler also found a deed indexed for Laurel Co. Deed Book K, page 256 Grantee W.F. O DELL Grantor W.H. SASSER 26 OCT 1882. Deed was not researched at that time, so it is unknown if this is the same parcel of land or a different one. Frank O DELL was the third of four children born to Sarah OVERBEY and Lacey O DELL prior to Lacey s enrollment in the Union Army. About 3 years after his father s death, Sarah and her children relocated from Claiborne Co., TN to Laurel Co.,KY. In 1874, Sarah married William PHELPS, a widower and the father of Rachel Isabell and Virginia Margaret O DELL. Frank lost his first wife, Rachel Isabell and both of their young daughters in the 1880s. He then married Rachel s younger sister in 1889. Sometime between Oct., 1901 and Oct.,1903, Frank and his family moved to Montgomery County, IN. Then before 1906 they moved again to OKLAHOMA, where three of their children were born before they returned to INDIANA about 1914 and remained there until their deaths. Frank was a staunch Baptist, and delighted in singing the old gospel hymns such as Amazing Grace, which he had learned and had taught in Shaped note School in KY. Compiler remembers little about this grandfather, but among the sketchy memories, there is a mental picture of Frank O DELL, thick gray hair, heavy mustache, rocking in a large old wooden rocking chair on the porch of his daughter s home outside Argos, IN. As he rocked, Grandpa slapped the old rubber fly swatter on the arm of the chair in rhythm with the mountain style version of Amazing Grace that he was singingand as he sang every one of the 5 verses from memory, tears trickled from the corners of his ancient brown eyes. April, 1996 compiler received three letters from Frank O DELL s youngest son, Hubert. In the letter dated 25 March 1996, Hubert wrote the following comments about his father ...My Dad, and uncle Sam, my brother, drove down to Tennessee to see My dads Cousin one Marshall O DELL years ago to try to find out something about the O DELLs but they found out nothing, and they thought they were considered nosing in... ...My Dad, what little book larnin he received, was at a school where the only book there was belonged to the master and his lessons was sung to him and he and the other kids would repeat the same wordsthe teacher would say with the same tune like Kaintuckey, Frankfort, on the Kaintuck River. Of course their pencils were...pieces of slate to write on... And concerning his mother s role as sole parent in raising the children ...I don t want youto think my dad was a no good piece of worthlessness, he was a good, Christian, honest hard working man that would do anything for a neighbor. When he left Kentucky he became a fiddle foot who couldn t keep Kentucky out of his memory. So you see, Us O Dells never had much and never accumulated much but we were raised to believe if your word meant nothing you were poorer than us Hill Billies. My dad made sorghum molasses when we first came to Ind. from Okla... July 1996 Compiler found a court record from 1891, Laurel Co., KY, wherein W.F. O DELL was appointed guardian for Nancy O DELL, female, 11 years old, heir of W.F. O DELL, dec d...Entered bond... The Nancy O DELL mentioned would have been the second child born to Frank and Bell PHELPS O DELL.Compiler has no idea why this appointment was made it has been suggested that it might have been the result of an estate settlement after the death of William A. PHELPS. Bell, one of the daughters of Wm. PHELPS, would have inherited a share of his estate. Since she and her daughter, Virginia Ann, both died about the same time as William PHELPS, it could be that her share was passed on to Nancy D. in trust. Since Nancy was only 11 years of age, it is likely that a guardian would have been appointed forthat trust. REFERENCES 1. The William F. & Virginia PHELPS O DELL Family Tree, an unpub. genealogy by O. L. and Beverly WARREN Tulsa, OK. 2. BRANCHES of LAUREL, publication of the Laurel Co. KY Historical Soc. Vol. 9, 2 Apr 1994 pp 12 & 13 Unrecorded Deeds also Vol. XII, No. 1 Feb 1997 Laurel Co. Gen. Marriage Index p 25. 3. U.S. Census 1880, KY Laurel Co. Mag Dist 4 E.D. 57 p 42 348 364. Microfilm T9 427. 4. Laurel Co. KY Marriages Book I Sec. O. O DELL, W.F. to PHELPS, R.I. Office of Co. Clerk London, KY. 5. Laurel Co. KY Marriages Book N p 235 O DELL, W.F. to PHELPS, V.M. Office of Co. Clerk London, KY. 6. Microfilm Laurel Co. KY Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1852 1900, Laurel Co. Pub. Lib. London, KY. Birthrecord 15 OCT 1901 Isaac, M O DELL 7. Information relayed to compiler by her mother, A. Elizabeth O DELL GILCHRIST dec d 1972 , dau. of W.F. O DELL. 8. Callie O. O DELL WILLIAMS 501 Penn. Ave. Plymouth, IN. dau. of W.F. O DELL. 9. Funeral Register of W.F. O DELL owned by Claudia GILCHRIST DEEN, grand dau. Corydon, IN. 10. Civil War Pension File WC66 610 William L. O DELL Sarah A. O DELL PHELPS. Copy owned by compiler. 11. U.S. Census 1870, KY Laurel Co. KY McHargin Voting Prec. Lynn Camp p 22 153 153. Microfilm 593 480. 12. Family Records from the Bible of Virginia Margaret PHELPS O DELL, wife. Sheets owned by Hubert D. O DELL, son, P.O. Box 213, Mentone, IN 46539. compiler s uncle 13. Letters to compiler from Hubert D. ODELL, youngest son of Frank Address above. 14. Laurel County Cort Order Book J 245 and L.C. Guardian Bonds 1875 1893 Office of the County Clerk London, KY. Source Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 Beehler.GED&O Dell.GED


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