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Family Sheet

Name: Hubert Delmar (knute) O''dell Note Born: 6 Apr 1912 at Bernice, , Delaware County, Olkahoma Married: 23 Dec 1939 at Sidney, , Kosciusko County, Indiana Died: 13 Jun 1997 at Warsaw, , Kosciusko County, Indiana Father: William Franklin (frank) O''dell Mother: Virginia Margaret (maggie) Phelps
Name: Harriette Elizabeth Warvel Note Born: 10 Jun 1914 at Anderson, , Madison County, Indiana Died: 14 Jun 1995 at Kosciusko County, , , Indiana
Name: Judith Ann O''dell Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Paul Edward Zile
Name: Barbara Sue (bobbie) O''dell Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: Carl Benjamin Lehman
Name: Kathleen Joan O''dell Born: (suppressed / living) Died: Husband: David E. Schumacher
1). bobspu.ged BIO This younger brother of A. Elizabeth O DELL GILCHRIST has held a very special place with the entire GILCHRIST family, as have his wife and three daughters. Although the families, since W.W. II, have been many miles apart, the GILCHRIST family has considered Knute and his family an extension of their own Uncle Knute and Aunt Harriette seemed to have grown up with their nieces and nephews. During W.W. II, Knute was stationed with the U.S. Navy in the Philippine Islands for a rather long term. At the time he was shipped out for the Islands, Harriette was a new mother to the O DELL s first daughter, Judy. At that time, Virgil and Elizabeth GILCHRIST had moved into a home located very near the Quartermaster Depot in Jeffersonville, IN. Because military supplies, clothing ,etc. were manufactured, stockpiled and shipped all over the world from that Quartermaster, jobs for war wives were plentiful. As a young wife and mother, struggling to earn a living and to do her part in the war effort while awaiting the return of her husband from active duty, Harriette lived with the GILCHRISTs and worked at the Government Depot, as it was called by most locals. She was for many months, like an older daughter to Virgil and Elizabeth. Judy, an adorable, cheerful little girl was the apple of her Uncle Virgil s eye! After Knute s return from the War, the families stayed in close contact. Knute and his family moved back to Kosciusko County living in or near North Manchester, then Sidney, then Pierceton, Warsaw and surrounding areas. When Harriette was due to give birth to their second child in 1948 Aunt Lizzie went to stay and take care of the new baby and mother. At that time, Bob GILCHRIST was only a toddler, so he went with her to the O DELL s. By this time, Judy had learned to fight for her claim to sole attention of the adults in the family. This two year old, male intruder was in for some stiff competition! Aunt Lizzie had quite a challenge to keep these two youngsters on peaceful terms while she cared for the rest of the young family! As is normal, the two families grew less involved with each other as they became more involved with the activities of their own homes and families. Still, there were visits back and forth onceor twice each year for many years. Compiler remembers Uncle Knute as a pleasant, soft spoken family man, who seemed to never lose his temper or raise his voice with his own daughters. There are several memories of childhood pranks shared by compilerand Judy, which, when discovered by our parents, required some form of chastisement. Compiler can remember watching Uncle Knute use his quiet, calm reasoning manner with his daughter...always explaining why this was not a good thing to do, and what wewould have to do to help us to remember to NOT repeat this unacceptable action , etc. Compiler s own father, while always loving and fair, did not use such silky voiced reasoning with HIS little girl! His was a more direct, concise, DON T do that again! Reasons why not were seldom offered, and when asked, the reply was most usually, Because I said so! In most cases, the questions were not repeated! Knute inherited a nice tenor voice, and has always loved to sing the old songs mostly of areligious nature. A staunch Baptist, he also enjoyed discussions of religious philosophy, and used every opportunity to try to convince his nephew, Jim, of the truth contained in his Baptist doctrine! In March, 1995, both Knute and Harriette were hospitalized at the same time Knute with pneumonia Harriette with complications connected with her heart condition. During this time, Jim and his sister Jean GILCHRIST drove to Warsaw to visit the couple. By the time they arrived, both patients hadreturned home, but the doctors had informed the O DELL family that it was strictly a matter of time for Harriette. Knute, suffering from emphysema himself, and using oxygen as needed, was understandably fragile, too. Jean and Jim spent several hours with the family, and then returned to report to the rest of the family that while they were there, Knute sat, holding Harriette s hand, singing hymns that she liked. During their visit, Harriette, able to barely lift her head would sit, slumped and semiconscious beside her husband, listening as he sang. Knute would stop singing, assuming that she was asleep. Then when he attempted to join into conversation with their visitors, his wife would struggle to raise her head and demand, Sing! Sing, Knute!Patiently, Knute would resume his song as though he had never paused. NOTE 17 May 1995 Jim telephoned compiler and reported that again Harriette has been critically ill with pneumonia. After some hours in coma, she has rallied somewhat, but also, Kathleen reported that her mother is near death. And Jim visualizes Knute beside her, holding her hand and singing How Great Thou Art or Amazing Grace. NOTE Harriette passed away 14 JUN 1995. March, 1996 Hubert O DELL contacted compiler in response to an earlier letter asking if he would like a copy of compiler s O DELL History, OODLES AND OODLES OF ODLES. After having seen his sister s copy of the book, Knute mailed the family record sheets from his mother s Bible tocompiler to use for documentation. These old sheets contain the handwritten entries of births and some deaths of the children of Frank O DELL. They also record the marriages of Frank and Bell PHELPS and later of Frank to Bell s sister, Maggie , Hubert s mother. Appearing on the last lines of the page of births of the O DELL children is the following Hubert Delmar was Borned at Berniece, Okla...April 6 1912. Knutes mother, Maggie died when he was about 11 years old. A final tribute to her was expressed in his letter to compiler I never got to know my mother very well, but I have heard my older brothers say no one ever done so much with so little to do with as my mother in raising us offsprings. She was the power behind the throne. Compiler wishes to enter here an acknowledgement and a note of sincere appreciation to Uncle Knute for sharing those precious pages to help in the recording of the O DELL family s history. As he ended his letter to compiler, so compiler now closes thisentry to the O DELL story... Uncle Knute, God loves you, and so do we. At 2 00 a.m. on Friday, 13 June 1997, in a Warsaw, IN nursing home, where he had been sent from the hospital just a few days before, Hubert D. O DELL left this life to join his beloved wife, his parents and others who d gone before him. The wish he had expressed so often in the last months of his illness had finally been granted. Hubert had, only a few months earlier, left explicit instructions with his daughter, Kathleen, concerning his funeral service. One of his most adamant demands was that AmazingGrace be played on the pipes. About two weeks before his death, compiler mailed to Uncle Knute and Kathleen, an audio tape, purchased in a SCOTTISH shop in Highlands, NC, the title of which was The Amazing Amazing Grace. On that tape, one of six renditions of the old hymn was played by Scottish bag pipers. Although he probably was too ill and his hearing too deteriorated to listen to the tape when it arrived, compiler sees in her mind s eye, Knute enjoying the piping of Amazing Grace by a far more talented piper than that on the tape she sent! There is no doubt, Uncle Knute, God does love you, and so do the ones of us whose lives you touched while you were here. Enjoy your reunion, and, along with your Dad, my Dad, your sister Lizzie and all the others whose voices stay in our memories, sing the old songs as they ve never been sung before. REF 1. The William F. & Virginia PHELPS O DELL Family Tree unpublished genealogy compiled by O.L. and Beverly WARREN 4555 W. 64th Place Tulsa, OK 74132. 2. Compiler Memories and family stories 3. James B. GILCHRIST 46 Longview Drive Jeffersonville, IN 47120 brother of compiler and nephew of Knute O DELL. 4. U.S. Census 1920 IN Fulton Co. Richland Twp. ED 71 Sheet 1 1 1. MF T625 433. 5. Letters from Hubert D. O DELL to compiler, 1996 and 1997. Buried source James B. GILCHRIST,Nephew 46 Longview Dr. Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Source Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 O Dell.GED
2).  bobspu.ged  BIO   Harriette and the O  DELL  s oldest child, Judy, lived with the GILCHRIST family in Jeffersonville, while  Knute  was in active duty during  WW II. Harriette was employed at the  Quartermaster Depot,  less than a mile from the Gilchrist  s home. Part of the work going on at the  Government Depot  involved making, repairing, storing and shipping military supplies, e.g. clothing, tents, parachutes, etc. During the time Harriette lived with compiler  s family, a  barn cat,  a pet of compiler  s, contractedwhat apparently was rabies. The house had no indoor plumbing, and the family  s  outhouse  was located several yards from the house. There was a wire  arbor  supporting grape vines which ran from the house to the  outhouse  and barn.  At certain times in the spring, these vines were very full and lush, forming an almost solid wall of greenery. Harriette, walking that path to the outhouse, did not see the crazed cat hiding in the vines.  The cat sprang from the thick vines, attacked Harriette, and left herwith a large open bite on the leg.  Because of the possibility of Harriette  s contracting the dread disease, compiler  s father took immediate action, and shot the cat. Harriette had to undergo the long treatment of rabies   vaccine for what was at that time 21 days, with injections into the stomach...a very painful and unpleasant preventive treatment. After this event, compiler never wanted to be around any kind of cats. On the other hand, Harriette seemed to always have two or three cats  and usually several kittens  in and around her home! 15 JUNE 1995   Compiler  s brother, Jim GILCHRIST, called from IN to inform us of Harriette WARVEL O  DELL  s death.   She died just before midnight  June 14 will be Saturday at 1 P.M.  June 17 .   Harriette had been in extremely fragile health for several years before her death.  In addition to emphysema she also had a severe heart condition, and had suffered at least two strokes.  H. had told compiler that at one time she had smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day  There were times in the last ten years that she was considered in hopeless condition but she always seemed to fight her way back enough to return to her home and family.  REFERENCES  1.   The William F. & Virginia PHELPS O  DELL Family Tree,  unpublished genealogy compiled by O. L. and Beverly WARREN, Tulsa, OK  nephew of Hubert  Knute  O  DELL. 2.  Compiler  Memories and family stories. Source  Elizabeth  Ann  Gilchrist Jun1998 O  Dell.GED  Adopted  Servia, Kosciusko County, Indiana


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