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Family Sheet

Name: William A. Phelps Note Born: Abt 1825 at Grayson County, , , Virginia Married: Aft 1858 Died: 25 Oct 1887 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Other Spouses: Elizabeth Caudel
Elizabeth Jones
Father: John Phelps Mother: Unknown
Name: Sarah Ann (sally) Overby Note Born: Abt 1830 at 1830 1831 In Halifax? Mecklenburg? County, , , Virginia Died: Mar 1905 [7] Other Spouses: William Lacey O''dell Father: Henry Overbey Mother: Sylvania Overbey

7). Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 O Dell.GED
1). bobspu.ged m1. Elizabeth Jones m2. Elizabeth Caudel m3. Sarah Ann Overby Source Notes re William A. Phelps BIO Per Dallas L. PHELPS, Rose MINNICK, Paul DIETZ, et. al., who have researched the John H. PHELPS family in VIRGINIA, Wm. A. PHELPS was born in Grayson County about 1825. The name of William s mother has not been documented, but she evidently died before 1834 when John PHELPS married his second wife, Alsey LOVE. The PHELPS family was still in Grayson County, VA, at census time in 1850 however, William s name is not listed in the household. The next documented dataabout William is his 1851 marriage to Elizabeth JONES in Laurel County, KY. Per the 1860 census, and data on his 1858 marriage to Elizabeth CAUDEL, Elizabeth JONES and William PHELPS had two daughters, Louisa and Mary. By 1860, Elizabeth CAUDEL and William had added a third daughter to the family Alcie Elizabeth PHELPS was reported to be 8 months old when the 1860 census was done 02 JUL 1860 Dallas PHELPS, et. al., have presumed that the couple reported twins, Alcy and Melville, on the 1860 census however, this compiler has interpreted the ages of these infants as 8 12 and 2 12 , respectively. Mary PHELPS, thought to be William s younger sister was enumerated in their household. Compiler suspects the 2 month old Melville to be Mary s child. William LOVE, the father of John PHELPS second wife, Alsey, was also counted in William s home in 1860. In 1870, William and Elizabeth CAUDEL report Louisa 17 , Mary 16 , Rachel E. 12 , John H. 6 , and William J. 4 in their household. Alcie E. is not listed in this census Rachel E. was not listed on the 1860 census. Alcy should have been about 11 years old Rachel Isabelle who later married Wm. F. O DELL should have been born about 1862. Elizabeth, wife of Wm. was reported to be unable to read and write. Assuming that she was the responder for census enumeration, this may help explain the inaccuracies. Elizabeth CAUDEL PHELPS died sometime after the birth of their daughter, Virginia Margaret compiler s grandmother in October, 1870. In 1874, Williammarried his third wife, Sarah Ann OVERBY O DELL. Sarah, the widow of Civil War soldier, William Lacey O Dell, had moved to Laurel County, KY from Claiborne County, TN., about 1863 with her four children John Henry Bud , Wm. Franklin Frank , ElizabethM. Lizzie , and Isaac L. By the 1880 census, Sarah s children had all married two of the three boys marrying daughters of William PHELPS. Frank O DELL married first, Rachel I. PHELPS after Rachel s death, Frank returned to claim the hand of Williams youngest daughter, Virginia Margaret, in 1889. Sarah s youngest son, Isaac, married Alcie Elizabeth PHELPS in February, 1880 this couple was enumerated in William s household on the census that year. William s occupation on census records was given asBlacksmith in 1860 and 1870 in 1880, his age was reported as 55 his occupation as farmer . Deed books for Laurel County indicate that William PHELPS owned at least two tracts of land...the first, he purchased at public auction in October, 1873, but did not obtain the deed for it until a court order demanded it in April, 1874. This land included about 200 acres on the waters of Little Rockcastle River Compiler has not discovered what became of this property. In 1879, William bought 150 acres on the banks of the Laurel River from his father, John H. PHELPS. This property adjoined that of William s brother, Melville Melvin , in the legal description of the property . After William s death in 1887, Sarah remained on this property and in 1892, she purchased shares from William s children, Alcie PHELPS O DELL and William J. PHELPS. William A. PHELPS place of burial has not been discovered as of Feb. 1995. On a research trip to Laurel County, KY, July 1994, compiler learned that there is an old PHELPS cemetery near the Bush community. The cemetery, which lies in a wooded area on private property was located August, 1995. Only a few stones were intact and their inscriptions were difficult to read. William s was not identified. JULY 1996 Additional research in Laurel County s Court Records resulted in the discovery of a March Special Term 1876 record of the appointment of Wm. A. PHELPS as guardian for Samuel I. PARMAN. The order reads as follows Ordered that W.A. Phelp be and he is hereby appointed Guardian to Samuel Parman son and Heir of Alexander Parman, Dec. Said Sam being over 14 years of Age and in Court and announced the Said Phelp being in court taken the required oath and entered into bond with John Lankerly as Surety which bond was approved by the Court. Other court records concerning William PHELPS were found from April, 1868 William was appointed surveyor of a road and October, 1869 William was appointed guardian for Wm. F. and I. L. Odell, infant heirs of Wm. L. Odell, dec d. The court order appointing William A. as guardian to Samuel Parman may have been copied into the wrong book. The order happened in 1870, Alexander died in 1869, and Samuel would have been 20 and married by the 1876 date. REFERENCES 1. The William F. & Virgina PHELPS O DELL Family Tree by O. L. & Beverly WARREN Tulsa, OK 74132. 2. Dallas L. PHELPS, Pres., PHELPS FAMILY ASSOC. OF AMERICA 1002 Queen St. Camden, SC 29020 3113. 3. PHELPS FAMILY NEWS, Vol. 4, 9 Feb. 1991, p 5. publication of P.F.A.A. above. 4. Rose MINNICK, Cloverdale, IN desc. of Marion PHELPS, brother of Wm. A. PHELPS. 5. U.S. Census 1860, KY Laurel Co. p 56 Dw. 379 Fam. 358. Microfilm 653 380. 6. U.S. Census 1870, KY Laurel Co. Bush s Voting Prec. p 16 Dw. 107 Fam. 107. Microfilm 593 480. 7. U.S. Census 1880, KY 4th Mag. Dist. E.D. 57 p 16 Dw. 118 Fam. 122. Microfilm T9 427. 8. U.S. Census 1840, VA Grayson Co. p. 321 Extraction by Paul DIETZ, Buena Park, CAdesc. of John H. PHELPS. 9. Microfilm Laurel Co. KY Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1852 1902, Geneal. Dept. Laurel Co. Pub. Lib London, KY. 10. Laurel Co KY Marriage Records Book AA, p 80 1851 Book BB, p 25 1858 Book BB, p 203 1874 All on file, Laurel County Clerk, Court House London, KY. 11. Civil War Pension File WC 66 610 Wm. L. O DELL Sarah A. O DELL PHELPS National Archives copy owned by compiler. 12. LAUREL COUNTY KY DEEDS Grantee Index, Deed Book J, p 218 and Deed BookG, p.372. 13. Laurel County Court Order Book G, p. 35, Co. Clerk, London, KY 14. Laurel Co. Court Order Book E. p. 461, Co. Clerk, London, KY 15. Laurel Co. Court Order Book F, p. 423, Co. Clerk, London, KY
2).  bobspu.ged  m1. William Lacey O  Dell m2. William A. Phelps  Source  Notes re  William A. Phelps BIO  All reference sources agree that Sarah OVERBEY was born in Virginia. Her son  s marriage record in Book H, Laurel Co., KY, specifies Halifax Co., VA. Data sent to compiler by Connie HERRING, citing the book writtenby Paul OVERBEY, reports that she was born in 1831 in Mecklenburg, rather than Halifax County, VA.  Sally  was enumerated in the home of Henry and Sylvaney OVERBEY, Claiborne Co., TN Census, 1850. Henry OVERBEY  s name appears in the Civil War Pension Fileas a witness for the widowed Sarah, but his relationship is not stated.  Sarah  s mother  s name appears as  Sylvania,   Sylvia  and  Sylvaney , depending upon the document reviewed.  Sarah  s C.W. file states that  Sylvana  testifies that she was present at the births of each of Sarah  s children, but it does not state that she is the mother of Sarah  OVERBEY  O  DELL. Finally in September, 1997, compiler received evidence via Ms. HERRING, that confirms Sarah as the child of Henry and Sylvania OVERBEY. Trusting the 1850 1880 census data as to names, ages and birth  places is questionable. Apparently, neither of Sarah  s parents could read or write.  It would appear, however, that the family moved from VA to NC about 1835, although they may have returned to VAbefore moving to Claiborne Co., TN prior to Sarah  s marriage to William Lacey O  DELL in 1854.  The data from Paul L. OVERBAY  s book supports compiler  s assumptions.  The following is an excerpt from an e mail letter to compiler from Ms. HERRING, 30 Aug.1997  According to the book, Henry & Sylvania lived for a time in North Carolina, probably in Granville Co., which is just south of Halifax Co and where some of the OVERBY land was located ... They were back in Virginia, Mecklenburg or Halifax, when Smithwas born in 1834.  Tax lists indicate they lived in Stokes County, NC, from 1836 to 1840 and were listed there in the 1840 Census.  Three children were born there   Herod, John Calvin, and Christina.  The next two ...were born in Virginia...possibly Smyth Co.  A Henry OVERBEY bought land there in 1846 and deeded it back to the seller in 1856, after moving to Tennessee.  The census of 1850 found the family in Claiborne Co., TN ... Around 1865 they moved to Laurel Co., KY, living there until their deaths in the 1880s...  Sarah gives her age as of 22 AUG 1863, when she filed for widow  s  minor child  s pension as  34 . Calculation indicates a birthdate in 1829  this is one of four possibilities. There is also some conflict on the exact date of Sarah  s marriage to  Lacy  O  DELL. Documents in the C.W. Pension File give the date as 15 August 1854  one marriage index in the library at Tazewell, TN gives the date as 22 August 1854, the other says 28 August of that year. Apparently William and Sarah left Claiborne Co., TN for a brief period near the time of the birth of their second child, John Henry, who was born in Laurel Co., KY in 1857. They returned to Claiborne County, TN where the last two children, William and Isaac Lacey, were born in 1859 and 1861, respectively.  Isaac,the youngest,  was thought to be about 14 months old when his father died in a Union military camp in March, 1862.  Two statements in Sarah  s Widow  s Pension File say that Isaac was two months old when his father died.  About 1865, Sarah returned with her 4 children to Laurel Co., KY. She resided near Laurel Bridge, KY until her marriage to William A. PHELPS in 1874. After the marriage, the family lived in the Bush area  Bush  s Store P.O.  near London, KY. In 1875, William PHELPS made application and wasgiven guardianship of Sarah  s two children who were still under 16. This helped Sarah in her attempts to obtain the minor children  s Civil War pension. After PHELP  S death Sarah applied again and was granted her widow  s pension from William O  DELL  s military service.  In 1888, she and Nancy O  DELL, Lacey  s sister, testified on behalf of Sylvania OVERBEY as she applied for widow  s Pension after Henry  s OVERBEY  s death. At that time, Sarah gave her age as  53 . The statement is made that both Nancy and Sarah have known the OVERBY  s  since 1850 . This would seem to negate Sarah  s relationship to Sylvania but compiler suspects the statement was made from Nancy  s viewpoint and did not consider Sarah  s relationship to the couple. The  Pensioner Dropped  document found in O  DELL  s Civil War File gives Sarah OVERBY O  DELL  s date of death as  MAR   1905.  The place of death was not given in that document. A great grandson wrote in his unpublished family history, that Sarah died in southern INDIANA.  The correct place of death and the place of burial are not known by compiler as of Jan. 1995.  Her last recorded address with the Federal Pension Bureau was Laurel Bridge, Laurel County, KY. Sarah was found as a  boarder  in the home of Will Henry and Hannah JOHNSON on the 1900 census.  Will Henry was a brother to to Sarah  s daughter  in law, Mary  JOHNSON  O  DELL, wife of John Henry  Bud.   By 1910, at least three of Sarah  s children had moved to IN, first to Montgomery County, near Crawfordsville. It is possible that Sarah was with one of the families at the time of her death, however, compiler has been unsuccessful in finding any record of her death in Montgomery, Vigo, or Fulton Counties in IN or in Laurel County, KY.  No burial site has been found for her.  REF  1.   The Wm. F. & Va. PHELPS O  DELL Family Tree,  unpublished  O.L. & Beverly WARREN  Tulsa, OK  74132. 2.  U.S.Census, 1850  TN  Claiborne Co.  7th Subd.  E Dist.  Dw.  1088 Fam. 1088. Microfilm  432 874. 3.  U.S.Census, 1860  TN  Claiborne Co.  Tazewell P.O.  p.26   167  167. Microfilm   653 1244. 4.  U.S.Census, 1870  KY  Laurel Co.  Lynn Camp P.O.  p.22   153  153. Microfilm   593 480. 5.  U.S.Census, 1880  KY  Laurel Co.  E.D. 57  p.16   118  122. Microfilm   T9 427. 6.  U.S.Census, 1900  KY  Laurel Co.  E.D. 150  Sheet  9   154  156. Microfilm  623 537. 7.  Civil War Pension file  WC 66 610   William L. O  DELL  Copy owned by compiler.  8.   Laurel County KY Marriage Records , Book BB  p. 203  Office of the County Clerk  London, KY.   Copy ownedby compiler.  9.   Laurel County KY Marriage Records , Book H  p.97. Office of the County Clerk  London, KY.   Copy owned by compiler.  10. Claiborne County TN Marriage Records   Book 3  p 47  Claiborne Co. Public Library  Tazewell, TN. 11.  CLAIBORNE COUNTY MARRIAGES 1838 1891 , Section I   1838 1868. Claiborne Co. Pub. Lib.  Tazewell, TN. 12. C.W. Pension File   SC 110437  Henry OVERBEY.  Copy owned by compiler.  Birth year of Sarah OVERBEY calculated from stated age on document. 13. Connie HERRING , desc. of J. Smith OVERBEY  citing  HENRY AND SYLVANIA OVERBEY OF MECKLENBURG CO. VIRGINIA AND THEIR DESCENDANTS 1804 1974,  by Paul L. OVERBAY, 1117 Catawba St., Kingsport, TN., pub. 1974. Source  Elizabeth  Ann  Gilchrist Jun 1998 O  Dell.GED


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