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Family Sheet

Name: Elisha Jordan (jordan) O''dell Note Born: 15 Aug 1827 at Claiborne County, , , Tennessee Married: 13 Jan 1848 at Claiborne County, , , Tennessee Died: Aft Apr 1910 at Illinois, , , Father: Bartlett H. O''dell Mother: Elizabeth Quillen
Name: Hannah Williams Note Born: Oct 1830 at Tennessee, , , Died: Aft Apr 1910 at Illinois, , ,
Name: James M. (s.o. Elisha Jordan 1827) O''dell Born: at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Died: Wife: Grace A. O''dell"
Name: Nathaniel C. O''dell Born: Apr 1849 at Claiborne County, , , Tennessee Died: at Between 1900 1910 In Mercer County, , , Illinois ? Wife: Hannah Marinda Lickliter
Name: Elizabeth A.(d.o. Elisha Jordan 1827) O''dell Born: Abt 1851 at Claiborne County, , , Tennessee Died: Husband: J. Gains
Name: Mary M. O''dell Born: Abt 1853 at Claiborne County, , , Tennessee Died:
Name: John O''dell Born: Oct 1860 at Laurel County, , , Kentucky Died: Wife: Eva O''dell"
Name: Joseph H. O''dell Born: Abt 1869 at Laurel County ? , , , Kentucky Died: Wife: Emily O''dell"
1). bobspu.ged BIO Jordan O DELL was born nearly twelve miles from Tazewell, Tennessee... As stated in his affidavit 14 Jan. 1908, Mercer Co., IL . Per Deed Book E 49, Jordan purchased land from Wm. GUTHERIE in Laurel Co., KY, 18 SEP 1858 however, he was on the 1850 census in Claiborne Co., TN. His son, James, was born in Laurel Co., but three older children were reported born in TN. History of Pine Tree Baptist Church states that the church was organized in 1867 by Elders Jordan O DELL, et al ... in 1867 Jordans daughter, Elizabeth, was married in Laurel Co. in JAN 1868 his son, Nathaniel, married Hannah M. LICKLITER GUTHERIE, a widow and 12 years his senior. Jordan or members of his family were not located on the 1870 census in Laurel Co. March 1996 Compiler received a back issue of Reflections the newsletter from Claiborne Co. Hist. Soc., which had an article about the ODELL family. It was compiled by Marjorie WALSH, desc. of Marshall L. ODELL, Jordan s brother. Ms. WALSH supplied a complete birthdate as well as a first name. Per Ms. WALSH s data, Elisha Jordan ODELL was born 15 JUL 1827. The source of her data was not listed. Receipt of the C.W. Widow s Pension File for Sarah M. Mrs. Marshall L. O DELL, brought evidence that Jordan had removed from Laurel County, KY to the state of ILLINOIS. On 14 January 1908, Jordan swore via an affidavit in Mercer County, IL, that he was a brother to Marshall L. O DELL, and gave testimony as to Marshall s age and year of birth. On that document, Jordan sresidence is given as Joy, Mercer County, Illinois. Included in his testimoney for Marshall, is the the information that he Jordan had always been led to believe that he was about five years older than Marshall, and that Marshall was born about 1832.By inference, Jordan has supported Mrs. WALSH s report of his own year of birth as 1827 but he gave his month of birth as August. In April, 1997, compiler examined census records from Mercer County, IL for 1900 and 1910. In 1900, Jordan and Hannah were enumerated in Millersburg Township, Mercer County. Again Jordan s Elisha J. on the record month and year of birth are given as Aug. 1827. His age on this census is given as 72 . The couple has been married 52 years. Elisha J. gives his occupation as Clergyman. He reports that he is able to read, but cannot write. A grand daughter, Lela, whose last name is very difficult to read, but may be ALLBER , is enumerated in their household. This child is reported to be 9 years of age, born in IL. Her father s place of birth is given as IL, also, but her mother s is KY. Before leaving Laurel County, this couple had two daughters, Elizabeth A. and Mary M. Lela may have been the child of one of these two daughters however, Hannah reports thatshe has given birth to 11 children, only 7 or 8 numeral is smeared are still living. There could easily have been other daughters who would have been candidates for mother of Lela. In the household next door to the O DELLS, is William ODELL, 30, bornin KY in April of 1870. William is thought to be the son of Nathaniel O DELL. In 1910, Elisha J. is again enumerated in Millersburg Township, in the community of Joy Village. He is reported to be 83 years of age, married to Hannah now a total of 61years. This time, his occupation is listed as Labor Livery Man. Although compiler has found no death record for Elisha Jordan O DELL as of 21 April 1997 , considering his age on the 1910 census, he probably died in Mercer County, IL. REF 1. U.S. Census 1850 TN Claiborne Co. 7th Subd. E. Dist. p. 675 1348 1348 Nos. calculated from previous and later numbers some not visible on tape M.F. 432 874. 2. U.S. Census 1860 KY Laurel Co. p.127 837 882. M.F. 653 380. 3. M.F. Laurel Co. KY Births, Marriages and Deaths 1852 1900. Laurel Co. Pub. Lib. London, KY. 4. Revised History of Churches in Laurel County, KY, 1815 1900. Jerry Gregory, Editor Pub. Aug 1989. Laurel Co. Pub Lib., London, KY. 5. Laurel County KY Deeds, Grantee Index Recorder s Office, Laurel County, London, KY. 6. Claiborne County TN Marriage Records Book 2, p 118 ODELL, E.J. to Haner WILLIAMS . Claiborne Co. Public Library, Tazewell, TN 7. CLAIBORNE COUNTY MARRIAGES 1838 1891 , Section I1838 1868 Claiborne Co. Pub. Library, Tazewell, TN. 8 17 95 . 8. Marjorie WALSH WISDOM, author of the ODELL article mentioned above ODLE, ODELL, ODIL...Update... from REFLECTIONS, the quarterly newletter of the Claiborne County, TN Historical Society. Vol. 13, No. 3, pp 12 19. Copy owned by compiler. 9. Civil War Pension File WC 697.117 Sarah M. Marshall L. O DELL National Arcives, Washington, DC. Copy owned by compiler 10. U.S. Census 1900 IL Mercer Co. Millersburg Twp. ED 74 Sheet 13 282 282. MF 623 330. 11. U.S. Census 1910 IL Mercer Co. Millersburg Twp Joy Village ED 72 Sheet 13. MF T624 0311. Source Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 O Dell.GED
2).  bobspu.ged  BIO  1850 Census records Hannah  s age as  19  which calculated to about 1831 as a year of birth. The 1860 census gave her age as  25  and recorded her name as  Annah.  The discovery of this couple in Mercer County, IL in 1900 and 1910 was most helpful ingetting more accurate information on her age. On the 1900 census for Millersburg Township, Hannah gave her age as  69   enumeration date, 26 June .  Hannah reported that she was born in October, 1830 in TENNESSEE.  She and her husband had been married 52years. Hannah reported that she had given birth to eleven children.  Her response to the question  how many are still living?  is unclear on the microfilm.  It appears to be either  7  or  8 .  Hannah reported, as did her husband, that she could read, butcould not write. Enumerated in the household with Hannah and her husband,  Elisha J.  O  DELL, is a nine year old female who is classifed as the couple  s grand  daughter.  The child  s surname is also smudged on the film, but appears to be Lela  ALLBER .Lela  s place of birth is given as IL  which of the O  DELL  s daughters was her mother is unknown.  Lela  s birthdate is given as  Jan., 1891.  In the household next door to Elisha and Hannah, is William ODELL, who evidently is a son to Nathaniel, the O  DELLs oldest son. William reported that he was born in April, 1870, in KENTUCKY. The 1910 census for  Joy Village  shows Hannah and her husband, now married 61 years, as 79 and 83 years of age respectively.  Elisha  s occupation has now been changed from  Clergyman  to  Livery Man.  Apparently the couple is still able to care for themselves, since there is no one else enumerated in their home, and compiler did not notice any of the immediate family living nearby. Although no death data has been found for Elisha and Hannah O  DELL, considering their ages on this census, it is likly that they both died in Mercer County.  REF  1.  U.S. Census 1850  TN  Claiborne Co.  7th Subd.E.Dist.  pg.675   1348 1348  calculated from surrounding    s  M.F.  432 874 2.  U.S. Census 1860  KY  Laurel Co.  p. 123   837 882. M.F. 653 380 3.  Microfilm   Laurel Co. KY Births, Deaths and Marriages, 1852 1900 . Laurel Co. Pub. Lib., London, KY 4.  Claiborne County TN Marriage Records   Book 2, p 118   ODELL, E.J. to  Haner WILLIAMS.  Claiborne Co. Pub. Lib.  Tazewell, TN. 5.   CLAIBORNE COUNTY MARRIAGES 1838 1891 , Section I   1838 1868. Claiborne Co. Pub. Lib.  Tazewell, TN. 6.  U.S. Census 1900 IL  Mercer Co.  Millersburg Twp.  ED  74  Sheet  13   282  282. MF  623 330. 7.  U.S. Census 1910 IL  Mercer Co.  Millersburg Twp  Joy Village  ED  72  Sheet  13   241  250.   MF  T624 0311. Source  Elizabeth  Ann  Gilchrist Jun 1998 O  Dell.GED


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